ROMANTIC ERA 1820-1900. What’s Happening in the World? ï¶ American Civil War (1861-1865) ï¶ Spanish-American War (1898) ï¶ Bell invents the telephone (1876)

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  • Whats Happening in the World?

    American Civil War (1861-1865)Spanish-American War (1898) Bell invents the telephone (1876)

  • The Romantic PeriodRomance is a French word for novelRomanticism valued imagination and emotion over logic. Rise in Nationalism- patriotic music, or a love for ones country.


  • The Symphony Orchestra Growing Continued to use forms from the Classical period but they did develop more. Beethoven expanded the symphony to 4 movements instead of 3. The late Romantic Orchestra had up to 100 musicians. More instruments=more tone colors. Listen to this example by a Romantic composer Jean Sibelius in his piece, Finlandia

  • CHANGING STATUS OF MUSICIANS The beginning of music schools (conservatories). Music was seen less as an occupation and more as a calling. Women found more opportunities for musical expression.Romantic composers preferred songlike melodies this became a dominant feature. Listen to the melody in Rienzi Overture by Richard Wagner

  • WEDNESDAY Composers of the Romantic Era

  • JOHANESS BRAHMS1833-1897German Composer Piano major instrument Worked as conductor and pianistGreatly admired BeethovenGained fame from his composition of The German Requiem and his orchestral Variations on a Theme by Haydn

  • RICHARD WAGNER 1813-1883German Wrote first play at age 14 Composed first piece at age 15Among his first successful compositions are his operas Rienzi and The Flying Dutchman Changed the face of opera with the Ring Cycle

  • PYOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY1840-1893Russian composerConsidered one of the most famous composers of all-timeHe first studied law before becoming a professional composer.His 1812 Overture was influenced by the invasion of Russia by Napoleon.Composed more than 150 pieces of music.His major works include:Sleeping BeautySwan Lake The NutcrackerViolin Concerto in D Major


  • INSTRUMENTSTechnological advances improved valves and keys on Brass and Woodwind instruments First Euphonium made in Bavaria in 1843 Adolphe Sax patents the Saxophone in 1846 A piano in every middle class home demand for songs and solo piano pieces

  • PROGRAM MUSICInstrumental music that tells a story or describes a scene or feeling Today. Sleigh rideMovie soundtracks!!

  • ANTONIN DVORAK 1841-1904Czech Republic Composer, musician, teacherPlayed viola and violinTraveled to America and studied music of Native Americans and African-Americans which inspired some of his music. Example: New World Symphony