Retailer guide. Internet with legs. - E5573 4G Mobile Wi-Fi device. ZTE 4G MF823 Dongle. 3G/4G Data SIM. Huawei E5530 3G Mobile Wi-Fi device. ZTE 3G MF730 Dongle.

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  • Data. Validity. Heres an idea of what customers can do with their preloaded data.

    1GB 30 daysOccasional user: Great if you want to send the odd email and light browsing on the go.

    3GB 90 daysModerate user: Ideal for regular emailing, browsing, updating social networks and watching the odd video clip.

    12GB 12 monthsFrequent user: Perfect if you spend lots of time online and like watching videos or catching up on TV.

    Internet with legs.Get online wherever you are with Mobile Broadband.Dont be held back by Wi-Fi. Get Mobile Broadband on your 3G/4G tablet or laptop and take the internet with you wherever your feet might take you. Its the Internet with legs.

    Pop straight into your 3G/4G tablet or iPad. Thats it.

    Choose from Standard, Micro or Nano-SIM, whichever your device needs.

    No passwords or logins. Register once, then youre always connected.

    Available with 0GB, 1GB or 3GB preloaded data.

    Your internet connection, wherever you need it.

    Just plug it into your laptop and off you go.

    Available with 1GB, 3GB or 12GB preloaded data.

    Get everyone connected.

    This clever little pocket sized box acts as your own secure personal hotspot.

    Take it with you and share your internet connection with up to five (3G) or 10 (4G) Wi-Fi gadgets wherever you are.

    Available with 0GB, 1GB or 3GB preloaded data.

    Huawei E5573 4G Mobile Wi-Fi device.

    ZTE 4G MF823 Dongle.

    3G/4G Data SIM.

    Huawei E5530 3G Mobile Wi-Fi device.

    ZTE 3G MF730 Dongle.

    Inclusive UK allowances are valid from the date of activation. If you use all your preloaded data or it expires you can top up and buy a Super Saver Data Add-on which needs to be activated within 90 days of purchase. Terms apply. See for details. Internet availability subject to coverage. 4G available only in 4G coverage area using a 4G device. See Feel At Home lets you use your data allowance abroad in 18 destinations to get online at no extra cost, some limits apply, see

    Once the data is used up or has expired, just top up and Pay As You Go where you see the top up sign or at

    Retailer guide.

  • All the best things have legs. Chairs. Centipedes. Ideas. So why wouldnt you want Internet with legs?

    Right now its too easy to lose Wi-Fi connection. Youre on the commute. About to smash a triple word score. And Bam. Its gone.

    Problem is, youve gone out of range. With Three on your tablet you stay connected wherever you are. And its always there, when you need it. No questions asked. Its Internet with legs.

    Coverage checker.Check coverage in your area by entering your postcode at

    Internet with legs.Get online wherever you are with Mobile Broadband.

    4G at no extra cost.We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of 4G without paying crazy prices for the latest technology. So thats why we offer access to our 4G network at no extra cost to every single one of our customers with a 4G device in a 4G area.

    Use your data abroad at no extra cost.

    Available destinations: Australia Austria Denmark Finland France Hong Kong Indonesia Israel Italy

    Macau New Zealand Norway Republic of Ireland Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland USA

    In even more destinations. Its really that easy.Activate your SIM before you leave the UK and then when youre in a Feel At Home destination you can use your allowances to get online just as you would in the UK.

    Whether youre on Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go, or using one of our Data SIMs, you can take advantage and use your data abroad stress free.

    So next time you jet off, you can upload photos of yourself by the pool, post updates from the beach, or make a last minute online booking.

    To see how it works and how much you can save with Feel At Home, head to



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