Roles and fuction of Human resource management

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The aim of this assignment is to critical discuss the Roles and functions of Human resource management. We supposed to meet a Human resource practitioner or a Manager of any organization and conduct a meeting.

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The Role and Functions of Human Resource Management

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IntroductionThe aim of this assignment is to critical discuss the Roles and functions of Human resource management. We supposed to meet a Human resource practitioner or a Manager of any organization and conduct a meeting. As in our group all of us are International students, it was nearly impossible for us to find a Human resource manager. However, we have tried online and also called up several Companies and proposed them to meet the Human resource manager. But in the end we got only one answer that Human resource managers are not available for Interview. With the consent of our Human Resource lecturer, we have contacted the human resource manager of Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. As one of our group member used to work in this company and were able to get in touch with the HR manager Mrs Allyn Gutauskas, who works in Farmington country club since November 1998 as a Human resource manager. Allyn reports to the General Manager and is responsible for all aspects of the Clubs human resource activities, including recruiting and staffing, new employee orientations, training and development, performance management, employee relations, internship programs and workplace safety. Allyn assists the Controller with compensation and benefits administration. She was agreed for the Telephonic interview on 7th of January 2011. While interviewing her we have asked several questions over the phone. Our phone was on the Speaker mode so that everybody could listen to her carefully. We will discuss about all the questions and answers in the discussion part and finally we will follow the conclusion of this chapter.

The Role and Functions of Human Resource Management

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DiscussionFarmington Country club is a Private Heritage golf Club; its history derives from year 1744 and was first built upon at some period prior to 1780. A business man comes up with an idea to develop a country club and residential community of a quality. Farmington, an estate of thousand acres was ideally suited for this purpose. In May 1929, the Farmington country club was built; the club house and grounds were formally opened for the memberships. At present Farmington country club is considered to be, one of the best Golf Country clubs in USA. 27 holes of golf, 15 outdoor tennis courts, 3 indoor tennis courts, 3 paddle tennis courts, state-of-the-art, fitness center and 25-meter zero depth entry pool. It also has two restaurants one of them is Fine dining restaurant, which is also called terrace room, because it has a very beautiful view of blue Rocky Mountains. And another restaurant is a casual restaurant, which is also Called Grill. For holiday meals and special occasions, the elegance of the Jefferson Room, Main Dining Room and Ballroom set the stage for memorable meals with family and friends. There is a pool snack bar right beside a very big swimming pool. Farmington has forty overnight rooms, Including one master suit and two junior suits. Farmington has a very large golf course has area of approx 278 acres of land, which is a paradise for golfers with 27 holes. The Farmington country club is private golf club, where one has to be member to use the facilities of the club; this separates the club from the competitive business market. As to get the membership of the club, one has to have a very good social reputation and also has to pay a handsome amount of money to be a part of this club. The members of the club are regular customers which often visit club and use the facilities on the daily basis.

The Role and Functions of Human Resource Management

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The mission statement of Farmington country club is A proud history, rich traditions and commitment to the customs of southern hospitality and gracious living, (ONLINE) which clearly states that the values of the club are enriched by its rich history; the general philosophy is to keep up with the standards which Farmington has created in last couple of centuries. Their main motive is to provide consistent member services. Their main approach to its market is, retaining existing club members and providing them full satisfaction. The satisfied member will definitely recommend this club to his or her friends. Every new employee at Farmington club goes through a proper introductory program, which allows them to understand the needs of the club. The core employees and employees at the front desk of the club are trained to be personalized with the members. Core employees, Front desk employees and employees who are working in Farmington from a long period of time personally know the names of the regular members of the club. Farmington country club also put lots of efforts in training their employees. Club also has a International Trainee programme, which is derived by Human resource management in which HR hire Students from famous Hotel management institutions of Switzerland and France, Which really helps them to maintain the diverse culture at the club. In order to understand the role of personnel functions and human resource management; one may consider different approaches, which could be used in order to explain similarities and differences. A literature suggests a range of definitions on HRM. Some of these interchange with the personnel management. Other regard HRM as a distinct approach aimed at integrating the management of people into an overall business strategy and organizational goals (storey 1995b). In particular the organizational behavior literature has extensively explored commitment of employees. In her book Legge (1995, p.66) argues that the HRM functions may be described as soft and hard models of HRM. . The hard approach stresses HRMs focus on the closeThe Role and Functions of Human Resource Management Page 4

integration of human resource policies with the organizational strategic issues . While the soft version traces its roots to human-relations school (Storey 1989 cited in Storey 1995, p.88), which means emphasizing communication, motivation and leadership. Further on, the hard model could be linked to Tyson and Fells (1992, p.23) architect model, Tyson and fells said that an architect can be related to the hard approach, who is a long term designer and has a control over his work, however if we look at soft approach, it can be related to the clerk of works who maintains data, record keeping first interviewing etc and does the same thing in routine. Therefore, one may argue that recruiting process should include performing the job analysis, which is defined by Dessler (1997, p.83) as determining the duties, skills and human requirements that an individual might need to perform in the available position. Job analysis therefore may assist in improving the job description, which according to Dessler (1997, p.83) represents a list of a jobs duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships, working conditions, and supervisory responsibilities, which refers to human requirements generally expressed in terms of behaviour. Farmington has a same approach to their employees; each full time employee has to go through an employee orientation programme. Farmington also trains their employees and gives them freedom to take decisions in their particular area. Each employee has been given responsibility to keep the members fully satisfied. Managers, supervisors keep track of each employee performance. Managers of each department conduct a meeting once a month with each employee and discuss issues at work, in which they discuss about any kind of obstacles an employee facing during their shifts and duties. If an employee is facing any obstacles and has a solution to that, managers try their best to implement that and modify the check list of duties which an employee has to perform. This gives employee a feel of freedom at work and also feels satisfied by being involved in the organization.

The Role and Functions of Human Resource Management

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Farmington country club also created a Lend a hand foundation, as Farmington members often refer to the club as a home away from home. People who work at Farmington country club has a strong belief that they are a part of a community that stand ready to help in times of need. In the past, when an employee suffered serious problems, like serious illness, death in their house, unexpected financial problems, loss of home, in those times Farmington country club has collected donations to help the one in need. However these kinds of kind gestures were considered inadequate in the face of very serious problems or situations. Therefore Farmington country club decided to create a Farmington Lend a Hand Foundation, which this foundation Farmington believed that they can do a lot better to help the one in serious situations. This foundations was proposed by the Human resource department, this is a employee-funded 501(c)(3) organization designed and managed by Farmington staff to help one another in times of need. This foundation was established in 2007 and have been doing not only well but also recently got awarded from the Albemarle/Charlottesville Human Resources Association (ACHRA) as one of four 2010 Human Resources Excellence Award winners.

ConclusionThe area of Compensation and benefits belongs to the most specialized area of Human resource management. HRM generally controls the compensation, benefits, setting the rules and procedures around the salaries, variable pay and benefits. Allyn told us that Compensation and benefits is one of the most important functions of their HRM, which is directly connected to competitors of the market with influence to set the compensation policies. The policies are fully competitive wit