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You can drive the future.

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    You can drive the future

    The Scania Touring is a coach designed to meet yourneeds. You will enjoy full support from a single point ofcontact since all parts, maintenance and repairs arebacked by Scania's comprehensive global servicenetwork. With its distinctive styling and reliableperformance, this coach is destined to be a strong profitsource for your business for many years to come.


    Affordable quality in a vehicle designed to meetthe demands of a changing market

    Affordable quality in a vehicle designed to meet thedemands of a changing market; that's the ScaniaTouring. Equally at home on domestic day trips orcontinental touring, the Touring is a fully-built-up Scaniaproduct which provides an optimal mix of operationalefficiency and servicing simplicity.

    It's a thoroughly tried and tested and proven producttoo for although the Scania Touring is new to the UK,examples have been proving themselves in servicewith mainland European operators since 2009.

    Features and benefitsThe Scania Touring is a fully-built-up product, designedby Scania and manufactured on a dedicated assemblyline. As such, Scania quality is assured throughout,with every component fully supported by theinternational Scania service network.

    Scania Touring coaches are based upon Scania's 13.2-metre overall length 6x2*4 rear-steer chassis. At theheart of the vehicle's driveline is Scania's 410horsepower, 13-litre diesel engine. Delivering 2,150Nm of torque, this low-revving, highly fuel-efficientpower unit employs SCR technology to meet the Euro6 exhaust emissions standard. Final drive is via aneight-speed Scania gearbox equipped with Scania'sfully-automated Opticruise gear selection system.

    With its distinctive styling and a strong visual appealenhanced by aluminium wheels and Xenon headlightsas standard, the Scania Touring is specified to a highstandard throughout. Equipped with 57 Kiel seats anda full range of passenger benefits including dark tintedglass, AD drinks system, Bosch DVD with two LCDmonitors, refrigerator, seat back tables, footrests,magazine holders and full air-conditioning, the vehicleprovides a flexible and versatile coaching solution forevery application.

    In terms of passenger safety and comfort, the ScaniaTouring operates at the leading edge, with ElectronicStability Program, Electronic and Anti-lock Braking,Advanced Emergency Braking, Lane DepartureWarning, Adaptive Cruise Control and kneelingsuspension all included within the purchase price.



    Scania TotalTransport Solutions

    At Scania, we recognise our success is dependentupon the success of our customers. Accordingly, wealways aim to provide the best possible transporteconomy over the long term. We therefore regard thepurchase of a Scania truck as the just beginning of arelationship which we are firmly committed to ensuringwill be as beneficial as possible from the operator'spoint-of-view.

    We also recognise that achieving this objectivedepends upon far more than just supplying vehiclesand associated parts and service activities alone. Wehave therefore extended our portfolio by introducing anextensive range of products and services under thebanner Scania Total Transport Solutions to provide anoffering we are confident is unmatched within thetransport industry today.

    From vehicle optimising advice to financial services,Scania Support Programmes, consumables andaccessories, there is a Scania Total TransportSolutions programme for every need.

    The delivery of Scania Total Transport Solutions isnaturally centred around our dealer network. Here, 90UK service centres cater not only for Scania trucks butalso for the trailers they haul and any ancillaryequipment fitted to them. The range of such servicesprovided by our dealers knows no bounds; all typesand makes of trailer are catered for.

    In addition, the Scania dealer network provides acomprehensive tanker support service, which onceagain provides for all types and makes of tanker. Alsoincluded here are all forms of tanker testing andcertification to meet the industry's requirements, withall services carried out in approved workshops with fulltest and repair facilities.

    Fixed Price Repairs whereby the customers pays theprice quoted with no unpleasant surprises or hiddenextra costs are also part of the Scania TotalTransport Solutions programme. Today, this ground-breaking initiative has been extend to cover trailersand many other items of equipment.

    Every service offered under the Scania Total TransportSolution is backed by a comprehensive parts supplychain. For example, in terms of trailer parts, around16,000 items are today stocked and available via theScania parts system.

    Scania Total Transport Solutions are also designed toreduce the burden of administration. Moreover, bytaking care of every aspect of fleet care andmanagement, operators enjoy the benefits of one-stopshopping with the peace-of-mind that comes as aresult of having Scania as their service-providing partner.

    In addition to its UK service network, Scania provides afurther 1,000 outlets throughout Europe and beyond,all of which are backed round the clock by ScaniaAssistance, our roadside assistance service.

    Complementing our range of dealer services, Scaniaalso provides a broad swathe of products aimed athelping develop drivers and technicians. Among theseare Scania Driver Training, a dedicated operationwhich provides Licence Acquisition and Driver CPCtraining together with other personnel developmentcourses, such as Mechanical Handling Equipment.Technician training, including a wide selection of ready-made and bespoke courses, is carried out at theScania Technical Training Centre, centrally located inthe heart of England.


  • Scania pursues an active policy of product development and improvement. For this reason the company reserves the right to changespecifications without prior notice. Furthermore, due to national or EU legal requirements, some accessories may not be available in alllocal markets. For further information please contact:

    Scania (Great Britain) LimitedDelaware DriveTongwell, Milton KeynesMK15 8HBTelephone: 01908 210210Website:

    5 Feb 2015