"School's Out! The Musical" Song Lyrics

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Song lyrics from "School's Out! The Musical", a "Fairly OddParents" TV movie.

Text of "School's Out! The Musical" Song Lyrics


ALL SONGS WRITTEN BY: Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel

Nickelodeon Animation Studio 2003 Viacom International Inc.


KIDS JUST BEING KIDS!Bell rings. Schools done. Time for eight weeks of fun and sun! No shirts! No shoes! Beating kids up any time that I choose! The beach! The mall! Family visits to the Taj Mahal! Were doing all the things our parents forbid! Summers not a bummer with kids just being kids! COSMO: Its time! Its here! My very favorite time of year! WANDA: No school! Just play! Granting wishes 24 hours a day! TIMMY: Are you sure? This is allowed? SANDERSON (slyly): Make your wishes very violent and loud! Grant me wishes you would usually forbid! Cuz summers not a bummer when us kids are being kids! Kids just being kids! Running wild and running free! Kids just being kids! What can I TP? Kids just being kids! MOM AND DAD: Close your eyes and count to three. Theres nowhere safe for you and me with kids just being kids!


ADULTS: My house! My yard! Whats these charges on my credit card? My porch! My word! CROCKER: Its not my problem til September Third! My town! My chow! I hadnt realized til up til now! They can do those things we parents forbid! Theyll kill themselves this summer Cuz these kids are being kids! Kids just being kids! Breaking things and wrecking stuff! Kids just being kids! Whens enough enough! Of Kids just being kids, Taking risks, we must act tough! And save our kids from all the stuff... ...of kids just being kids!


WERE PIXIES!Were Pixies! Were Pixies! Check out our mad, wicked Mixies! Weve got square heads! Big pointy caps! Clean out your ears and hear our rap! H.P.: Im H.P., yo! I am in charge! I may be small, but my goals are large! Im not a hater, but I must cater, to my mission, my ambition, to be dictator! SANDERSON: Im Sanderson! Im Anti-fun! And all those Fairies can bite my bun! With my boss H.P., were gonna be, the new leaders of the Fairies! H.P.: You got that, G! FLAPPY BOB: Im Flappy Bob! I aint no clown! Oh, wait... My shoes... Hey, I am a clown! A clown that raps! A Bob that flaps! Gonna get Timmy Turner in a clown-based trap!


ALL THREE: With Pixies! Yeah Pixies! SANDERSON AND H.P.: And since the 1960s! Weve tried to rule, and heres the deal, by this time tomorrow the world will kneel... ALL THREE: TO PIXIES!


GET FLAPPY!FLAPPY BOB: Youre sitting here complaining! Bout all that youve been through. And with the whole summer remainng, you must be asking Who? Can protect your little darlings from the bad things you abhor. Let me tell you Flappy Bob is, the clown youre looking for! Before they skin their knees! Get Flappy! Before theyre black and blue! Get Flappy! Before theyve caught TB! Get Flappy! Or keep annoying you! Before they break their necks! Get Flappy! Before they break their arms! Before theyre all but wrecks, Get Flappy! Before they do more harm! CLOWN CHEERLEADERS: (cheered) Flap flap flap flap flappity doo! Flappy is the clown for you! Flap flap flap flap flappity dee! Flappy is the clown for me! Flap flap flappity doo! Flap Flappity doh! Flappy is the way to go! FLAPPY BOB: Before they poke their eyes out! Before they break their knees! Before your homes invaded by a swarm of angry bees! Why sit here just complaining! Why even take the chance! Drop your punks off to your buddy with the Polka-Dotta pants!


I know that it seems harsh! And a little bit unfair! But someones gotta be there when you know you cant be there! It might be a tad expensive! But let me ask of you! Wont it cost more down the line... If the cops are blaming you! For the injuries incurred while your children wreck the town! You can learn to love your cell mate, Get Flappy! FLAPPY BOB AND ADULTS: Get Flappy ALL ADULTS: GET FLAPPY!!!


ADULTS RUIN EVERYTHINGTIMMY: Who shuts the mall down early? Who wants us in by dark? Who gets all mad and surly... ... when we make a smart remark? Who do we have to hide from? From Dimmsdale to old Beijing? Theyre taking away our summer cuz adults ruin everything! Adults ruin everything! With all their rules and laws! Adults ruin everything! We must fight back because! Adults ruin everything! Time and time again! Adults ruin everything! Trust no one over ten! CHESTER: Id feed the whole world ice cream! Veronica: Id super size the mall! AJ: Id melt stuff with a heat beam! H.P. (to Timmy) Too bad its not your call. TIMMY: Ive got two magic Fairies! COSMO AND WANDA Wands waiting to be twirled! TIMMY: Adults cant ruin everything if kids could rule the world! Adults ruin everything! But kids would run things right! Adults ruin everything, but I know I can fight! Adults ruining everything! Thats how this day unfurled! But that wont happen if I wish that kids could rule the world!


