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  • Revised Jan 2015 Curriculum Vitae

    PRADEEP KUMAR, Professor Emeritus

    Industrial Relations Programs

    Robert Sutherland Hall , Room 229 Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 3N6

    Telephone: Home (613) 548-4619

    Office (613) 533-2972 Direct Line: (613) 533-6000 ext. 77085

    Fax: (613) 533-2135 E-mail:


    Ph. D. (Economics) Queen's University, Kingston, 1974: Specialization in labour economics and industrial relations; dissertation on Relative Wage Differentials in Canadian Industries (published).

    M.A. (Economics) Queen's University, Kingston, 1969: Dissertation on Long-run

    Changes in Labour Share of National Income in Canada, 1926-66 (published).

    Rajasthan University, Jaipur (India), 1961

    B.A. (General Arts) Rajasthan University, Jaipur (India), 1958: Stream of courses in economics, political science and philosophy.

    HONOURS AND AWARDS Sefton Award for Contributions to Industrial Relations, University of Toronto, 2004

    Cobbott-Pitts Fellowship, University of Tasmania, Australia, 1990. C.J. Hicks Fellowship in Industrial Relations, Queens University 1966-1968. Research Scholar, Rajasthan University, India .1962-1963.

    EXPERIENCE: Administrative

    Director, MIR Program (July 2004-June 2006) School of Policy Studies, Queens University Acting Director (July 2002-June 2004) School of Industrial Relations, Queens University Acting Director (July 1990-June1991) Industrial Relations Centre/School of Industrial Relations, Queen's University.

    Graduate Coordinator (July 2001-04) School of Industrial Relations, Queens University

    Associate Director (1983-94) Industrial Relations Centre/School of Industrial Relations, Queen's University.

    Assistant Director (1976-1983) Industrial Relations Centre, Queen's University. Research Associate (1969-1976) Industrial Relations Centre, Queen's University.

  • Pradeep Kumar 2

    TEACHING Appointments

    2005- Present


    Emeritus Professor, School of Policy Studies, Queens University

    Professor, School Of Policy Studies, Queens University


    Professor, School of Industrial Relations, Queen's University

    1999-2002 Research Associate, Centre for Research on Work and Society,

    York University


    Special Lecturer, School of Business, Queen's University

    1990 ( Feb-


    Visiting Professor in Economics, University of Tasmania, Australia

    1983-92 Associate Professor (tenured 1990), School of Industrial

    Relations, Queens University


    Adjunct Instructor, Department of Economics, Queen's University

    1974-76 Special Lecturer, School of Business, Queen's University

    1965-66 Labour Education Instructor, Poddar Textiles Mill, Jaipur, India

    1963-66 Lecturer in Economics, Rajasthan University, Jaipur, India

    Courses Taught at Queens : Graduate Courses: MIR 810 ( Unions and Collective Bargaining ) MIR 885 (IR in the Global Economy), MIR 898 (Research Essay Coordination and Supervision) MIR 807 (Skills Seminar on Strategic Bargaining ) SIR 810 (Canadian Industrial Relations/now Unions and Collective Bargaining), SIR 898 (Research Essay--coordination and supervision), SIR 800 (IR/HR Policy and Research Seminar), SIR 885 (Industrial Relations in the Global Economy), SIR 897 (Research Seminar), and SIR 805 (Labour Relations Skills Seminar). Economics 860 ( Economics of Industrial Relations). MBUS 959 (Industrial Relations in a Global Economy).

    Undergraduate Courses:

    Economics 360 ( Labour Economics) Economics 260 (Industrial Relations). Economics 262 (Labour Market Analysis and Policy), and Commerce 376 (Labour Markets and Manpower Analysis). Essay and Thesis Supervision:

    Supervised over 150 M. A. essays/theses in the School of Industrial Relations, the School of Policy Studies, and the Department of Economics at Queens University. External Examiner for 59 Ph. D., M. A. and LL. M. theses in labour field at Queen's University.

  • Pradeep Kumar 3


    Research Associate, Centre for Research on Work and Society, York University, 1999-2002.

    Coordinator of Research, Industrial Relations Centre, Queen's University 1969-1991.

    Conducted research in the field of labour economics, industrial relations and human resource management (see Publications and Unpublished Reports). Coordinated and supervised studies on Canada's service economy, pay and employment equity, wage and employment flexibility, and an annual review of IR issues conducted by the Centre research staff.

    Conducted surveys of human resource practitioners and of collective bargaining goals and strategies of employers.

