Review Intro to ICD-9 Coding Review (Coding I) Diagnostic Coding – (Coding I)

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Text of Review Intro to ICD-9 Coding Review (Coding I) Diagnostic Coding – (Coding I)

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  • Review Intro to ICD-9 Coding Review (Coding I) Diagnostic Coding (Coding I)
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  • Volume 1 ( E & V Codes Organization of ICD-9 Volume 1 ( 17 Chapters Plus E & V Codes ) 001-139Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 140-239 Neoplasms 240-279Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases 280-289Diseases of the Blood and Blood-forming Organs 290-319Mental Disorders 320-389Diseases of the Nervous System and Sense Organs 390-459Diseases of the Circulatory System 460-519Diseases of the Respiratory System 520-579Diseases of the Digestive System 580-589Diseases of the Genitourinary System 630-676Complications of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium 680-709Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue
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  • 710-739Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System & Connective Tissue 740-759Congenital Anomalies 760-779Certain Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period 780-799Symptoms, Signs and Ill-defined Conditions 800-999Injury and Poisoning E800-E999Supplementary Classification of the External Causes of Injury and Poisoning V01-V82 Supplementary Classification of factors influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services Volume 1 ( Organization of ICD-9 Volume 1 ( 17 Chapters Plus E & V Codes )
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  • Anatomy of ICD-9 Code
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  • ICD-9 Volume 2 Section 1 - Alphabetic Index to Diseases Section 2 - Table of Drugs and Chemicals (E- Codes) Section 3 - Index to External Causes (E- Codes) Handy Tables Hypertension Neoplasms
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  • Using ICD-9 Book Main Term Identify Main Term in the Diagnostic Statement LocateMain TermAlphabetic Index Volume 2 [First]) Locate Main Term in the Alphabetic Index (Volume 2 [First]) VerifyCode NumberTabular List Volume 1 [Second]) Verify Code Number in the Tabular List (Numeric Index/Volume 1 [Second]) Diagnostic Statement Chest Pain Diagnostic Statement Chest Pain 786.5
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  • Using ICD-9 Book Turn to that ICD code in Volume 1 786.5Chest pain 786.50Chest pain, unspecified 786.51Precordial pain 786.52Painful respiration Pain:Pleurodynia anterior chest wall pleuritic epidemic pleurodynia (074.1) 786.59Other Discomfort Pressurein chest Tightness EXCLUDES
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  • Using ICD-9 Book Look up diagnosis in Volume 2 Go to Code # in Volume 1 Pick specific location, type, severity, complication, and/or manifestation Find appropriate 4 th and 5 th digits Diagnostic Statement - Bronchitis, acute, probably viral 466.0
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  • Code the symptom Abdominal swelling or mass in epigastric area 789.36 Elevated blood pressure 796.2 New Acute or Chronic Problem that you cant diagnose this visit
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  • Code the symptom Changes in skin texture 782.8 Abnormal chest sounds 786.7 New Acute or Chronic Problem that you cant diagnose this visit
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  • Unspecified localized salmonella infection 003.20 Code The Diagnostic Statements Acute pulmonary manifestations due to radiation 508.0
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  • Three Classifications of V Codes Personal history of exposure to radiation 1. Problem-oriented V Codes identify circumstances that could affect the patient in the future but are neither a current illness or injury. Personal history of exposure to radiation 2. Service-oriented V Code identify/define exams, aftercare, ancillary services, or therapy. Follow-up examination following chemotherapy 3. Fact-oriented V Code do not describe a problem or a service; they simply state a fact. Alcoholism within the family V15.3 V67.2 V61.41
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  • Check-up for Chronic Problem, Well Child, Well Adult with No Complaints, Sequelae, or Complications Use a V Code and/or Code for Chronic Problem Look up Examination in Volume 2 Diagnostic Statement - Well Child V20.2 V70.0 General Physical
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  • Follow-up for Previous Acute Condition, with no problems Dont Code for the acute condition which no longer exists Use a V Code History ofAftercare Look up History of or Aftercare unless it was an accident Diagnostic Statement - Diagnostic Statement - Follow-up for pneumonia (fully healed) V12.6
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  • Follow-up to Previous Acute Problem, there are complications Late Effects Look up Late Effects or the specific condition(s) Diagnostic Statement - Diagnostic Statement - Patient develops infection in wound on hand you sutured three days ago 906.1
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  • Chronic Problems with Sequelae two codes: Requires two codes: first Code the Chronic Problem first second Code the Complication second Diagnostic Statements Diagnostic Statements Type 2 DM with neurological manifestations Type 2 diabetic develops peripheral neuropathy 250.60 & 357.2 Peripheral Neuropathy 250.6 & 337.1
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  • Columns 2-5 Table of Drugs and Chemicals Defining E Codes Columns 2-5 Accident codes identify accidental overdose of a drug, wrong substance given or taken, a drug taken inadvertently, accidents that occur in the usage of drugs and biologicals in medical and surgical procedures. Therapeutic Use codes indicate an adverse effect or reaction to a drug that was administered correctly, either therapeutically or prophylactically. Suicide Attempt codes identify the effects of drugs or substance taken to cause self-inflicted injury or to attempt suicide. Assault codes in indicate situations where drugs or substance are purposely inflicted by another person with the intent to cause bodily harm, injure, or kill. Undetermined codes apply when the intent of the poisoning or injury cannot be determined as intentional accidental.
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  • Accidents, Suicides, Poisonings... External Causes Use E codes and/or Injury and Poisoning Look up injury in Index, circumstances in E-Codes Diagnostic Statements - Diagnostic Statements - Elderly patient fell, sprained internal collateral ligament in ankle while stepping from curb: Sprains and strains of ankle and foot 845.01 Fall on or from sidewalk curb E880.1
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  • Drug Side-Effects Use Section 2 of Volume 2 Will require 3 codes: side effect 1. the side effect, code for poisoning for the drug 2. the code for poisoning for the drug and E-code for the therapeutic use of the drug Diagnostic Statements - 3. the E-code for the therapeutic use of the drug. Diagnostic Statements - Patient develops hives after taking penicillin Allergic urticaria 708.0 Penicillin poisoning 960.0 Therapeutic penicillin E930.0
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  • Late Effects Look-up Late Effects under: Late Effects or specific condition. Quiz E Codes Look-up E Codes in: Section 3 V Codes Look-up V Codes in: History of or :Aftercare, unless an accident
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  • References and Resources eMD eMD Medical Abbreviation Medical Abbreviation Encoder Pro and Code- it-Fast Encoder Pro and Code- it-Fast ICD-9-CM online ICD-9-CM ICD Decoder ICD Decoder AHIMA AHIMA Medi lexion Medi lexion Medical Coding Tips Medical Coding Tips Medical Conditions & Diseases Medical Conditions & Diseases RXList RXList Medicine Net Medicine Net Merck Manual Merck Manual American Association of Medical Biller Medical Biller Tabers Online Tabers Online RN Student RN Student