SCHOOL CONTEST WITHDRAWAL More than just an ordinary Automated transactions A charge of $0.60* per unit
SCHOOL CONTEST WITHDRAWAL More than just an ordinary Automated transactions A charge of $0.60* per unit

SCHOOL CONTEST WITHDRAWAL More than just an ordinary Automated transactions A charge of $0.60* per unit

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Text of SCHOOL CONTEST WITHDRAWAL More than just an ordinary Automated transactions A charge of $0.60* per...


    With the goal of reducing the amounts that could be fraudulently withdrawn from your account, Desjardins has put into place the following solutions:

    • The total amount of allowed withdrawals from other banking institutions is set at $300 per day*. For any addition withdrawals, you must go to a Desjardins teller to confirm your identity;

    • The purchasing limit by direct payment (including withdrawals) at businesses is set at $1 000 per day*.

    • At the time of certain transactions at the Desjardins automatic telling machine - withdrawal, deposit, transfer, you must confirm your identity by entering the day and the month of your birth date.

    * These limits can be modified according to your needs by a simple call to your caisse at 986-2319, or toll-free 1-888-986-2319.

    In the annual “My parents and I - what

    a team!” contest for children in

    elementary school participating in

    the Desjardins School Caisse, luck

    was with Jean-Nicolas Thorne, a pupil

    at Saint-Pierre de La Vernière school.

    He won a family vacation package

    worth $600.

    In the “Desjardins NaturLogic” contest for elementary school teachers, Marielle

    Bourgeois, a teacher at the 5th and 6th-year levels, was chosen by the jury for

    her project under the theme of “L'air réinventé” (air reinvented). Following a

    visit to the class by Charles Cormier of the Sedna IV, the students produced a

    DVD with information and awareness capsules about climate change, pollution

    and greenhouse gases. A prize of $300 was paid by Desjardins toward a class

    trip at the end of the

    year. An additional

    prize of $100 was

    awarded to Mme

    Bourgeois for her

    involvement in helping

    the students carry out

    this project.



    1278, chemin de La Vernière L'Étang-du-Nord, QC G4T 3E6 (418) 986-2319

    Service Centres

    Cap-aux-Meules 248, chemin Principal Cap-aux-Meules, QC G4T 1C9 (418) 986-4236

    Grande-Entrée 214, Route 199 Grande-Entrée, QC G4T 7A4 (418) 985-2981

    Île du Havre-Aubert 142, Route 199 Havre-Aubert, QC G4T 9B6 (418) 937-2361


    © G

    E M

    IN I

    Volume 2, no 2, August 2007

    Your Caisse informing you...

    More than just an ordinary news bulletin...


    Dear Members,

    Over the last few weeks, your Caisse populaire has created a new document entitled, RECUEIL D'INFORMATIONS POUR ÉTUDIANTS ET JEUNES TRAVAILLEURS (information for students and young workers).

    This little booklet was born in response to a focus-group held last December with our youth clientele, together with the meeting organized by the Caisse's youth committee for students at the Cégep-campus des Îles. Inside this little collection, you'll find a summary of information about various products and services offered by the Caisses populaires. This document is now available at all Caisses in the Islands.

    Soon a number of youth will be leaving the Islands to continue their studies at places beyond. The managers and staff of the Caisse join me in wishing you success in your plans for further education, an important step forward in anyone's life. Your Caisse populaire will always be ready to listen to your needs, and you'll find it easy to reach your Caisse advisor through our Internet site,

    For young customers, the goal of Caisse populaire Desjardins des Ramées is to be your PARTNER OF CHOICE.

    Good reading, and have a great summer.

    Michel Nadeau, Director General

    Published by the Caisse Desjardins des Ramées and delivered free to all homes located on the territory of the Caisse.

  • The following transactions are free of charge at all times • Deposits and direct deposits

    • Account balances (inclucing VISA Desjardins) at Desjardins ATMs, via AccèsD telephone and Internet, or accompanying a transaction with a teller*

    • Passbook updates

    • Paper account statement (monthly without cheques returned)

    • Virtual account statement and recorded statement of recent transactions

    • Transaction summaries at Desjardins ATMs, and via AccèsD (telephone and Internet)

    • Line-of-credit payments

    • Automatic transfer of funds between accounts in a single folio

    * Charges apply by telephone or with a teller if no transaction is made.

