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RMHE08 Monster Hunter 3 Tri Wiimote Button Activator [Bully@Wiiplaza] 2865941A YYYYZZZZ *Credits to Doudley* *YYYY = FFFF - ZZZZ* *ZZZZ Values* 0004 = Z 0008 = C 0010 = 2 0020 = 1 0040 = 0080 = + 0100 = B 0200 = A 0400 = D-PAD_RIGHT 0800 = D-PAD_LEFT 1000 = D-PAD_DOWN 2000 = D-PAD_UP 8000 = HOME Set Unlimited Traps [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04277FE8 38600000 *Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8pbq1zXVOI Set Unlimited Barrel Bombs [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04277F68 38000000 *Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-eaqH5jSz0 Speed Combos Never Disabled [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0429FDA4 38000001 Combine Never Disabled [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0429FD94 38000001 Long Swords Max Sharpness [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0427C96C 38000000 Defeats Counter Always 0 [Bully@Wiiplaza] 043AFA40 38000000 Thunder Weapons Always Charged [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0427D634 38000064 Infinite Health [Bully@Wiiplaza] 042762E0 B01E0372 Infinite Stamina [Bully@Wiiplaza] 042768B0 B01E037A 042768AC 3800025D Hot Drink Lasts Forever [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04261488 60000000 *Credits to Argon* Cold Drink Lasts Forever [Bully@Wiiplaza] 042613D8 60000000 *Credits to Argon*

Daredevil Mode [Bully@Wiiplaza] 042762F0 60000000 Weapons Always Sharp [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04278754 A01E056E *Credits to Skiller* Infinite Ammo [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04263158 480004F8 04287DA0 8819026A Crossbow Rapid Fire [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04275790 60000000 *Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdbQikay7Cs *Kinda glitchy when it comes to doing a roll or shooting while walking* Infinite Items [Bully@Wiiplaza] 042490B4 38A00000 0424B96C 38A00000 0424C7EC 38A00000 0424D674 38A00000 0424F1A4 38A00000 0424F590 38A00000 0424B96C 38A00000 *Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOhghBJxf90 Join/Host Any Quest [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0404DF84 60000000 *Use with "No HR Gain/Loss"* *Requires "Always Display HR Infos On Status" only if youve a HR of 0* Always Display HR Infos On Status [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0404DF44 48000024 *For use when your HR is 0* Purchase Any Weapon With HR0 [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0421352C 60000000 *Rare weapons wont show up in the selection as long as youre HR0* Hunter Ranking Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza] C204DF68 00000003 3800YYYY B0063DE4 3C00XXXX 6000XXXX 90063DE0 00000000 *YYYY = HR Level converted to HEX* *XXXXXXXX = XP converted to HEX* http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/MH3:_HR_Guide *HR Mod Helper Program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXcsg5WPNq4 Can Always Quit Game [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04321884 38000000 *If you join/initiate a quest, you can still quit the game in the pause menu* No Quest Box Jiggle [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04320FFC 60000000 *when selecting your level* Infinite Time For Choosing Your Equipment [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04447DFC 60000000 *Arena Mode*

No Need To Have The Required Materials [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0404B760 7C601B78 0404B76C 3800270F *Go to the Black Smith and purchase anything you want* *Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJb1rh49W_U Unlimited Time For City Creation [Bully@Wiiplaza] 04437ED8 60000000 04438158 60000000 *No 60 seconds countdown* No Log-Out Timer [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0442A698 38000000 No Playtime Increase [Bully@Wiiplaza] 040D2F2C 60000000 *Credits to Argon* Set Quest Password To "BWP" [Bully@Wiiplaza] C2323650 00000004 38A00042 98BE0043 38A00057 98BE0044 38A00050 98BE0045 88BE0042 00000000 *Auto joining security against random people* *Each time you host a new quest, this password will automatically be set* *Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqSB9jAoMgY Set Quest Remarks To "N00b Protection ON!" [Bully@Wiiplaza] C2323654 00000009 7CA50774 3D804E30 618C3062 919E0048 3D802050 618C726F 919E004C 3D807465 618C6374 919E0050 3D80696F 618C6E20 919E0054 3D804F4E 618C2100 919E0058 60000000 00000000 *Each time you host a new quest, these remarks will automatically be set* *Best used with "Set Quest Password To "BWP""* All Boxes Have 8 Pages [Bully@Wiiplaza] C21F5A0C 00000002 39C00008 99C3001B 60000000 00000000 C21F5A24 00000002 39C00008 99C30017 60000000 00000000 C2000013 00000002 38000008 980F0003 60000000 00000000 C21F7718 00000002 38A00008 98AF0003 60000000 00000000 *Item Pouch, Gunner Pouch, Item Box & Equipment Box* *Some credits to Skiller* No Need For Money [Bully@Wiiplaza]

