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  • 7/31/2019 Revision Sawfly Photochromic Review


    FOG HORN 2012Twobirds Flying Publication

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    Revisions Sawfly with

    Photochromic Lenses

    By: Sal Palma

    Revision Military, located inMontreal1, Quebec (Je me souviens),

    Canada, launched the Sawfly Eyewear

    Protection System back in 2004, if

    memory serves me. Revision Military

    has been producing ballistic eyewear

    since 2003.

    Soon after its introduction, Revision

    Military became a serious competitor

    for Oakley who enjoyed a lions shareof the military business.

    1Montreal is one of my favorite cities; Ive been there several

    times. While in Quebec if you need to order eggs and bacon you

    can do that in French, but if your French is not so hot ask for two

    eggs parallel.

    Revisions approach to the Sawfly

    was novel and technology driven. The

    Sawfly system, gave the soldier a

    lightweight comfortable frame and

    interchangeable lenses, with an

    option for Rx inserts, which offered

    the best ballistic protection available.

    The rest is history.Drawing on my personal military

    experience, soldiers will not use

    equipment that does not make life

    easier for them. In my case, I was

    issued a steel pod helmet that was

    hardly ever worn and was summarily

    replaced by the ubiquitous boonie

    hat, and the all too heavy and

    ineffective flak jacket.That same rational holds true for

    ballistic eye protection; extending

    that thought process, a soldier

    wearing dark lenses will remove his

    eye protection when he enters a cave

    or dark structure and will remain

    unprotected for the duration of that

    operation. So, lenses that transition

    from dark to light and vice versa weresorely needed. However, any old

    transitioning lens wont do. The

    soldier needs a lens offering

    exceptional ballistic protection

    capable of transitioning from dark to

  • 7/31/2019 Revision Sawfly Photochromic Review


    Revisions Sawfly Photochromic 2012

    Copyright 2012, Twobirds Flying Publication, All Rights Reserved

    light, and light to dark, quickly, so as

    he moves in and out of bright areas

    to dark caves or dwellings his

    eyewear wont impede his or hervision. The capability was absent until

    Revision launched, in 2011, its highly

    successful Sawfly with photochromic


    A photochromic lens responds to

    Ultraviolet Light (UV), so even if you

    enter a room that is illuminated with

    tungsten or fluorescent light sources

    a photochromic lens will not respond.The same holds true if you are inside

    a vehicle driving in bright sunlight.

    The vehicles glass windows filter out

    UV light so your lens does not


    Revisions Photochromic technology

    is quite exceptional; taking a mere 20

    seconds or less for the lens to

    transition from clear to about a 50%tint; transitioning from its darkest tint

    to completely clear takes about 60

    seconds. That metric is a bit

    misleading. A better way to

    communicate its dark to clear

    performance is to use a graph.

    The x-axis represent tint and the y-

    axis represents time (the tick marks 0

    through 5 do not represent a specific

    time increment. They are there onlyto dimension the discussion). When

    moving the Sawfly Photochromic

    from light to dark the lens begins

    clearing immediately. Within the first

    15 seconds, which occurs between

    tick marks 1 and 2 the majority of the

    lens tint has dissipated. The clearing

    process then progressively slows, and

    at 60 seconds the lens is completelyclear.

    From the soldiers or wearers

    perspective you dont have to sit and

    wait a full 60 seconds before the lens

    becomes usable indoors. The

    transition begins immediately and


    Sawfly Photochromic Eyewear

    System exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 andU.S. military ballistic impact

    requirements for spectacles (MIL-

    PRF-31013 clause, and 100%

    UV protection. The Revision Sawfly

    Photochromic Basic Kit retails for

    $149.99 and is available in three sizes

    to fit any facial contour.

    Theyre comfortable and functional,

    so theres no excuse. Your eyes areprecious, protect them!