Saving the world from the IQ Draining Zombie Attack!

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Global Human Conservation Team!

Global Human Conservation Team! Saving the world from the IQ Draining Zombie Attack!How can we as the Global Human Conservation Team, create a plan for cultural diffusion into Africa in order to conserve human intelligence from the zombie invasion? Driving Question??Projects due by April 1st! Presentations will occur April 1st and 2nd! Timer until the point of no return! Your job is to pitch a plan to the GHCT to travel from your native country into Africa and positively diffuse your culture with the preexisting culture of Africa to conserve human intelligence!

Objective of the GHCT:Zombies go to heavily populated areas, due to Africas population density, they have been untouched by the invasion. The African Intelligence committees, are aware of the global attack and have closed their borders, no air travel, etc. All people of Africa are not aware of the situation due to lack of communication in rural communities. What We Know! Locate the best place for your country to land inside of Africa. (geography/avoid preexisting diseases/etc)Identify the resources you will have available once you land. (natural resources, etc.)Create a plan to defend Africa from outside land/water invasions. Research the modern culture, government, and economic systems in place in the region you want to land.

Your TASK!In your pitch create a list of possible cause and effect outcomes for your action plan:How will this cultural diffusion effect the native people of Africa?

What compromises do you suggest to blend the culture/government/and economic systems between your native country and Africa? What solutions would you propose? Your TASK cont. You will have a guided research outline to help you focus your research. You will have a team of colleagues to work with. You will have access to technology for research and for the creation of your pitch. You will get to SKYPE with an expert in African culture and history. You will have team meetings with Mrs. Jester, scheduled and as needed. You will have 3 weeks to complete this mission.You will be graded on your team work/collaboration/ research/ and pitch content.

What You Will Have:

Interactive Population Density Site.

What are your Questions?????Geography- physical features, dangers, etc. Colonialism & territorial conflict. Lack of an infrastructure Teach Prior6.3 A, C, 6.4 B, C, D, 6.5 B, 6.7 A, B, 6.10 B, 6.15 A, C, 6.16A, 6.17A, D.

Looking with the modern mentality and predicting the future. TEKSKids know their assigned African region. Culture, language, history, religion, economy, currency, resources.

Act as an expert resource for others.Be ready to answer questions. Prepare a mini-lesson to teach other kids what youve learned. SKYPE in to other kids or create pre-made videos with African expert information to teach the other students. African Experts Only