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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 Resume of Manish Kumar (2)</p><p> 1/6</p><p>Manish Kumar53, Uttaranchal Nagar, Nandgram, Ghaziabad, U.P., India+919650089721 Email:,</p><p></p><p>Faculty for Management and International Business programmes: Having 3 yearsof expertise in teaching students.</p><p>\</p><p> Formulating &amp; benchmarking functional best practices to focus on developmentof abilities to meet present and future goals and missions set by theorganization.</p><p> Can work for marketing of college and conduct GDPI schedule successfully.</p><p> Design schedule for training and development of students so that they should beemployable.</p><p> Can be handy for teaching Human resources as well as experience is backedup corporate .</p><p>CAREER ABSTRACT</p><p>Current assignment is with ABES IT</p><p>GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS as Faculty for</p><p>Marketing.</p><p>An out of-the- box thinker committed towards</p><p>the growth of organization (College and</p><p>students). I am Skilled in handling lectures andstudents problems. I am an effective</p><p>communicator with exceptional interpersonal</p><p>skills and hands on experience in conducting</p><p>classes. A versatile persona with willingness to</p><p>Academe</p><p> MBA (Marketing) from Bangalore</p><p>Management Academy, Bangalore,</p><p>Secured 61%</p><p> (e-Commerce) from Keshavinstitute of informational Technology,</p><p>Ghaziabad, Secured 76.5%</p><p> Diploma in International Business.</p><p> XII (PCM) from CSHP Public School,</p><p>Ghaziabad , Secured 55%</p><p> X from Childrens Academy, Ghaziabad ,</p><p>Secured 66.4%</p><p>Other Accolades</p><p> Organized FDP at Dewan College,</p><p>Manthan-Proliferating Knowledge.</p><p> Attended Seminar on IT revolution.</p><p> Attended seminar on value creation in a</p><p>diverse market: A direct marketing</p><p>Selected Accomplishment Include</p><p> Conducted FDP at Dewan College with</p><p>around 65 faculties participation.</p><p> Achieved 100% result in MBA in subjects</p><p>of Marketing, Communication, and</p><p>Business Environment.</p><p> Involved in HLMs Marketing and helped</p><p>HLM to have batch of 34 students apart</p><p>from counseling.</p><p>PROFIENCY FORTE Strategic plannin</p><p> Organizational</p><p>Development.</p><p> Policy formulatio</p><p> Learning aptitude</p><p> Fond of taking ne</p><p>tasks.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Resume of Manish Kumar (2)</p><p> 2/6</p><p>----------------------------------------------------EmploymentRecital------------------------------------------------</p><p>15 JUNE 2012- TILL DATEABES IT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS</p><p></p><p>ABES IT Group of Institutions started in the year 2007 with its first batch ofengineering students in ABES Institute of Technology in the streams of</p><p>Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics andInformation Technology. In the subsequent year, ABES Institute of</p><p>Management took birth with the start of the PGDM program while MBA and MCAgot added in ABES Institute of Technology. In 2010, another institute ABES</p><p>Institute of Business Management took birth with further addition of the MBAprogram.</p><p>My profile</p><p> Teaching students of MBA as well as B. Tech subject related to managementand communication.</p><p> Prepare their attendance sheet, their overall growth record in terms of markssecured.</p><p> Participate in various activities</p><p> Prepare examination papers and evaluation</p><p>27 August, 2011-till date working with Dewan Institute of</p><p>Management Studies ( Assistant Professor for Management and Economic Programmes</p><p>My profile</p><p> To teach management subjects to students. At present I had taughtmarketing, Communication, International business, International Trade,Principle and practice of management, services marketing, businessenvironment and able to teach economics and human resource topic aswell.</p><p> To design examination papers for their sessional examination. I had setpapers for UPTU as well as CCSu University based and have written themstrictly on the pattern of their university.</p><p> To prepare the result, analyze their result and prepare a feedback sheet forstudents.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Resume of Manish Kumar (2)</p><p> 3/6</p><p> Actively participate in placement activities like as training in terms ofimparting interview skills, life skills, soft skills, mock interview session etc.</p><p> Act as mentor for students.</p><p>Achievements</p><p> Achieved 100% result so far in my subjects and minimum marks allocated inmy subjects were forty.</p><p> Training sessions taken care by me is appraised by training and placementdepartment at Dewan.</p><p> Conducted successful mock interview sessions</p><p> Successfully completed syllabus of services marketing which I taught thisyear in the prescribed time.</p><p> Conducted Faculty Development Session Manthan ProliferatingKnowledgea full-fledged FDP attended by more than 65 faculties.