041E47D0 04210A2C 04213CE4 04213A2C 042140BC 04321708 *You can

3C007FFF 3C007FFF 3C007FFF 3C007FFF 3C007FFF 3C007FFF purchase/upgrade everything even with 0 money*

Unlock All Star Quests [Bully@Wiiplaza] C204D29C 00000002 3C000000 6000FFFF B00347DA 00000000 *Credits to daijoda* All Quests Completed [Bully@Wiiplaza] C204D748 00000002 3800FFFF 9003512C 60000000 00000000 Item Pouch Items x10 [Bully@Wiiplaza] C22A7704 00000002 3800000A B0150002 A8950002 00000000 All Item C21EDA0C 38000063 A81F0182 Infinite C2309354 3D8005F5 91853F04 60000000 Infinite C22DF714 3D80000F 91850018 60000000 C230942C 3D8005F5 91850018 60000000 Box Items x99 [Bully@Wiiplaza] 00000002 B01F0182 00000000 Ressources [Bully@Wiiplaza] 00000003 618CE0FF 80A53F04 00000000 Funds [Bully@Wiiplaza] 00000003 618C423F 80A50018 00000000 00000003 618CE0FF 80A50018 00000000

Profile Name Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza] C204A0E0 00000008 881F0003 398000XX 999F0003 3D80XXXX 618CXXXX 919F0004 3D80XXXX 618CXXXX 919F0008 3D80XXXX 618CXXXX 919F000C 3D80XXXX 618CXXXX 919F0010 00000000 *Convert your desired name to HEX, fill the remaining XXs with 00s* *Load up your profile, quit and save to make this permanent* Super Speed [Bully@Wiiplaza] 2865941A YYYYZZZZ

C2260C48 00000002 3D8040A0 91830354 C0030354 00000000 CC000000 00000000 04260C48 C0030354 E0000000 80008000 *Press your button(s) to toggle ON/OFF* Action Repeater [Bully@Wiiplaza] C2246B90 00000002 88830005 3D808160 906C0000 00000000 2865941A YYYYZZZZ C0000000 00000004 3D808160 818C0000 2C0C0000 4182000C 39600000 996C0005 4E800020 00000000 E0000000 80008000 *Press your button(s) to repeat last action* *Credits to Doudley* Moon Jump [Bully@Wiiplaza] C23BAAA8 00000007 C0790004 3D808065 618C941A A18C0000 2C0C0300 4082001C 3D808000 3D604050 916C1600 C18C1600 EC63602A D0790004 60000000 00000000 C2254B80 00000004 3D808065 618C941A A18C0000 2C0C0300 41820008 D01F0040 60000000 00000000 *Press A+B on Wiimote* *Dont use with "Freefly"* Teleporter [Bully@Wiiplaza] C23BAAB0 0000000B 3D408065 614A941A A14A0000 3D608170 2C0A100C 4082001C 81990000 918B1500 81990004 918B1504 81990008 918B1508 2C0A200C 4082001C 818B1500 91990000 818B1504 91990004 818B1508 91990008 EC4007F2 00000000 *Press C+Z+D-PAD_DOWN to save position* *Press C+Z+D-PAD_UP to teleport* Free Fly C23BAAAC C1390000 C1790008 618C941A [Bully@Wiiplaza] 0000000F C1590004 3D808065 A18C0000

