School library management system Client name: Beiren School’s library

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Text of School library management system Client name: Beiren School’s library

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  • School library management system Client name: Beiren Schools library
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  • Alec(Fengyue) Project Manager Thomas(Zhuyan) Technical Software system Bill(Zhangchao) Client severs Terry(Menghao) Scaner system Scaner connect computer Leo(Liuliu) Technical Director Bill(Zhangchao) Ressources Responsibilities
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  • Member of Team Alec (Fengyue) Project Manager Skills: National diploma Level 5 for Computing MCSE2003,MCITP,CCNA Experience: Beijing Olympic wired communication system engineer. And manage all team 31 engineers for all Beijing venues wired communication system. JCUBeijing webs administrator ( JCUBeijing student unions president
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  • Member of Team Bill(Zhangchao) Ressources and Client severs Skills: Java, C++ Oracle database Experience: Beijing Olympic wired communication systems engineer. JCUBeijing webs crews (
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  • Member of Team Leo(Liuliu) Technical Director Skills: Java, C++ SQL-server Experience: Knowledge of Java JCUBeijing webs crews (
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  • Member of Team Terry(Menghao) Scaner system Skills: Java, C++, Oracle Database English Experience: Knowledge of computing network JCUBeijing webs crews (
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  • Member of Team Thomas(Zhuyan) Technical Skills: Java, C++ SQL-server Experience: Knowledge of network, hardware and java JCUBeijing webs crews (
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  • Beiren School Beijing Group Corporation is a large-scale printer manufacturer. Beiren School is one trains the technical talented person for the enterprise the school. The library is one has more than 6000 this book collection, the magazine specialized library.
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  • Customer request: Client name: Beiren Schools library Clients goal: Librarian more effective work. The system should as the supermarket service person use the Scanner to know the Product information (Name, Company, Maintenance, Price, Introductions). It is not high to the computer disposition request. Simple easy to use. (Beiren Schools Librarian is not young as a college student). The system must have this functions: 1.Add/Delete a new book/CD/Tape to the system. 2.Search books information from system. (As Author, Publishing house, Publication date, Content introduction). 3.The member founds the function. 4.Borrowing books system and Returns the book. 5.Library remainder referral.
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  • Why client need us to writing a new program Investigates in the present market according to us to have some library management system. Why do we also want to develop the new software. Because we develop software more suitable customer. Although spends high, buy the software will affect the efficiency.
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  • Equipment and Software of develop Equipment: 1.Laptop x 5 2.Internet (Search informations) 3.USB Disk Software: 1.Windows OS 2.JAVA Program 3.SQL servers 4.Microsoft Project 5.Microsoft Office
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  • Project worth Satisfies the customers demand to improve them works efficiency. To help client save money and effective work We change the traditional style in library service into the electronic style. It will be better service for reader.
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  • Project risks Team cooperation ability Solution Strengthens the team to construct Lacks the before-sales service experience Solution more customer communication Programming ability Solution Work diligently
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  • Perhaps GUI mockups
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  • Plan for next Cycle
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  • Overall Perfect team combination Consummation work preparation Good customer communication ability
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  • Reference Website: Book: Effective Project Management (3 rd Edition)
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  • END Thanks for audience !