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Useful information given to parents and students who signed up for the Spanish trip before traveling.

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  • 1. TRIP TO SPAINMarch 18-28, 2011

2. INDEXInformation package March 5, 20111.- Flight information2.- Accommodation3.- Emergency numbers4.- Spanish school walking with us5.- Sweaters6.- Trip preparation7.- Electronics8.- Pocket money9.- Passports + Safety10.- Insurance11.- Final list of students going on the trip12.- Documents to get signediWeb of the Spanish trip 11: SAS Trip to Spain - Page 2 of 13 3. 1.- FLIGHT INFORMATIONAir Company: EmiratesShanghai (China) Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Madrid (Spain)Friday March 18 EK303: Pudong Airport (23:00) Dubai (05:00+1)Saturday March 19 EK141: Dubai (07:25) Madrid (12:20)Duration (20h20): EK303 (10h00) + Stop-over (2h25) + EK141 (7h55)Madrid (Spain) Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Shanghai (China)Sunday March 27 EK142: Madrid (15:25) Dubai (00:30 +1)Monday March 28 EK302: Dubai (03:10) Pudong Airport (15:30)Duration (18h05): EK142 (7h05) + Stop-over (2h40) + EK302 (8h20)Departure Meeting time: Friday March 18 at 20:45 Pudong AirportThe flight departs at 23:00 on Friday night. For international flights we need to check-intwo hours before, so we will meet at 20:45 (08:45 p.m.) at Pudong Airport Terminal 2, in front of Emirates check-in counter. The Emirates check-in counter islocated at Terminal 2 Island E counter E09-E18 on the departure level.SAS doesnt provide transportation to the airport, we will meet there.Emirates allows 20 kilograms for check-in and 7 kilograms for carry-on for each person.Please dont exceed that weight. If you are planning on bringing presents from Spain,count on saving some space in your luggage for the return trip.Please dont forget your passports. Some students need to bring two kinds of ID, one toexit/re-enter China, one to enter/exit Spain. Please if you are not sure about this,contact Sr. Castro.Arrival in Shanghai: Monday March 28 at 3:30 p.m. Pudong AirportWe will come back on Monday March 28, at 15:30. Parents have to complete a formindicating the chaperones if:- they will meet their child at the airport.- the child is authorized to take a taxi home unaccompanied.- the child will be picked up by a driver.- Other to be specified on the formYou will receive this form through your kids the week of March 7th.SAS Trip to Spain - Page 3 of 13 4. SkywardsSkywards is the Frequent Flyer Program operated by Emirates Airline.Partner Airlines are:1.- Continental Airlines2.- Japan Airlines3.- Jet Airways4.- Kingfisher Airlines5.- Korean Air6.- South African Airways7.- United Airlines8.- Virgin BlueIf your kid is enrolled in any of those programs and you would like him/her to collect themiles please ask the student to provide us with their Frequent Flyer number.2.- ACCOMMODATIONFriday March 18 Shanghai- Meet at Pudong Aiport at 20:45 (08:45 p.m.)Saturday March 19 Madrid- Arrival to Barajas Airport, Madrid (12:20)- Transfer to hotel by private bus- Check-in and lunch at the hotelAccommodation at Hotel Convencin (****) (Madrid) (+34) 91 221 40 60 / 91 574 68 00Sunday March 20 - MadridAccommodation at Hotel Convencin (****) (Madrid) (+34) 91 221 40 60 / 91 574 68 00Lunch at Restaurante La Taurina March 21 Madrid vila Ponferrada Sarria- Breakfast at 8:30- Lunch in vila at Mesn Tres Siglos Trip to Spain - Page 4 of 13 5. Accommodation at Albergue O Durmiento (Sarria) (+34) 982 53 10 99 / Cell phone: (+34) 600 862 508Tuesday March 22 First stage: Ferreiros Hospital (21K)Accommodation at Albergue O Cruceiro (Ventas de Narn) phone: (+34) 658 064 917Wednesday March 23 Second stage: Hospital Campanilla (20K)Accommodation at Albergue Buen Camino (Palas de Rei) phone: (+34) 639 882 229Thursday March 24 Third stage: Campanilla Arza (20.5K)Accommodation at Albergue Santiago Apostol (Arza) (+34) 981 50 81 32Friday March 25 Fourth stage: Arza Arca do Pino (19K)Accommodation at Albergue Porta de Santiago (Arca do Pino) (+34) 981 51 11 03Lunch at Restaurante Bule Bic March 26 Fifth stage: Arca do Pino SANTIAGO (20K)Accommodation at Hotel San Lorenzo (***) (Santiago de Compostela) (+34) 981 58 01 33Sunday March 27 Santiago Madrid Dubai Shanghai- Wake-up call at 3:30 a.m. (technically 2:30 a.m. as that night the time changes, and at02:00 a.m. we need to set the watch at 03:00 a.m.)- At 4:00 well take a private bus from Santiago to Madrid Airport(600 km., around 8 h.)