3D408000 3D604100 916A1600 C18A1600 2C0C0408 40820008 ED29602A 2C0C0808 40820008 ED296028 2C0C0300 40820008 ED4A602A 2C0C2008 40820008 ED6B6028 2C0C1008 40820008 ED6B602A D1390000 D1590004 D1790008 C01F01F4 00000000 2865941A FFBF0040 04254B80 60000000 04254B70 60000000 04254B90 60000000 CC000000 00000000 04254B80 D01F0040 04254B70 D01F003C 04254B90 D01F0044 E0000000 80008000 *Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUU-_GefOFA *Press Minus on Wiimote to toggle Anti Gravity ON/OFF* *Press A+B to lift up* *Press C + D-PAD directions to move around* Can't Save [Stuff] 0444A01C 60000000 if your wii explodes, I must know why you wanted to use this code in the first p lace. Armor is upgradeable to high rank even at low rank. [Stuff] 0404DD78 386003E7 Don't Save New Arena Records [Stuff] 04397A60 60000000 04397A6C 48000070 Can move C2395AB4 28000006 28000001 You have after being ready for quest [Stuff] 00000002 41820008 00000000 to say no to Exit Standby

Can use the menu when ready [Stuff] 0429F94C 60000000 Can eat after a quest is joined [Stuff] 04324FBC 60000000 0420AB8C 60000000 Outbox holds Unsent Messages [Stuff] 077C6700 0000005C 7C6802A6 7C6903A6 3C60806C 60632327 397CFFE0 3983FFE0 4800002D 397CFFF4 3983FFF4 48000021 397CFFFF 3983FFFF 48000015 881CFFFF

9803FFFF 48000018 9C0C0001 4082FFF4 4E800420 043F3A90 043F24D4

881C0000 8C0B0001 28000000 4E800020 00000000 493D2C71 493D422D

Auto-clear Input Box [Stuff] C24AF0B0 00000003 3D80806F 618C34B3 7C0CC040 41820008 2C1F0000 00000000 for composing messages. Use if you don't care about editing your messages Offline Players not Grey [Stuff] 0443F7D0 38C00001 Now you can message nobody :D Can Exit Game with quest posted/joined [Stuff] 042A010C 4800000C Credits to Bully@WiiPlaza for original code Fixed to work even if you join a quest and it doesn't "hide" the paper Can Warp with quest posted/joined [Stuff] 04440234 48000008 Credits to Bully@WiiPlaza for original code Don't actually do this or you'll be stuck until you Exit Game. But it is amusing . Show all monsters on the map [Stuff] 04133638 38600002 Credits to Doudley for the original code. MH3 Uncensored [Stuff] 044156A8 60000000 It's pretty amazing that it removes the censorship from incoming chat as well Create w/e City [Stuff] 0442E5A8 60000000 0442E5E8 60000000 0442E7BC 60000000 0442E804 60000000 0442E84C 60000000 0442E840 60000000 0442E698 60000000 0442E6A4 60000000 0442E6C8 60000000 Noob, HR51+, Playing with Friends Enter any server [Stuff] 0404DE9C 4800000C 0442D430 4800000C Credits to Bully@WiiPlaza Ported from PAL with a small fix Enter High/Low/Noob Cities [Stuff] 0442D3E0 60000000 0442D3EC 60000000 With "Create w/e City" you can only create. With this you can enter existing cit

ies. No HRP Gain/Loss [Stuff] 0404E21C 60000000 0404E2B0 60000000 Equip blade/gunner armor [Stuff] 0404CD44 4800000C 04315B74 48000070 04315B5C 48000088 Credits to Doudley for original code Enable armor pigment for all armor [Stuff] C227E814 00000004 3C60900E 60630570 7C171840 4182000C 4C425182 48000008 28000002 00000000 Credits to Doudley for original code Give/Recieve Rare anything [Stuff] 042A656C 4800000C 0420ECF8 60000000 042627A4 60000000 both players need to run this though Can't Leave Area (on/off) [Stuff] 28?????? MMMMXXXX 042747DC 60000000 CC000000 00000000 042747DC 4181000C E0000000 80008000 Can't Carve/Gather(on/off) [Stuff] 2