Romanticism vs. Realism

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Romanticism vs. Realism. Romanticism. Rebelled against Enlightenment’s emphasis on reason Wanted to inspire deep emotions An age of passion, rebellion, individuality, imagination, intuition, idealism, and creativity. Nature in the raw, wild state. Romanticism. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Romanticism vs. Realism

  • Romanticism vs. Realism

  • RomanticismRebelled against Enlightenments emphasis on reasonWanted to inspire deep emotionsAn age of passion, rebellion, individuality, imagination, intuition, idealism, and creativity.Nature in the raw, wild state

  • RomanticismFrom the late 18th Century to the mid 19th Century.The Romantic hero (tragic hero) is a literary archetype referring to a character that rejects established norms and conventions, has been rejected by society, and has the self as the center of his or her own existence.ART: Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps; JMW Turner

  • RealismAttempted to present the world as it wasLacked the sentiment and emotion of romanticismLooked at harsh side of life which they wanted to improve

  • Realism1850 to WWIIART: Realism, French, Jean-Francois Millet, 1814-1875, "The Gleaners," 1857

  • Authors

  • Alexander Dumas vs. Charles DickensBirthplace: FranceWorks: The Three Musketeers; The Count of Monte CristoTechnique: Romantic hero battles huge odds - emphasizes heroic past

    Birthplace: EnglandWorks: Oliver Twist, Tale of Two CitiesTechnique: portrays lives of slum dwellers and downtrodden - exposes ills of society

  • Dicey DialogueWhich author represents realism and which represents romanticism? Why?What contemporary films or books could be labeled either romanticism or realism?

  • Painters

  • Eugene Delacroix vs. Gustave Courbet Birthplace: FranceWorks: Landscapes, peasants & medieval knightsTechnique: wanted to capture beauty of nature & convey violent energy of emotionBirthplace:FranceWorks: painted ordinary, working-class subjectsTechnique: wanted to portray the realities of the time & reject imagination

  • Dicey DialogueWhich painter represents realism and which represents romanticism? Why?How does modern art reflect our cultures?

    Art: Freida Kahlo

  • Composers

  • Beethoven vs. Aaron Copeland Birthplace: GermanyWorks: 5th Symphony, Ode to JoyTechnique: Conveyed intense emotional struggle through musicBirthplace: AmericaWorks: Piano ConcertoTechnique: Sought to restore the order, balance & harmony of the classical era, a revolt against chaos of Romanticism

  • Dicey DialogueWhich composer represents realism and which represents romanticism? Why?

    How does modern music reflect our cultures?