- At 12:00 arrival to Madrid Airport- At 15:25 return flight to ShanghaiMonday March 28 Shanghai- Arrival to Pudong Airport at 15:30SAS Trip to Spain - Page 5 of 13 6. DONT FORGET YOUR SLEEPING BAG!As you can see, in Madrid we are going to sleep in a four star hotel, in Santiago it will bea three star hotel, but during our walks we are going to sleep in hostels or albergues.That means that in some of them you can expect bulk beds in a big room, with a lot ofpeople sleeping in the same room. This is the way it is when people do the pilgrimage:-) To have an idea, look at this room at Albergue Santiago Apostol where we willsleep on Thursday:We need to assume that these hostels only provide the bed, but no blankets or towels,so DONT FORGET YOUR SLEEPING BAG AND A TOWEL!3.- EMERGENCY NUMBERSTelephones in SpainTime difference with Spain: +7 hours (+6 starting on Sunday March 27)(At 4 p.m. in Shanghai it is 9 a.m. in Madrid same day-)- Sr. Javier Castros cell phone in Spain: (+34) ____ (24 hours)- Ms. Yvonne Zhus cell phone in Spain: (+34) ____ (24 hours)In section 2 of this document you have the phone numbers of the hostel/hostels wherewe will stay each night.- Spanish travel agent (Dani): (+34) ____- Spanish travel agent (Ana): (+34) ____The Spanish travel agents will stay with us during the pilgrimage.Please contact them only if you are not able to contact us (Sr. Castro or Ms. Zhu)SAS Trip to Spain - Page 6 of 13 7. Telephones in China:- Sr. Castros cell phone in China: ____- Ms. Zhus cell phone in China: ____- Mr. Ed Kidd (HS Principal): ____- Mr. Michael Sheehan (HS Assistant Principal): ____- Mr. Alan Knobloch (Assistant Superintendent): ____E-mail addresses:- Sr. Castros e-mail addresses: Zhus e-mail address: ____4.- SPANISH SCHOOL WALKING WITH USIt is confirmed! 23 students from a high school in Spain called I.E.S. Ra del Carmen do the walk with us! :-)This is going to be an excellent opportunity for our students to meet new friends inSpain and of course to practice their Spanish. Hopefully they/you will even keep in touchin the future.I know the leading teacher of that group, Sr. Carlos, personally. He is from Spain, hehas 33 years of teaching experience, and our students for sure will like him a lotbecause he is fun. We are friends since 2001, when we met for the first time workingtogether at a public school in South Carolina (USA).5.- SWEATERSAs it is becoming a tradition with some school events (Habitat, Relay for Life, sports, )we will also have our trip sweaters.Thanks to Jessica Lu and Katie Zheng for the designs.The design on our sweater is the one that you can see on the first page of thisdocument. Students voted for blue sweater and yellow letters. These can be consideredthe colors of The Way of Saint James, as you can see in the pictures below: SAS Trip to Spain - Page 7 of 13 8. 6.- TRIP PREPARATIONWeatherSpain = SunWell, that is what many people think (Spain = Sun) but it is not totally true. Theweather in Spain in the summer is beautiful, and thats one of the reasons why thiscountry receives a lot of visitors. But during this time of the year, the weather can bevery unpredictable.We took this picture from the on-line newspaper El Pas, from March 4 2011. you see there is a road next to Madrid, blocked by snow, exactly two weeks beforewe will land there. Totally covered. To snow in Madrid in March is not normal at all,but you see it can happen!The weather in northern Spain, where we will walk 100K, it is also very unpredictable.Keep that in mind when you pack! It can rainSAS Trip to Spain - Page 8 of 13 9. What to TAKE:Before we give you some suggestions about what to pack, we would like to explainagain when will you have access to your luggage, and how.In Madrid your suitcase will be in your hotel room, so you could access it at any time.During the pilgrimage, this is what we are going to do:Step 1: In the morning, before we start walking, you will ONLY take from your luggagethe things that you need for the daily walk, and you will put them in a small backpackthat you will have to carry. There, you will need to put your raincoat, your picnic lunchthat the travel agency will give us everyday, your camera, and maybe whatever youthink it is totally necessary for you. Only things you absolutely cannot live with in thehours you will be walking. The lighter you walk, the better for you.Step 2: After you have prepared the small backpack that you will walk with during theday, we will put your suitcase in a bus. So you will not have access to your luggage untilyou arrive to the next hostel in the afternoon. Then, you will take your suitcase, put it inyour room and you will have access to it. Until the next morning, that you go to Step 1again.So this is a list of suggestions:LUGGAGE- Suitcase or large backpack: The one you will take on the plane. The bigger themore unconfortable it will be to take it from the bus, put it in your room, and a