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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Sanjib Kumar Saha - Resume</p><p> 1/4</p><p>SANJIB KUMAR SAHA</p><p>2, Rajkishore Deylane, Kolkata 700 005[ at B.K. Paul Avenue ]West Bengal, IndiaPh. No.: 9830132708E-mail:</p><p>OBJECTIVE:</p><p>To accept all challenges with full confidence and come out with positive attitude. With</p><p>more experience I want to sharpen my technical skills so that I can serve my organization</p><p>in the most fruitful way.</p><p>JOB EXPERIENCE</p><p>Bytes Information Technology (Ph. 033 25116402)Jan 2000 to onward</p><p>As a Trainee Programmer cum Lab Faculty</p><p>Job Profile Design and develop web sites</p><p> / / / / / etc</p><p>Taking classes on Dos, Windows, Ms-Office, FoxPro, Tally, Fact,CorelDraw, PageMaker, C, C++, VB, HTML, FrontPage</p><p>Soft PointMarch 1999 to Dec1999</p><p>As a Faculty</p><p>Job Profile- Taking classes on Dos, Windows, Ms-Office, FoxPro, Tally, C, C++</p><p>Visual GraphMay 1996 to Nov 1998</p><p>As an Computer Operator</p><p>Job Profile- Drafting different kinds of document- Maintaining Accounts using Tally</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Sanjib Kumar Saha - Resume</p><p> 2/4</p><p>PROJECT DETAILS</p><p>I have done every project on behalf ofBytes Information Technology.</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name The Wing Enterprises (Ph. 24630546)- Express Industry</p><p>Tools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, FlashLanguage used ASP, VBScript, JavaScriptServer Windows 2000 Server</p><p>Period 20 daysExpiry Date 24th July 2005</p><p>Description It has Two section:Client Section from here viewer can see the company profile, check</p><p>the tariff &amp; destination, rate calculator, track and trace page.Admin Section The Administrator upload their database and delete</p><p>expired data from database.</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name Udayan (Ph. 24788887)</p><p>- Heritage ClubTools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShop</p><p>Language used ASP, VBScript, JavaScriptServer Windows NT ServerPeriod 20 daysExpiry Date 9th July 2005</p><p>Description It has Two section:</p><p>Client Section from here viewer can see the company profile,Members Details, Past and Future Event, Menu and Party BookingItem, Suggestions page.</p><p>Admin Section The Administrator can update and delete their entriesthrough online of members, event, menu etc.Search option has present both section.</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name Charnock Hospital Pvt. Ltd.- Hospital &amp; Research Centre</p><p>Tools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Flash</p><p>Language used JavaScriptServer Linux ServerPeriod 7 days</p><p>Expiry Date June 2005Description It has four pages Home, About us, Facilities, Contact us</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Sanjib Kumar Saha - Resume</p><p> 3/4</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name Sacred Health (2475-2638/2711)</p><p>- Personal website of Dr. Suman Motilal ShahTools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, FlashLanguage used JavaScriptServer Linux Server</p><p>Period 10 daysExpiry Date 20th January 2005</p><p>Description It has ten pages Home, About us, contact us, Tools &amp; Picture Therapy,Description of Different types of Therapy.</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name Ideazfirst consulting (Ph. 22271930)- Consultancy firm</p><p>Tools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShopLanguage used JavaScriptServer Linux ServerPeriod 10 days</p><p>Expiry Date December 2004Description It has ten pages. Some of them under construction. You can download</p><p>the companys corporate presentation.</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name Barman Resorts Pvt. Ltd. (Ph. 25117402)</p><p>- ResortTools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, AppletsLanguage used JavaScriptServer Linux Server</p><p>Period 7 daysExpiry Date January 2005</p><p>Description It has four pages Home, Contact us, About us, Tariff.</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name Modern Design Group (Ph. 23343344)</p><p>- Personal Website of Somnath Sanyal (Achitect &amp; Project Consultant)Tools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, FlashLanguage used NoneServer Linux Server</p><p>Period 7 daysExpiry Date 20th August 2005</p><p>Description It has only one page.</p><p>Project Name</p><p>Company Name Expo Engineering (Ph. 26431298)</p><p>- Manufacturer and Exporter of Agricultural ImplementsTools used Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, GIF animatorLanguage used JavaScriptServer Linux Server</p><p>Period 10 daysExpiry Date 29th September 2004</p><p>Description It has five pages Home, About us, Clients, Products, Contact us.</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Sanjib Kumar Saha - Resume</p><p> 4/4</p><p>EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION</p><p>- Passed Madhyamik under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education in 1990- Passed Higher Secondary under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education in</p><p>1992- Passed B.Com (H) under Calcutta University in 1995</p><p>PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION</p><p>- Diploma in Computer Programming &amp; Application from TULEC in 1997o Subjects</p><p>Dos, Windows, Ms-Office, Programming Technique, FoxPro, Unix, C</p><p>- Diploma in e-Business Application from State Youth Computer Training Centre (Govt. ofWB) in 2002</p><p>o Subjects</p><p>Networking &amp; Internet, HTML, FrontPage, Photoshop, Flash, JavaScript, VBScript,ASP, Java (Application, Applet), Concept on XML, Concept on e-Commerce</p><p>COMPUTER PROFICIENCY</p><p>Operating System Dos, Windows 98, Unix</p><p>DBMS &amp; RDBMS FoxPro, Access, Oracle(SQL, PL/SQL)</p><p>Language C, C++, VB</p><p>Markup, Script Language HTML, JavaScript, VBScript &amp; ASP</p><p>Office suit Ms-Office</p><p>Accounting Package Tally, Fact</p><p>Designing, Photo editing &amp; Animation Package CorelDraw, PageMaker, Photo shop, Flash</p><p>Web designing tools FrontPage, Dream weaver </p><p>Software Installation &amp; Hardware Installation of Software and some knowledgeabout Hardware</p><p>PERSONAL INFORMATION</p><p>Date of Birth : 8th January 1974</p><p>Sex : Male</p><p>Nationality : Indian</p><p>Marital Status : Single</p><p>Language Known : Bengali, Hindi, English</p><p>I here by declared that all the Information provided above is to the best of my knowledge andbelief.</p><p>4</p></li></ul>