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Slide 2 SCAFFOLDING AWARENESS Slide 3 Scaffolding Awareness Slide 4 SCAFFOLDER TOOLS Slide 5 Scaffolding Awareness This Presentation Will Cover The Following Areas: What is a scaffold? General requirements Scaffold inspections Equipment & construction Use of scaffolding Working platform and decking Ladders Slide 6 Simple Definition It can be described as a temporary structure on which people may work It may provide support for materials used by the workforce and for access to certain areas, plant or equipment Slide 7 NO ! YES SCAFFOLDING Slide 8 General Requirements Sound Construction Inspected Before Use Only Constructed By Competent Person Do Not Use Sign Until Inspected Only Genuine Scaffolding To Be Used Scaffold Should Not Obstruct Access Routes Emergency Escapes or Emergency Equipment Slide 9 INSPECTION 1) ON COMPLETION 2) EVERY 7 DAYS 3) AFTER ALTERATION 4) AFTER BAD WEATHER WHEN ? Slide 10 What Makes A Scaffold? Tubes Fittings Boards Ladders Slide 11 Tubes Some people refer to tubes as poles they are made from steel and are very strong. They are joined together to form the basic scaffold by fittings. When in the vertical position they are called standards Slide 12 Where is the midway rail? No toe boards!!! YES ! NO ! Slide 13 Timber pad not suitable No footing in place No sole plate Slide 14 TSP HSE Department BRACING Slide 15 TSP HSE Department BRACING Slide 16 Fittings Fittings hold the structure together Made from high quality steel Must be maintained Many different types Slide 17 FITTINGS Slide 18 TIE-INS FITTING NO YES Slide 19 TSP HSE Department TIE-INS FITTING NO! Slide 20 TSP HSE Department TIE-INS FITTING YES!!! Slide 21 Scaffold Boards Made from good quality wood with no major defects Should have few knots Supported By tubes Take care do not overload Slide 22 Where are the hoop ends? Slide 23 Always use hoop ended boards ! Slide 24 Is it really a safe working platform? Where is the access ladder ? Slide 25 PLATFORMS MUST BE CLOSELY BOARDED ! Slide 26 Ladders Probably the most hazardous part of a scaffold Used for access to /from the scaffold 1-4 Rule Always check for damage before use Can be metal or wood More on ladders later Slide 27 TubularsBoards Ladders STANDARDS OF EQUIPMENT NO DISTORTION NO CUTS OR HOLES NO DENTS OR FLATTERING NO WARPING OR SPLITS NO CUT-OUTS OR JAGGED ENDS FIT HOOP IRONS NO WARPING OR SPLITS NO LOOSE OR MISSING RUNGS STILES TO BE FREE OF SPLITS TIE RODS TO BE FITTED TO WOODEN LADDERS NO PAINTING OF LADDERS ENSURE FREE FROM WEAR OR CORROSION FITTINGS Slide 28 BASIC DESIGN OFFSHORE REQUIRES 3 HANDRAILS ONSHORE REQUIRES 2 HANDRAILS TOE BOARDS TO BE SECURED FLOORBOARDS TO BE LASHED. MAXIMUM GAP BETWEEN BOARDS 25mm TIES MAXIMUM GAP BETWEEN PLATFORM AND WORK SURFACE 300mm FOUNDATION Slide 29 Access Rules Dont climb up/down scaffolding use ladders Ladder to be at the correct angle 1- 4 Ladders are to be tied at both sides not by the rungs Make sure the ladder extends a safe distance above the landing stage Slide 30 Is it really a safe access? Slide 31 MUCH SAFER, ISNT IT? ACCESS FIRM FOOTING LADDER LONG ENOUGH Slide 32 Loading Scaffolds Dont overload scaffolds Distribute the load around the standards Dont load the middle of the bay Always leave a passageway at least 2 boards wide for people to pass Ensure materials cant fall off the scaffold Dont leave tools or materials lying around on the platform Slide 33 Hazards Guard rails and toe-boards must be fitted where a person is liable to fall 2 meter's Dont use incomplete scaffolding Dont interfere with scaffolding, alterations can only be made by a competent person Dont throw, drop or tip materials from heights either lower or dispose of them down a chute Slide 34 Ladders 1Ladders should be set on a firm base and leaning at the correct angle 1-4 2Ladders must be tied near the top and extend a safe distance above the landing stage unless a hand hold is provided 3Use both hands to grip the ladder 4Always face the ladder 5Dont overreach 6Only one person on a ladder at one time Slide 35 No use of home made ladder Slide 36 TSP HSE Thank you for your attention !