Safe driving with BRIO toys!

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A roadmap to our quality demands, materials and production.

Text of Safe driving with BRIO toys!

  • Safe driving with BRIO toys!A roadmap to our quality demands, materials and production.

  • 2More than a century of BRIO play BRIOs history dates all the way back to

    1884 when BRIO came up with the idea to

    sell quality products. BRIO created its first

    wooden toy, Osbyhsten, in 1907.

    BRIOs goal at the time was to produce toys

    of the highest quality and this is still our

    top priority.

    Then and now, our position is that children

    of any size deserve to play with the best

    products when it comes to materials,

    design and imagination. And our employees

    believe that it is always possible to do

    yesterdays tasks even better tomorrow.

    We are also conservative. We do not

    change things from one day to the next

    without rigorous testing. This is to ensure

    joyful play, proper design, durability

    and, above all, safety.

    Many adults remember their BRIO toys.

    Thats why we like to say that we create

    happy childhood memories. And our

    hope is that the children of today will ex-

    perience BRIO in the same way that many

    generations have done before them.

    Thats when we know we have


  • 3In the 1950s, the Ivarsson brothers (BRIO) started collaborating with SAS and the Swedish American ferry line. The airplanes were equipped with BRIO toys to allow the younger passengers to play while travelling. Together they held a competition for families with a flight theme. The three top prizes were flight tickets to go with 97 other prizes designed to attract participants. A separate competition was held among retailers. The first prize was flight tickets to Zurich with a visit to Franz Carl Weber, Europes largest specialty toy store.

    The picture shows Helicopter from 1948, Duck from 1948 and a sports car from 1950.

    Playroom picture from the late 1940s. Three children appear in the foreground playing with BRIOs locomotive with green wheels and carriages from 1945 and a BRIO tractor from 1947.

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  • 5Wood is the heart and soul of our toys!


    Wood: Beech is far and away the most frequently used ingredient across BRIOs product range. Beech is ideal for producing toys. It is hard and very difficult to break. Additionally, beech is an ordinary wood species that is not endangered and is replaced, which is vital for us.

    Some may call us old-fashioned

    because we have held on to wood

    as our most important material for

    BRIOs many toy models for more

    than 100 years.

    Thats just fine with us.

    We believe that wood as a material is

    timeless, very durable and naturally

    appeals to children and adults alike.

    And we believe we have a point.

    New generations of children are just

    as excited when they play with our

    wooden toys as their parents were

    before them.

  • 6We test our toys meticulouslyAt BRIO we know that safety doesnt

    only come down to materials.

    Children are creative in their use of

    toys, and sometimes they may use the

    products in ways that the designer

    had not even considered when the

    toys were on the drawing board. Thats

    why BRIO takes a greater responsibility

    than the law demands. One example is

    that we perform load tests with more

    pressure than the required amount.

    Another example is that we carry out

    drop tests from greater heights.

    But above all, our vast experience

    and insistence on producing proven

    concepts provide a strong guarantee

    for BRIOs durability. Our toys have

    been tossed, squeezed, hugged,

    beaten, chewed and sucked on by

    children for decades.

  • 7 5000 tests a year

    BRIO complies with international toy standards for durability. Additionally, BRIO performs approx. 5000 toy tests and inspections every year during and after production. Two-thirds of them are performed by external experts.

  • 8Safe choice of materialsThough wood is the foundation of

    many of our toys, we also use several

    other materials, for instance when

    producing a train set (as shown on

    the image).

    Magnets and other metal parts

    may be included to assemble the

    carriages and enable them to

    move. And we use paint to create

    a smooth and durable surface. All

    in all, we work with thousands of

    different components across BRIOs

    entire range of toys.

    The raw materials we use are sub-

    ject to rigorous testing both before

    and after the processing.

    Additionally, we continuously take

    random samples of the toys during

    production and of the completed

    products to secure that they comply

    with the demands from the authori-

    ties and our own quality standards.

    InternatIonal rules and legIslatIon

    BRIO complies with applicable law on safety and materials outlined in more than 40 different standards and legislative statutes. This includes mechanical, physical and chemical standards for toys, the REACH regulation for chemicals in consumer products, the RoHS regulation for electronic products and Azo-Dye for coloring of fabric, just to mention a few.

  • 9 Metal parts

    All metal parts in our toys are subject to strict quality demands to secure that they will not fall off or put children in danger in any way. This also includes smudging and substance remnants that children should not be exposed to. For instance, in 2011 we decided to change all our metal parts in our toys going forward because the technology had made it possible to reduce the potential content of nickel in the new metal parts.

    Paint: Approx. 80% water-based, 20% nitrocellulose-based. Tested in accordance with applicable law.

    Metal: Steel with no nickel release.

    Wood: European re-planted beech

    Magnet: Ferrite magnets (iron magnets). All magnets are enclosed and fixed to prevent them from becoming loose.

    Plastic: The plastic is completely non-toxic and made from the most frequently used plastics within toy production. Free from PVC and phthalate.

    Mega Crane 33555

  • 10

    Responsible productionBRIOs many toy models are sold all

    over the world. However, production

    is confined to China and the Czech

    Republic. We have had production

    in Sweden for more than a century,

    expanding to China in 2003 and

    2006. Some of the machines used

    in production in China are originally

    Swedish, and the Chinese employees

    work under the same safe conditions

    as in Sweden.

    When we select suppliers, we focus

    on long-term deals with companies

    capable of delivering proper quality,

    and doing so in a responsible way.

    Our wood components have been

    delivered by the same supplier since

    2004 and our plastic components have

    mostly been delivered by the same

    supplier since 1993. We regularly send

    BRIO representatives out to our sup-

    pliers to stay in touch and ensure high

    quality on a continuous basis.

    We demand that our suppliers follow

  • 11

    the ICTI Care process, which is the

    toy industrys ethical manufacturing

    program aimed at ensuring safe and

    humane workplace environments for

    toy factory workers worldwide. BRIO

    collaborates with the suppliers to

    make sure the ICTI Care process is be-

    ing followed, and we perform annual

    inspections and change processes

    together with the suppliers. An ex-

    ample of a change implementation is

    that we have enabled our suppliers to

    reschedule their production through

    smarter production planning, thus

    avoiding seasonal peaks and ensuring

    a smoother workflow.

    At BRIO we are aware that this pack-

    aging should not harm the environ-

    ment. Therefore we make sure our

    packaging complies with applicable

    law, and we have made deals with

    authorized waste collection firms to

    collect packaging for recycling in the

    countries where this is possible.

  • At BRIO we have four ground rules:

    All our toys must be safe for children to use

    All our materials have to be of high quality

    All our toys must always adhere to regulations and laws

    All our productions have to take place under socially responsible conditions

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