Revolutions. Latin America The French Revolution’s ideas started other revolutions throughout the world The French Revolution’s ideas started other revolutions

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  • Revolutions

  • Latin AmericaThe French Revolutions ideas started other revolutions throughout the world

    Latin America started its own revolution

  • Saint DomingueToussaint LOuverture led the revolt of slaves of Saint Domingue (Haiti)

  • Latin AmericaJean-Jacques Dessalines led a revolt in Haiti becoming the first independent country

  • Latin AmericaPeninsulares-Men born in Spain; top of the social ladderCreoles-Spaniards born in Latin America; 2nd on the social ladderMestizos-Mixed European and Native bloodMulattos-Mixed European and AfricanNative Americans-Bottom of the social ladder

  • Latin AmericaCreoles were educated and a part of the middle classWhen Napoleon took over Spain, they did follow the French, but believed the power went to the peopleWhen the Spanish king came back, they did not follow him

  • Latin AmericaCreoles were led by Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin

  • Latin AmericaBolivar led Venezuela into independenceHe lost in the beginning (exiled 2 times)He finally won a great victory in Bogota

  • Latin AmericaMartin led Argentina to independence in 1816Then, he freed Chile

    He joined with Bolivar

  • Latin AmericaBolivar wins in Peru at the Battle of Ayacucho winning the Spanish colonies independence

  • Latin AmericaPadre Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos, started the Mexicos rebellion against Spain in 1810Mestizos were the largest population in Mexico and led the rebellionThey lost

  • Latin AmericaAgustin de Iturbide made peace with the rebels and declared independence from SpainHe became emperor of Mexico

  • Brazil IndependenceBrazil was the only country to have a bloodless revolution and Portugal granted their independence

  • Groups Liberals wanted change and are usually workers; wanted a republican government

    Conservatives- did not want change and are usually nobles; wanted a monarchy

  • Europe RevolutionsIn Europe, many people followed the French Revolution ideas and revolted

  • Europe RevolutionsGreece was the first country to revolt against the Ottomans and with help became independent

    A great poet, Lord Byron became very famous during this time and helped the Greek cause

  • Europe RevolutionsIn 1848, following Greece, many other countries revolted

    Poland, Belgium, Hungary, and Bohemia revolted against the monarchy

    They all failed

  • European RevolutionsFrance got a monarchy back after Napoleon (Louis XVIII, his son Charles X, and Louis-Philippe)

    France revolted and established the Second Republic

  • Europe RevolutionsLouis-Napoleon became president, then like his uncle Napoleon became emperor of France calling himself Napoleon III

  • ItalyNationalism from the French Revolution started the unification of Italy

  • ItalyGiuseppe Mazzini- Italian nationalist who led the group called the Young Italians; one of the many failed revolutions of 1848

  • ItalyThe Kingdom of Italy in the north was led by King Victor Emmanuel II

    He put Count Camillo di Cavour in charge and Cavour expanded the kingdom with militarism and alliances to cover northern Italy

  • ItalyGiuseppe Garibaldi- led a group called the Red Shirts united southern Italy

    He then gave southern Italy to Emmanuel II = Unification of Italy

  • ItalyItalian forces then took over the Papal States and Venice

  • GermanyNationalism from the French Revolution also started German unification

  • GermanyWilhelm I took over Prussia which was the most powerful country of Germans

  • GermanyOtto von Bismarck was given power by Wilhelm

    Using war against Denmark and Austria, Prussia under Bismarck won ending Austrias power over the Germans

    Bismarck would use Realpolitik which means by any means neccessary

  • GermanyGermany then went to war against France because of the EMS telegram and took Alsace-Lorraine

    France and Germany would hate each other

    Wilhelm I became Kaiser of the united Germany = 2nd Reich

  • Nation-StatesA Nation-state is a country that has a common language, religion, history, and ethnicity

  • The Austrian Empire Austria was made up of many different nationalities

  • The Ottoman Empire

  • The Specifics40 Million People, ButSick Man of Europe

    Young Turks Movement

    Dismemberment BeganHot Spot the Balkans

  • BalkansRussia and Austria will fight over the Balkans after the Ottoman Empire loses control

  • 1908 Balkan LeagueBalkan Wars in 1912 and 1913 led by SerbiaPowder Keg of Europe

  • Growth of the Empire