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  • Mobile Phone Policy

  • Mobile Phone Policy Page 2 of 3

    Page 2 of 3

    Ratified at 06/04/10 Board Meeting


    Section 1: Policy

    Business and Personal Use

    Loss or Theft of Phone

    Health Risks

    Use of Mobile Phones in Sporting Venues

    Use of Hands Free Phones in Motor Vehicles

  • Mobile Phone Policy Page 3 of 3

    Page 3 of 3

    Ratified at 06/04/10 Board Meeting


    1.1 SALSC may provide mobile telephones for business use. All business mobile phones must be

    purchased through SALSC.

    1.2 Courtesy, consideration of and respect for others, are paramount at all times. It is required the

    staff are aware of the impact their mobile phone use may have on others, and ensure that the phone is

    only used when it is considered appropriate to do so.

    Business and Personal Use

    1.3 Any staff with a business mobile phone are deemed to be responsible for the safekeeping of the

    telephone. All appropriate business costs of mobile phone will be met by SALSC.

    1.4 If any personal use, which should be restricted to a minimum, is made the member of staff

    concerned must annotate the call listing to show which calls were private and submit details of these

    calls with a request for production of an invoice following receipt of the itemised bill. This invoice

    must be settled within 14 days of receipt.

    Loss or Theft of Phone

    1.5 Loss or theft of a mobile phone must be reported to the CEO and/or Chair immediately to

    allow the account to be closed and the service stopped.

    Health Risks

    1.6 Members of staff should be aware of the possible health risks associated with the excessive use

    of mobile telephones. Use of any mobile phone should be kept to the minimum and landlines used

    where possible.

    Use of Mobile Phones in Sporting Venues

    1.7 The use of Camera phones around Children and Vulnerable adults should be considered. A

    number of local authorities already have a ban on the use of photographic equipment, and this may

    extend to phones with camera facilities.

    1.8 It is recommended that phones with camera facilities are not used when there are Children or

    Vulnerable adults present.

    Use of Hands Free Phones in Motor Vehicles

    1.9 In line with legislation drivers of any vehicle must not use a hand-held mobile phone or similar

    hand-held device whilst in control of the vehicle. This includes periods when the vehicle is stationary.

    1.10 In addition, the Dept. for Transport have advised that a driver may risk prosecution for failing

    to have proper control of a vehicle if the driver uses a hands-free phone when driving. If there is an

    incident, the use of any phone or similar device might justify charges of careless or dangerous driving.

    1.11 For this reason, SALSC policy for the use of mobile phones is that only hands-free models are

    to be used by the driver whilst any vehicle is under their control and on SALSC business.


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