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<p> RESUME</p> <p>Electrical Distribution Engineer with 6 years of Experience</p> <p>Nishit Kumar GuptaC/O Dr. Vinod Kumar Gupta</p> <p>Moh- Pakka Katra </p> <p>Post- Tilher</p> <p>Dist- Shahjahanpur (U.P.) Pin Code-242307 Mob:-07417552978E-Mail ID: ng1266@gmail.comOBJECTIVE: Seeking Assignments in Operation and Maintenance, Power Distribution Project Engineering / Construction Management with a growth oriented Engineering Organization.EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: 6+ years in Power Distribution Operation &amp; Maintenance of 33 kV &amp; 11 kV feeders , Substation Equipments, Transformers, RMU , 33 kV isolators , Disconnecting link &amp; Gang operation devises in OH feeders. Erection of 11 kV overhead lines, transformers, 33 kV Isolators, 11/33 kV disconnection link, 33/11 kV cable laying, Making straight through Joints in 33 &amp; 11kV cables. Planning &amp; Estimation of new 33/11 kV substations, 33kV &amp; 11 kV Feeders, New transformers. Electrification of unelectrified areas, colonies, apartments, commercial buildings. Planning &amp; Implementation of Ring Main System in 11 KV Networks.</p> <p> Directly involve in HT underground cable fault root cause analysis. Load monitoring of 33/11/0.440 kV Transformers &amp; feeders. DPR Preparation in RAPDRP projects.</p> <p> Material Quality/Quantity verification in RGGVY Project.Present Company</p> <p>: Torrent Power LimitedDesignation </p> <p>: Executive Engineer (HV Cell) Period</p> <p>: Oct, 2010 to Present.Job Profile: Leading team of 17 persons for Operation and Maintenance of 11 and 33 KV OH &amp; UG line to maintain reliable electricity supply in Agra urban region. Responsible for execution periodical preventive maintenance of Lines and Cables. Responsible to maintain highest level of safety and quality standards. </p> <p>Responsibilities: - Responsible for leading team of Operation &amp; maintenance of Over Head Line of 11 &amp; 33 KV of approx. 1100 CKT KM and erection of new lines in order to improve system reliability. Carry out periodical preventive maintenance of lines as per norms. Replacement of old/ damaged poles, conductors, hardware to strengthen the network.</p> <p> Installation of Earthing, Guarding, and Danger signs as per safety norms.</p> <p> Routine line survey to find out abnormality in the system. Root cause analysis of fault and establish system to avoid such faults.</p> <p> Find better ways to restore breakdowns in minimum possible time. Issue safety notices to the consumers encroaching minimum safety clearance from charged lines.</p> <p> Issue necessary materials to contractors and reconciliation of the same.</p> <p> Monitor and supervise contractors to carry out jobs as per contract specification and site requirement. Coordinate with statutory bodies such as Jal Board, Railway, PWD, Agra Development Authority, Forest Deptt for smooth execution of work. Preparation of daily weekly and Monthly report.</p> <p>Previous Company</p> <p>: Medhaj Techno Consept Pvt Ltd.Designation </p> <p>: Engineer Period</p> <p>: August, 2009 to Sept, 2010.Working as Site Engineer and responsible for Material Inspection &amp; BOQ verification in RGGVY Project &amp; Preparation of Detail Projects Report in RAPDRP Project.Project Engineering &amp; Management</p> <p> Evaluations of project, present cost / benefit analysis at project decision points</p> <p> Project scheduling, including material &amp; manpower planning</p> <p> Anchoring on-site construction activities to ensure completion of project within time &amp; cost parameters and effective resource utilization to maximize the output.</p> <p> Reviewing of design drawings schedules/plans and recommends alterations/modifications/approvals as applicable.</p> <p> Coordinating project review meetings for tracking project progress and resolving any bottle necks.</p> <p> Liaison with clients, corporate office, supply chain, external agencies, govt. authorities, contractors on determining technical specifications, for smooth execution &amp; obtaining on-time clearances.</p> <p>Site &amp; Construction Management</p> <p> Supervising all construction activities including providing technical inputs for methodologies of construction &amp; coordination with Site Management</p> <p> Involved in conducting the Field Survey Site planning and submitting the same to the concerned.</p> <p> Liaison with local authorities for clearances &amp; approvals.</p> <p> Coordinating with clients, contractors, consultants for smooth functioning of the construction activities and resolving bottle necks.</p> <p>Quality Assurance / Control</p> <p> Inspection of Works and material for compliance to specifications and drawings</p> <p> Preparation and regular follow-up of quality checks &amp; plan</p> <p>Resource Planning and Monitoring</p> <p> Identify shortcomings in delivery of work, man, material and machinery and suggest corrective measures and appropriate reporting to the concerned.</p> <p>Qualification:Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Hewett Polytechnic Lucknow with70.54%. </p> <p>Academic</p> <p>:Intermediate from UP Board in 2006 with 62.3%.</p> <p>Secondary from UP Board in 2004 with 65.4%.Computer Skill:MS Office, Auto Cad 2010, Google Earth.Achievements</p> <p>:Four times awarded as an outstanding performance in current company</p> <p>Event Coordinator of Extra-Curricular activities at college level.</p> <p>Personal details: </p> <p>Date of Birth</p> <p>15 Jan 1990Father Name</p> <p>Shri Vinod Kumar Gupta </p> <p>Marital Status</p> <p>Unmarried</p> <p>Mobile no.</p> <p>07417552978Address</p> <p>Moh-Pakka Katra, Post- Tilher</p> <p>Dist- Shahjahanpur (U.P.)</p> <p>Pin Code- 242307Hobbies : Listening Slow MusicsDeclaration:</p> <p>I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Nishit Kumar Gupta</p>