    Designed, pre-tested, and analysed Survey of Innovations and Change in Labour Organizations in Canada, conducted by Human Resources Development Canada in 1997and 2000( with Gregor Murray, University of Montreal). External advisor on research projects of a number of Canadian public and private research organizations, (see Professional Services and Consulting). Member of several Research Networks: on Women and Unions (1991-92) and Labour Education and Training (1995 - 2002) organized by the Centre for Research on Work and Society, York University; International IR/HR Research Group on the automobile industry organized by Professor Thomas Kochan, M.I.T. (1992-1996); International Research Network on Auto work in the Americas (1998- 2005); France-based International Research Network on the Study of Automobile Industry and Its Employees (GERPISA) (1997-2006); SSHRC Network on Ontario Regional Innovation Systems ,University Of Toronto (1998- 2004); National Centre of Excellence on the Automobile of the 21st Century, University of Windsor, [2001-2005] and Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work. (CRIMT), University of Montreal [2002-] Co -researcher and member of research advisory committee since 2008.

  • Pradeep Kumar 4

    Scholarly and Professional Activities External Examiner of a Ph .D Thesis , Griffith University, Australia , 2009 External assessor of Graduate program in Employment Relations (MER) , Memorial University, Newfoundland, 2008 Member, Internal Academic Review Committee on Geography , Queens University 2008 Member, UNITE-HERE Taskforce on the Torontos Hotel Sector, 2006, Advisor , Conference Board of Canada Research Project on Sector Councils In Canada, 2005-2006; Advisor/Evaluator , CLC/OFL project on Union Capacity Building for Effective Workplace Adjustment , 2005-2006

    Member, Internal Academic Review Group, Dept. of Religious Studies, Queens University 2003-2004. Member, Committee to Review the Organizational Structure of the MIR Program, Appointed by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. 2002 Member, Internal Academic Review Group, Faculty of Law, 2001-2002. Library Representative, Stauffer IR Collection, 2001-2002. Member (elected), University Senate Committee on Educational Equity, 1998-2001 .Chair, Principals Advisory Committee to Review the Office of Human Rights, 1998.

    Member, University Senate 1991-94. Member, Principal's Advisory Task force on Resource Issues, 1992-93. Member, Principal's Faculty Women's Pay Review Panel, 1990-92. Chair, Search Committee for the Director, Office of Human Rights, 1992. Member, University's Employment Equity Council, 1990-92. Member, Graduate Council, 1984-92, 2001-2005. Member, Search Committee for the Director of Alumni Affairs, 1990. Member, Liaison Committee, Queen's- University of Ottawa Economic Projects, 1992-94

    . Member, Principal's Interim Advisory Group on Race Relations Report, 1991. Member, Several Tenure and Promotion Committees at Queen's, and external referee at York , Victoria, Guelph, Trent, Montreal and a few universities in the United States and Australia. Member of the Committee which designed the Queen's MIR program (1978-81). Member/chair of several committees in the School of Industrial Relations including Chair of the Curriculum Review Committee in 1992 and 1996. Member of the organization committee for the conferences

    on "Labour Markets in the1980s" organized by the Queen's Industrial Relations Centre In February 1983, and an international conference on lean production held at Port Elgin ON, September

    1992.organized by the Centre for Research on Work and Society, York University. Member of the academic panel for Ontario Graduate Scholarship awards, 1986 and

    1987; Chair of one of the panels in 1988. Organized a special symposium on "Industrial Relations in the 1980s" to mark the 50th

    anniversary of Industrial Relations teaching and research at Queen's University in 1987. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION( Current)

    Member, Canadian Industrial Relations Association (CIRA).

  • Pradeep Kumar 5


    Member, CAW Public Review Board, 1999- Member, Statistics Canada Advisory Council on Labour Statistics, 1988-2003. Member, Research Committee, SSHRC Network on Labour Education and Training, York University, 1996-2002.

    Member, Research Committee, Canadian Industrial Relations Association, 1992-96 Member, Advisory Group on Working Time and Distribution of Work, Government of Canada, 1994.

    Member, Advisory Council on Labour Market and Labour Relations Research Program (1984-85), Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects of Canada.

    Research Consultant:

    Conference Board of Canada. Research Project on Sector Councils: Canadas Competitive Advantage. 2005

    Consultant/Evaluator CLC/OFL Project on Union Capacity Building for Elective Workplace Adjustment. 2005.

    CPRN. Research Project on A Survey of Employee Satisfaction at Park Canada 2004.

    CPRN (on the research project on Changing Employment Relationships, 2001-2002).

    Human Resource Development Canada, Workplace Information Directorate on the Surveys of Innovation and Change in Labour Organizations in Canada (1997, 2000), and Case Studies of Workplace Change 1996-1998.

