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  • Vote for Your Favorite Traffic Reporter

    Rideshare Week kicks off on Monday,

    Oct. 2 with the announcement of the Golden

    Pylon winnersthe Southern California on-air

    traffic reporters who go the extra mile to mention

    ridesharing and Rideshare Thursday as part of

    their traffic reports.

    We need your help picking this years

    Golden Pylon recipients.

    Do you have a favorite TV or radio reporter

    (or two) who helps spread the word about

    alternatives to driving alone? Let us know! As a

    thank you for your vote, youll also be entered

    into a drawing for a $25 gift card.

    Cast your vote by Friday, Sept. 15.

    Rideshare News for Southern California Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs)

    September/October 2017

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    Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County

    Go Green,Save GreenIts Easy Being Green During Rideshare Week, Oct. 2-6

    Want your employees to try

    ridesharing? Theres no better

    opportunity than Rideshare

    Week, Oct. 2-6.

    This year, the campaign

    theme is Go Green, Save

    Green, stressing the clean air

    and money saving benefits of

    sharing the ride.

    Throughout the week,

    thousands of Southern

    Californians will make the pledge

    to carpool, vanpool, ride bus/

    rail, bike or walk instead of driving

    alone. When they do, theyll not only

    discover a better way to get to work,

    but they may also qualify to win great prizes.

    More than an awareness campaign, Rideshare Week focuses on action by motivating people to

    rideshare that very week. It can actually convert solo drivers into ridesharers.

    Your county rideshare agencies have lots planned so you can get employees to participate, including

    providing ways to pledge, prizes, campaign materials, social media support and more.

    To find out whats happening near you,

    click here.


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    Calendar of Events

    Download Commuter News

    Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County

    (Continued on page 4)

    Rideshare Week Events >

    1. Hang posters

    and distribute

    flyers promoting

    Rideshare Week

    check with your

    county rideshare

    agency for campaign materials.

    2. Send employees an email with a link to pledge

    or register to share the ride for a chance to win


    3. Greet ridesharers

    at the entrance in

    the morning with

    coffee, bagels,

    juice, etc.

    4. Borrow a tip from the

    popular I Voted

    stickers and create stickers

    that say, I Carpooled

    Today or I Shared the

    Ride for Rideshare Week.

    5. Honor commuters of the year, selecting

    employees with the best rideshare track records

    for special recognition or perks.

    6. Offer the chance

    to win a prize

    to any current

    ridesharer who

    recruits a new one.

    7. For many companies, its a Rideshare Week

    tradition to hold a rideshare fair but if youre

    short on time and/ or funds, consider a mini

    fair. Staff a table and lure employees in with

    small treats, giveaways and/or an activity where

    they can win prizes. Then if possible, sign them

    up for Rideshare Week and your rideshare


    7 Easy Things You Can Do for Rideshare Week

    Theres still plenty of time to plan a Rideshare Week promotion for your employees. Here, we offer

    seven ideas that can have a big impact, yet can be done with limited staff hours and without busting your

    rideshare budget.

    We Asked ETCsWhats something you like to do at your company to celebrate Rideshare Week?

    Recognize all employees who carpool, vanpool, bike, walk

    and use our transportation

    systems (bus, Metrolink, and/or

    Metrorail) with a certificate

    and ice cream sundae. Charita Crawford, Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department

    Kinecta Federal Credit Union posts

    Rideshare Week information on

    the company Intranet, along with

    holding a drawing for a $50 gas

    card. To promote the Go Green,

    Save Green theme, ETC Tracey

    Hill suggests employers also post

    clean-air statistics and what we can do to prevent

    pollution. Another idea: add hashtags such as

    #LetsClearTheAir and #GoGreenToBreatheClean

    We send emails to promote Rideshare Week and to encourage our agents to pledge to

    rideshare to receive a gift provided by our

    company,says Laura Devito with Automobile Club of Southern California. 2 September/October

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    Calendar of Events

    Download Commuter News

    Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County

    Rideshare Week is Oct. 2-6heres whats happening near you.

    Throughout Southern CaliforniaMetrolink will kick off Rideshare Week with a Facebook contest on Oct. 2,

    giving out a free family 4-Pack of round-trip tickets. For details and a chance to

    win, like Metrolink on Facebook.

    The Golden Pylon Award winners will be announced Oct. 2, honoring traffic

    reporters who help spread the word about ridesharing on TV and the radio.

    (You can help choose this years recipients by casting your vote by Sept. 15.)

    Los AngelesIn Los Angeles, Rideshare Week

    also goes by the name Shared

    Mobility Week. When people

    pledge to carpool, vanpool, ride

    bus or rail, bike or walk during the

    week, theyll qualify to win prizes.

    How to pledge: Commuters

    simply log in to use the Commute

    Calendar at ridematch.info and

    register how they got to work each

    daythe more times they share the

    ride, the more chances they have

    to win.

    Prizes: Prizes include Macys gift

    cards, an Apple iPad, iWatch, Beats

    Wireless Head Sets, getaways at the

    Langham Huntington and Queen Mary, AAA memberships and dozens more.

    How employers get promotional materials: Metro offers posters, flyers

    and pledge cards at metro.net/riding/rideshare/ where you can also request

    goodies and giveaways for your employees (while supplies last).

    Getting event updates: For ongoing information on Rideshare Week

    events and contests, subscribe to Metros The Source, and follow Metro on

    Twitter and Facebook.

    OrangeOrange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is encouraging people to

    go green as often as possible, so every day you share the ride increases your

    chances to win prizes.

    Pledge: Fill out a pledge card at octa.net/rideshareweek for one entry

    into the drawing to win an iPad and some instant win prizes.

    Track: Track your green trips on the ridematch.info calendar. Each green

    trip is an additional entry into the iPad drawing.

    Perks for employers: The Orange County company with the highest

    percentage of its workforce

    logging commutes during

    Rideshare Week will win either

    a $100 gift card or paid national

    Best Workplaces for Commuters

    designation and membership

    depending on eligibility.

    How employers get

    promotional materials: Contact

    OCTA at 714.560.5331 or email


    Getting event updates:

    For ongoing information on

    Rideshare Week and events and

    contests, follow OCTA on Twitter,

    Facebook and YouTube.

    Whats Happening for Rideshare Week

    (Continued on page 4)

    3 September/October


  • Download this issue as a PDF

    Calendar of Events

    Download Commuter News

    Get the latest news for... Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Ventura County

    Riverside/ San Bernardino

    Inland Empire commuters can win

    any of more than 100 prizes when

    they make the pledge to share the

    ride during Rideshare Week.

    How to pledge: There are

    three ways to make the pledge:

    1) online at IECommuter.org/

    gogreensavegreen, 2) filling out

    and turning in a pledge card at the

    worksite or via mail or 3) calling

    1.866.RIDESHARE (866.743.3742). Plus

    log trips for an extra chance to win a

    La-Z-Boy recliner.

    Prizes: Participants can win a

    variety of great prizes including

    Rainforest Caf dining credits, fishing

    or whale watching trips from Dana Wharf, vacations, gift cards, electronics

    and more.

    How employers get promotional materials: Contact your IE Commuter

    team to request posters (pictured above), flyers, and Go Green, Save Green

    clip art, via email at rideshareweek@iecommu