RM of LeRoy 100th Anniversary

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RM of LeRoy celebrates its Centennial Anniversary in 2013.


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    Congratulations RM of LeRoy

    on 100 years!!!R.M. of LeRoy - helping to makethe Humboldt Region the Best Placeto Live, Work & Invest

    Congratulations RM of LeRoy!

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    306-286-3301 Congratulationsfrom the board, management and staff.

    to the RM of LeRoy on its

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    TRUCKINGFrom:Centennial Anniversary!

    Thank you for all your years of support.

    Sincerely,Schulte Industries LTD.

    Congratulations to the RM of LeRoy on your 100 th Anniversary

    CongratulationsR.M. of Leroy

    No. 339on your

    100 Anniversary!

    We are proud to serve you since 1956.

    Wishing you another successful 100 years!

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    RM of LeRoy Celebrates 100 Years!

    Friday, April 5, 2013 ECT B3

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    100 YEARS!

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    Congratulations on the 100th Anniversaryof theR.M. of LeRoy!

    Congratulationsfrom Denis and Staff


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    Congratulations RM of LeRoy

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    Congratulationto the RM of LeRoy

    100 Years

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    Congratulations on100 years



    RM of LeRoy ON 100 YEARS!

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    A big congratulations to the RM of LeRoy!

    (L-R) Back Row: Heather Block, Whitney Block, Chris Block, Derra Froess Sitting: Crystal Dauvin, Brandy Woolsey

    Missing: Dalyn Graf, Ervin McGrath

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    100 YEARS!from Blaine & BerniceD&B Zentner Farms

    Congratulations to the RM of LeRoy!

    Celebrating100 Years!


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    100 Years

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    Congratulations RM of LeRoy

    RM of LeRoyRalphs

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    Congratulations on 100 years!

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    Congratulations on 100 yearsof success RM of LeRoy!


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    We are proud to be a part of this great


    Congratulations LeRoy!306-367-2165

    Congratulationson reaching 100 years!

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    CongratulationsrM of leroy

    Proud to be a part of LeRoys


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    Congratulates the RM of LeRoy on 100 Years!


    RM of LeRoy

    100 Years!

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    RM of LeRoy

    Once upon a time, it was just land. The land that makes up the RM of LeRoy

    was, before 1900, another area of the province inhabited by First Nations people.

    Then in 1883, the land was first surveyed by the British crown into one-mile-square sections, and each section was further divided into 16 legal subdivisions of 40 acres each.

    The land was sitting here, waiting for home-steaders, who began arriving in 1903 to obtain the free land in this area.

    Not knowing all the regulations to follow, most early settlers just picked a parcel of land and squatted. When the homesteader found out that he had to file a claim, he would travel to the Land Titles Office and file on whatever piece of land he wanted, providing it was uninhabited and unclaimed, writes Delwyn J. Jansen in the RM of LeRoy history.

    Homesteaders had three years to prove up a claim building a habitable home, clearing land and cultivating at least 30 acres of land. After some more hoops to jump through, the land was theirs.

    While settlers to the area arrived in 1903, local government did not get its start until 1909, when voters elected councillors to a Local Improve-ment District. Local matters were attended to at each meeting of this council. For instance, at a

    March 22, 1910 meeting, a bounty of $2 was set for the killing of prairie wolves.

    The first meeting of the RM No. 339 was held January 6, 1913. At that point, it was called the RM of Roach, a name that was changed to the RM of Ayr the next year.

    In December 1920, the reeve found a place in the new town to hold council meetings. The first meeting was held in the hamlet of Bogend (the new town) in January 1921. A meeting in March of the same year refers to Bogend as LeRoy. For a year or two, the Hamlet of LeRoy was administered by the RM.

    In October 1930, the name of the RM was officially changed to the RM of LeRoy No. 339.

    During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the RM, like everyone, was hit with hard times. It was decided in 1931 that all road work was to be done by ratepayers, with the amount of work done applied on their taxes.

    The RM was in charge of relief for its residents in those early years, handing out seed and fod-der relief while they were forced to reduce sala-ries to the reeve, councillor, secretary-treasurer, doctor and legal advisor.

    The RM was notified in May of 1940 that no further relief was to be given by the municipality.

    During the early 1940s, the war years, the RM got a new office building with a vault. No sooner

    had they moved in than in July 1941, they were required to read a Call to Arms proclamation during a break in their meeting to the citizens of the district.

    In September 1941, the office got their first desk phone, and a month later, granted the re-quest of the LeRoy Veterans for a soldiers plot in the LeRoy cemetery.

    In 1946, the RM was involved in the creation of the LeRoy hospital with the Village of LeRoy. At a cost of $20,000, shared 95 per cent by the RM and five per cent by the Village, three hangars were moved into the village from the wartime airport at Dafoe to form the new hospital. The facility opened July 27, 1947, and was closed in the late 1960s by the provincial government.

    As horse and buggy days came to an end in the early 1950s, the work of the RM began to focus more and more on better road conditions.

    The RM petitioned the government for an all-weather market road from LeRoy to Hwy. 6, and the improvement began in 1953.

    Since then, the RM can boast of many im-proved roads in the area.

    The RM of LeRoy had a hand in creating con-servation and development area authorities, and the Lanigan Creek Delwood Brook Watershed Association, formed to give the RM adequate drainage.

    They were also involved in the creation of homes for the aged in the area, including Quill Plains Centennial Lodge, and the LeRose Lodge in LeRoy.

    No one can accuse the municipality of drag-ging its feet in respect of care for the aged, the history states.

    Also with the 1950s came rural electrification, installation of sewer and water services on fam-ily farms, all of which involved the RM.

    Social aid then replaced Depression relief. In 1960, the federal government distributed canned meat to the needy through municipal offices, in-cluding the RM of LeRoys. That ended in 1966.

    Also in the 1960s, the RM of LeRoy joined the Humboldt and District Fire Protection Area, and the Humboldt and District Emergency Measures Organization, and formed the LeRoy and Dis-trict Fire Department.

    It was in July of 1967 that the municipality authorized the use of their flooded gravel pit for swimming lessons. That eventually gave birth to the LeRoy Leisureland Regional Park facilities that still exist today.

    In later years, the RM of LeRoy Recreation Board was formed.

    The RM moved into new office space in 1988 into a building shared with the LeRoy library branch and the Town of LeRoy office.

    In more recent years, the council of the RM has conti