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  • School supplies

    Places to find school supplies:

    Supermarkets like Carrefour, Auchan have a big selection of the

    most popular items

    Bookstores (Papeteries) like Univers du Livre in Saint Germain

    en Laye and in Orgeval have harder to find items

    Office Supply stores like Bureau Valle (Port Marly, Orgeval) give

    them your school supplies lists and they will put everything

    together for you

    Internet :,,,

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  • School Supplies

    10 hardest to understand items:

    1. Feuilles mobiles/volante/Seyes : looseleaf paper

    2. Copies doubles grands / petits carreaux : French specialty! (A4 vs A5)

    3. Equerre

    4. Chemise avec rabat : folder with elastic straps

    5. Lutins / Protge-vue : transparent document covers

    6. Protge-cahier : plastic notebook covers

    7. Grand cahier (21 x 29.7 A4) vs. Tres Grand Cahier (24 x 32 A5) :

    notebook (various sizes)

    8. Intercalaires : dividers (plastic or cardboard)

    9. Carton dessin : drawing paper

    10. Ardoise et feutres Velleda : white board and white board markers

    11. Typex : white-out

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  • School Supplies

    See our website for photos and a more complete list of items

    Tip: Be sure

    to save your

    receipts in

    case you buy

    the wrong


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  • Le cartable

    - Backpack

    - With wheels

    Facts :

    Externs need only carry their section supplies 2 days a week in Primary. So maybe a separate schoolbag is a good idea, to keep their minds separated

    Internes :

    Primary : can keep their school supplies in their desk.

    And should bring back home only what is necessary for homework.

    Middle school : lockers for 6th and 7th graders,

    BUT always very heavy bags, no matter what storage solution exists.

    Unusual topography : lots of stairs and hills to climb!

    And the bus stop is all the way to the top

    A price difference of roughly 10 euros between the 2 options.

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  • Homework

    French homework

    - In Primary, only revisions allowed, no new acquisition. Should be less than

    30 minutes/day. And usually not written. But more is given during WE and


    Section homework : all homework is independent from the French side. The

    specifications need to be seen with each individual Section.

    IF encoutering problems :

    Step 1 for French homework : Write a note in the cahier de liaison to

    establish contact with the teacher,

    Step 2 : Contact parent PEC, who will contact teacher on your behalf, and

    set up a meeting.

    Finding help outside of school :

    On APELI site, list of Big Brothers/Sisters willing to tutor. Or within each Section.

    Some teachers could also agree to some tutoring. To inquire individually.

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  • Tips on keeping/raising language level

    Keeping your language

    Summer Camps

    Films/DVDs in mother tongue,

    Playdates with Section classmates

    Learning French

    Afterschool Activities

    Summer camps in France

    Centre de Loisirs in your town

    Films/TV in French,

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  • Yes, you can

    Youll survive

    - We all did

    - Bonne chance !

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