</p><p>2 July, 2009-26 August 2011 worked with HLM group ofInstitutions</p><p>( Faculty for marketing</p><p>My Profile</p><p>Faculty</p><p> To teach, disseminate and impart basic or applied knowledge to studentsand assist students with the learning process and applying the knowledge.</p><p> To teach them Marketing, Communication for management,Economics, International Business and subjects related to them.</p><p> To design internal exam paper for them. To design course content of subjects. To conduct personality development programmes as a part of their</p><p>placement programme.</p><p> To conduct resume writing classes. To represent college effectively in front of them.</p><p>Apart from it I am active member in various committees of college likeplacement cell, Development cell, and soft skills classes. I am alsoinvolved into Conducting Group Discussion and Personal interviewssessions, taken at the time of selection of students for MBA.</p><p>Achievements:</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Resume of Manish Kumar (2)</p><p> 4/6</p><p> Achieved 100 % result in subjects Marketing, Communication formanagement, Business Environment and International Business.</p><p> Helped 34 students to get their summer training in prestigiouscompanies like HCL, HDFC, Sri Ram Piston, Aviva Life Insurance, etc.</p><p> Conducted various sessions which were useful for students in placements</p><p>like resume writing, GD, Interview skills, Mock Interviews etc. Represented college at various seminars and press conference, overall</p><p>proved to be face of college. Helped in forming separate Exam cell for Management courses.</p><p>-------------------------------------------------------PartTime-----------------------------------------------------------</p><p>Worked for New Horizon India Ltd</p><p></p><p>Visiting faculty for Soft skills training for Ajay Kumar GargEngineering College, Ghaziabad</p><p> To conduct soft skills classes for B.Tech students.</p><p> To develop course plan and course matter for lectures.</p><p> To prepare feedback for students who underwent training.</p><p> To conduct mock interview and ability test.Visiting faculty for International business at RD Engineering College,Ghaziabad</p><p>Hero Mind mineSoft skills trainer</p><p> To train students, for meeting expectations of world in terms of softskills.</p><p> Prepare schedule and course plan for students. To develop and design study material.</p><p>-----------------------------------------------------------Publications---------------------------------------------------</p><p>Journals Paper published in IAMR Journal of Management and</p><p>Entrepreneurship, January 2012. A study of diversity in retail</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Resume of Manish Kumar (2)</p><p> 5/6</p><p>purchases behavior in food and grocery in NCR: An aid to formulateretail strategy</p><p> Paper Published in International Journal of Research inManagement, Economics &amp; Commerceon IMPACT OFCELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT IN ADVERTISEMENT ON CUSTOMER</p><p>BUYING PATTERNS. Paper Published in Allana Management Journal of Research on</p><p>topic, Celebrity endorsement: a strategic tool for marketcommunication and promotion.</p><p>Seminars Attended a Seminar on Present Consumer Behavior in FMCG</p><p>sector at IIPM Ghaziabad. Attended a Seminar on Computer and IT trends in Management</p><p>Education at IMR Ghaziabad</p><p>Case Study</p><p> Won best case award recently, case was written on IPL marketingstrategies.</p><p> Written case for Vidya Education Park, TATA NANO: REVOLUTIONIN THE AUTO INDUSTRY</p><p>Faculty Development Program</p><p> Attended a Faculty Development Program at Vidya KnowledgePark, Meerut (Developing and Studying case study), also presented acase.</p><p> Attended Faculty Development Program at Dewan Institute ofManagement Studies, Meerut.</p><p>Research Paper Presented paper on Green Marketing atJaipuria Institute of</p><p>Management Studies Presented paper at MIET, Meerut, on the topic AN EMPIRICAL</p><p>STUDY ABOUT THE SCOPE AND COMPLEXITIES ANDIMPLICATIONS: A STUDY OF RURAL TOURISM IN UTTARPRADESH.</p><p> Presented paper at OIMT Rishikesh, on the topic IMPACT OF</p><p>INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN HANDING MANAGEMENT</p><p>EDUCATION: A THEORTICAL STUDY</p><p> Presented paper at CERT Meerut, on Public companies impact ofGDP of India</p><p> Prsented Paper at NeelKanth Meerut, on financial Inclusion Presented paper at KITE Meerut, on Retailing Industry.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Resume of Manish Kumar (2)</p><p> 6/6</p><p>Books Book Published on E-Banking.</p><p>Book Published on E-Commerce. Book published on Principle and Practice of Management </p><p> Date of Birth : March 3, 1985</p><p> Nationality : Indian</p><p> Permanent Address : 53, Uttaranchal Nagar, Nandgram Ghaziabad,201003.</p><p> Dr. Tushar Kanti Director of IAMR College contact no. +919457544197</p><p> Dr. Shuchi Tyagi Professor at HLM business School Contact no.+919310812426</p><p>Personal Detail</p><p>Reference</p><p>Date:-</p><p>Place:-</p><p>Manish Kuma</p></li></ul>