Revision Qwertyuiop Short Story Form 4

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Learn English Literature QWERTYUIOP Short Story. Form 4


<ul><li><p>REVISION-QWERTYUIOP!!!!Textbook page 12.!!! Im Lucy Beck, she said adding proudly, the new secretary. Lets hope you stay longer than the other ones the man said, and unlocked the door. Come in, come in, Miss Beck. Come into the parlour, said the spider to the fly. Im Harry Darke, 30 years with Ross and Bannisters, retired with a silver watch, and now come back to haunt the place. Cant keep away you see. Then he added oddly, half under his breath, Like someone else I could mention, but wont.!!1. Come into the parlour, said the spider to the fly. What warning should Lucy get from </p><p>this remark?!!2. How does Harry Darke further hint about situation in the office?!!!Textbook page 9.!! Lucy Beck was young and small and mouse coloured, easily overlooked. She had a lonely O level and a typing speed that would make a tortoise laugh.! Whoever will want to employ me, she had asked Mrs. Price once, and Mrs. Price had been lost to answer.!Lucy wanted a job. More than anyone, more than anything, she wanted a job. She was tired of being poor. She was fed up with macaroni and cheese and baked beans. She was sick of second-hand clothes.!We are jumble sailors on the rough sea of life, her mother would say.!!!1. Why cant Mrs. Price answer when Lucy asks her about her job potential?!!2. What motivates Lucy to get a job?!!!!!</p><p> of 1 5</p></li><li><p>Textbook page 12-13.!!He looked at Lucy standing shy and awkward, clutching her bag and uncertain what to do. Poor Miss Beck, you mustnt mind old Harry. Part-time messenger, office boy, tea-maker, mender of fuses. Anything you want, just ask old Harry. Mr. Ross is down at the factory in the morning, he has left you plenty of work be getting on with. He pointed a pile of tapes on the desk. Letters to be typed, those are. He go behindhand, with the last girl leaving so quick. Left the same day she came. Shot off like a scalded cat!! Why? Lucy asked curiously.! Hang your coat in the cupboard here, he said, ignoring her question.!!!1. What images does Lucy present when she reports for work?!!2. What hint does Harry give Lucy on her first day at work?!!3. What kind of day should Lucy expect on her first day at work?!!4. Why do you think Harry ignores Lucys question?!!!Textbook page 14!!! Just one last thing, the old man said, thats an electric typewriter.!! Im used to electric typewriters, Lucy said coldly. She was beginning to be annoyed.!! Not this one. This ones different. You mustnt worry, he said gently, if it goes a little wrong now and again. Just ignore it. Dont bother to retype the letters. Splash on the old correcting fluid. Look, I got you a big bottle. Liquid paper, the things they invent! And if that runs out, cross out the mistakes with a black pen-see, Ive put one in your tray. Nice and thick it is. That should keep her quiet.!! I dont make mistakes, Lucy said; then honesty compelled her to add, well, not very many. Ive been trained. Ive been trained. Ive got a diploma.!!1. What kind of training has Lucy got?!!2. Why does Lucy get annoyed about what Mr Darke says?!!</p><p> of 2 5</p></li><li><p>3. That should keep her quiet Whom is Mr Darke referring to when he says her?!!4. What is the warning and advice given by Mr Harry Darke to Lucy regarding her work </p><p>using the electric typewriter.!!!Textbook page 26!!! Thanks, she said, but couldnt resist adding nastily, I dont get paid till Friday, you know. No good trying to touch me for a fiver.!! He flushed. You dont think much of me, do you? Who are you to set yourself up as judge and jury? You dont know what its like..not being wanted. A little kindness would help!!Lucy noticed his hands were shaking. His collapsing face seemed held together in a scarlet net of broken veins. His eyes were miserable.!! Uncle Bert she began.!! What? He looked at her warily.!! Im sorry. Im sorry, Uncle Bert.!! ! Im sorry too, Lucy he said. I know its a nuisance, having me here.!! No! No, it isnt! We want you, she said.!They smiled at each othereach remembering the little girl and the handsome uncle, who had once flown kites together in Waterlow Park.!!!1. Why is Lucy annoyed with her Uncle?!!2. What does Uncle Bert mean he says Lucy is setting herself up as a judge and jury?!!3. What was the relationship between Lucy and Uncle Bert like in an earlier times and </p><p>now?!4. What is your opinion of Uncle Bert? Do you have sympathy for him? Give a reason </p><p>for your answer.!!!!!!! of 3 5</p></li><li><p>!!Textbook page Page 25!!! She was old Mr Bannisters secretary. Been here for forty-three years, girl, woman and old misery. Sitting there where youre sitting now, her back straight as a ruler, and a chop-your-head-off ruler, too! Her stiff old fingers tapping out the letters only one by one, with her nose nearly on the keyboard, so short-sighted shed become by then. None of your touch-typing for her! Every letter she stared in the face like it was a criminal and she the judge. You cant wonder she hates you young girls, with your fingers flying over the keys like white butterflies, and your eyes gazing out into the sunshine. They gave her the push, you know.!! After forty-three years? Lucy said, shocked into sympathy. !! Well, she was past it, wasnt she?.!!!!1. In what two ways can young secretaries be better than Miss Broome in their work?!!!2 a. How long did Miss Broome work as a secretary for Mr Bannister?! b. What was Miss Broomes attitude towards her work?!!!3. Do you think it was fair to ask Miss Broome to leave after she had worked in the firm ! for so long? Give a reason to your answer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p> of 4 5</p></li><li><p>!!!!Textbook Page 20!!Lucy typed quickly:!Are you from outer space?!The typewriter rocked, as if with laughter, its keys clicking like badly fitting false teeth.!IDIOT, it wrote.!Who are you? Lucy typed.!MISS BROOME, it answered.!Lucy hesitated. She did not know how to reply to this. In the end she typed:!How do you do? I am Miss Beck.!GO AWAY, MISS BECK.!Why should I?!I AM SECRETARY HERE, it stated this time in red letters.!No, youre not! I am! Lucy typed angrily.!The machine went mad. !!!!1. Why did the ghost of Miss Broome laugh when Lucy asked whether it was from outer ! space?!!2. Why was Ms Broome so angry with Lucy?!!3. How does Lucy behave towards Miss Broome in this episode?!!4. If you were in Lucys shoes, what would you have said to Miss Broome?</p><p> of 5 5</p></li></ul>