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<ul><li><p>Extendistaff Interim Staffing for Nurses</p><p>Extendicare is excited to announce the formation of The Extendistaff Staffing Pool for RNs and LPNs! If you are a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse who is Flexible with working assignments then this is the perfect position for you! Our new PRN programis designed to allow you to work at multiple facilities!! Pay rates for these positions are at a premium offiering $38/hour for RNs and $28/hour for LPNs. Qualified candidates must have 1 year of experience in long term care, be willing to travel to multiple facilities and have an active state license.</p><p>Interested candidates can apply online at </p><p>Questions can be directed to Crystal Rivera at 253-213-9285.</p><p>EOE</p><p>EOE</p></li></ul>