    How can I reduce my service charges?

    Visit our website at and try the "How to Reduce Your Service Charges" simulator to find out how to save on service charges and to choose the plan that suits you best.

    LINE OF CREDIT INSURANCE LENDS YOU A HAND Dany Cormier of Cap-aux-Meules got a wonderful surprise at Caisse populaire Desjardins des Ramées, where he had signed up for Line of Credit Insurance, a complete protection customized for borrowers. Dany Cormier won a prize of $1000 under the promotion "L'Assurance marge de crédit vous donne un coup de pouce", organized in 2006 by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company in collaboration with participating Caisses of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.

    In the photo, Dany Cormier is receiving his check from the hands of Caisse Director General Michel Nadeau and Member Services Advisor Mme France Petitpas.

    Changes to user fees (For individual members)



    The application of a service charge policy for services allows your caisse to offer you a full range of quality services. These service charges represent a contribution from members that is both reasonable and equitable to ensure the profitability of the cooperative in relation to the number and variety of services used by each member. This document contains all of the information you will need concerning the changes to be applied to the fees for caisse services charged to individual members, and will become effective on July 1, 2007.

    Please note that no changes will be made to the various fixed-rate monthly plans.

    Automated transactions

    A charge of $0.60* per unit (previously $0.55 per unit) will be applied to each of the following automated transactions: withdrawal, payment of a bill registered in the bill file, transfer of funds (at an ATM or via AccèsD Telephone and Internet), direct payment, direct withdrawal (preauthorized payment) and automatic transfer between the accounts of different folios at the same or different caisses.

    * These charges are applied to the following accounts: Personal Chequing

    Accounts, Build-Up Savings Accounts and Regular Savings Accounts.

    Members who pay a fixed monthly service charge for a specific plan will

    pay these increased charges only for the services used that exceed the

    basic number included in the plan.

    Payment of bills at the counter and through the Desjardins Automated Teller Machines

    Service charges of $2.25 (previously $1.50) will be applied to the payment of bills at the counter of a caisse and for the payment of bills (not registered in a bill file) by envelope at an ATM for Personal Chequing, Build-Up Savings and Regular Savings Accounts. A fee of $2.50 (previously $1.75) will be charged for these same operations in a High Yield Account.

    Stop payment order

    A fee of $12.00 (previously $10.00) will apply for a stop payment order filed against a cheque or preauthorized payment.

    Cheque retained for future cashing

    A charge of $5.00 (previously $3.00) will be made for a cheque that is retained at the caisse for future cashing at the member's request.

    Non-personalized cheques for «emergency» use

    A fee of $0.50 per item (previously $0.25) will be charged for each non-personalized cheque issued at the member's request.

    NSF cheque or item

    A charge of $37.50 (previously $25.00 upon presentation of the item plus $10.00 if returned to payee) will be applied if the member's account does not contain sufficient funds to cover a cheque or preauthorized payment.

    Safety deposit box

    A minimum fee of $100.00 will be charged in the case where the member loses both keys to his safety deposit box or if the caisse is obligated, for legal reasons, to open the safety deposit box. The basis of the calculation remains as before, i.e. $45.00 plus out-of-pocket expenses, but the total amount charged must in no case be less than $100.00. These charges are subject to the GST and PST.

    For more information, you are invited to consult the Reference Guide - Fees and frequently used services for individual members, available at your caisse, or visit

    Are you looking to reduce the service charges you are paying to make transactions? Try one of our fixedrate monthly plans. We created them to simplify your life and save you money. To learn more about these plans, simply contact the personnel at your caisse. Together, you will be able to evaluate your situation and identify the plan that best fits your budget and situation.

    This is a normal precaution taken by all financial institutions in order to protect themselves against cheques that may be returned. Blocking funds is also a measure to prevent frauds.

    At Desjardins, funds are blocked for five to seven business days if you cash and/or deposit a cheque at the counter or ATM.

    For cheques from other provinces or countries the hold period is longer.

    The procedure applies to any cheque, personal or otherwise, as w