(Eight Bars musical interlude as the world changes) Who gets to set the curfews? KIDS! Who gets to make the laws? KIDS! The only adult we listen to And his name is Santa Claus! Who gets to run the country? KIDS! Who gets to say whats cool? KIDS! How can I put it bluntly? Cuz Now Its kids who rule! KIDS!


KIDS RULE THE WORLD!That kids had no power, I had to correct. We kids are the boss now, and you can expect, that thingsll be different with me at the wheel! Im ten and in charge, Wow! And heres what I feel... I made a place that the kids now are running! The view from our tree house is really quite stunning! H.P.: Our plan. Look. Its working. SANDERSON: Were really quite cunning. H.P.: To Jorgen Von Strangle we go. SANDERSON: Nice hat! Its candy for breakfast, more candy for lunch and its candy for dinner and Ive got a hunch that its dandy we run things, dont act like a mob! Theres plenty to do and youve all got a job! You get to be the police chief! Can I flash the big red light? You three can host all the talk shows! And stay up late every night! You get to lead all my armies! All over the map! You clean my room up and you do my laundry ...while I stay here and nap! Note: Were in Fairyworld The Pixies are pointing all this out to Jorgen Were Pixies! Were Pixies! Check out our mad wicked mixies! Have you checked out the planet? I know you didnt plan it! But the kids have the power and the Fairies! JORGEN: DAGNABBIT!


Were Pixies! Were Pixies! And were about to affix these! Notes of Eviction! JORGEN: Earth is my jurisdiction! The power balance needs a fixin like our magical prediction! (Note: We hear Were Pixies! Were Pixies! Check out our mad wicked mixies! Beneath the last two verses of this song.) WANDA: Wow, things are running quite smoothly! With kids there are no wars! COSMO: I dont know if its that groovy, that were stuck with the chores! How can you be dissaproving, this gets better by the hour! No worries, no strife, Baby, this is the life!!!! JORGEN: You have too much power!


THE JORGEN VON STRANGLE POLKAWith my muscles! I will tussles! With all those who dare present-sles! A clear and present threat-sles to my authority! To my knuckles! You will buckles! Like a chicken you will cluck-sles! For I so do love Da Rules-les and I know Da Rules love me! You will learn to fear my mighty fist! If my song wont help you get the gist! You fools might disagree! But you all answer to me! With this Polka! I wont joke-a! But first, this frappe mocha! (mmm!) I was shocked when I awoke-a! To a world where kids all ruled! With my bi-ceps! I must try-cepts! To see that kids are now denied-ceps! The magic we supplied-cepts! For your jobs must be retooled! Oh I love to get to draw a line! And you morons make me all the time! For Da Rules are very clear! And now the time is here! For me to...


Pull back the Fairies! Bring them all home one by one! Pull back the Fairies! Now that my mocha is done! Pull back the Fairies! Now that the kids have the reigns! Now were pulling, pulling back the Fairies! So I can bring them pain! (key change) Pull back the Fairies! Bring them all home one by one! Pull back the Fairies! While I eat this big sticky bun! Pull back the Fairies! Now that the kids have the reigns! Now were pulling, pulling back the Fairies! So I can bring them pain!


UNFUNDAMENTALSOh, Im a clown face on the outside but a frown face on the inside Cuz this town here where I reside needs a new reality! Not one that all the kids run not one where theres too much fun but one which is my vision of the way the world should be! These are the Un-Fundamentals! Loved by all the parentals! Who want to keep all their kids in line! I'm certi -fiably demental for the Unfundamentals! Im gonna childsafe the world, just give me time! And make this place unfundamentally mine! Can I wear these cleats? Well now you can! May I have more meat? Here's tofu, man! How about a treat? You'd better scram! Im afraid that I will have to slam...


The door in the face of any trace of any fun that might deface my clownish scheme to Interlace Un Fundamentals of life! All the arcades close at three now! Trampolines are bouncy free now! We all have to agree now that your kids are safe and sound! Since the corners now are cork-ed! And the forks have been deforked, now you can all go to New York while your kids I am around! due to the Unfundamentals I'll be so very gentle. There's no Accident-a-mentals or Strife! Just trust my unfundamentals! While youre transcontinental! Just leave your precious children's hands in mine! As I make this very town and make the world renowned and make all that's fun Unfundamentally mine!


FLOATING WITH YOUWANDA (Sings as Jorgen takes notes, then we ripple to flashbacks) I was lost Then he found me And all tho He confounds me By his crown Is where I know I should be. Yes, I know Hes a moron With a brain Made of Boron. And yet I find Im drawn to him magically! And through