    Research Project on Human Resource Management in Canada. Queens - University of Ottawa Economic Projects, 1992-94.

    Waldie Communications, on evaluation of Labour Education Program of Labour Canada (1985,1990); Inter-jurisdictional study of labour standards in North America (1989-1990).

    Federal Task Force on Privatization of Canada's Airports (conducted a comparative analysis of wage and non-wage benefits in public and private sectors), 1986.

    Economic Council of Canada (Labour Market Research Program, 1979).

    Labour Canada (1977, 1978).

    Anti-Inflation Board (1975, 1978)

    Conference Board of Canada: Compensation Research Centre (1976).

    Referee-Research Studies:

    Labour Canada/Human Resources Development Canada

    Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada

    Science Council of British Columbia (1998)

    Economic Council of Canada (1985-1992)

    Anti-Inflation Board (1975-1978)

    Conference Board of Canada (2004)

  • Pradeep Kumar 6

    Referee-Academic Journals:

    Canadian Journal of Economics

    Canadian Public Policy

    Canadian Public Administration

    Relations Industrielles

    Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences

    Industrial and Labor Relations Review

    Industrial Relations

    Economic and Industrial Democracy

    British Journal Of Industrial Relations

    Labor Studies Journal

    The American Review of Canadian Studies

    Journal Of Labor Research


    Several commercial and academic publishers.

    Media Liaison: Commentator on CBC radio and various national newspapers in Canada RESEARCH GRANTS & CONTRACTS HELD

    HRDC/LMPP A contract to Assess the Impact of 1999 Amendments to Canada Labour Code (with Mike McDermott, Queens as PI) 2003-2005. SSHRC for a Research Project on Rethinking Institutions for Work and Employment in the Global Era (co -applicant with Gregor Murray (PI) and others), 2003-2006. SSHRC/MCRI (through ONRIS, University of Toronto) for a Study of Innovation Systems and Economic Development: The Role of Local and Regional Clusters in Canada the Case of Auto Parts Cluster (with John Holmes), July 2002-March 2006. SSHRC for a Study of Union Renewal and Changing Face of the Economy (coapplicant with Gregor Murray (PI), University of Montreal, and Christian Leveque, HEC). 2001-2006. FCAR (Quebec) for a research project on Globalization, Transformation of Work and Union Renewal (co applicant with Gregory Murray (PI) and Christian Levesque). 2001-2005. Centre for Automobile Material Manufacturing (CAMM), Queens for a Study of Restructuring and Industrial Competition in the Ontario Auto Parts Industry in Context of North American Integration (with John Homes), 2001-2004. National Centre of Excellence (NCE) on Auto21, University of Windsor, for a Study of Dynamics of Restructuring and Industrial Competition in the Canadian Auto Parts Industry (with John Holmes), 2001-2004 .

    Human Resource Development Canada for Analysis and Dissemination of 2000-2001 Survey of Innovation and Change in Labour Organization in Canada (with Gregor Murray), 2001-2002. Human Resources Development Canada. To design, and pre-test second Survey of Innovation and Change in Labour Organizations in Canada. 2000 (with Gregor Murray). SSHRC Network on Labour Education and Training, York University. A Study of Union Experience with Sectoral Councils in Canada, 1998.

  • Pradeep Kumar 7

    Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. A three year project on the diffusion of HR/IR practices under lean production: the case of the Canadian automotive parts industry (with John Holmes), 1998. Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC. To write a paper on Canadian Automobile Industry in the Context of North American Economic Integration (with John Holmes), 1996-1997. Human Resources Development Canada. To design, pre-test and analyse the results of the survey of innovations and change in labour organizations in Canada, 1996-1998. Human Resources Development Canada. To coordinate five studies of workplace change conducted by the MIR students at Queens, 1996-1997.

    Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. A development grant for a partnership project on Diversity and Change in Canadian Labour Movement (with Ronnie Leah and Agnes Calliste), 1994-95. Queens IRC Press. The Firm Level IR/HR Response to a Competitive Environment: The

    General Motors of Canada Experience, 1994-95 (for publication in a volume of firm level case studies). Queens - University of Ottawa, Economic Projects, A Study of Unions and Workplace

    Change, 1992-94. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. A three-year project on Diversity and Competitive Efficiency: A Study of Labour Relations Response to Workplace Flexibility (with John Holmes), 1992-95. Research Advisory Committee, SGSR, Queen's, for a paper on Women's Issues and Collective Bargaining: Evaluating Canadian Unions'...


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