Science Class Wednesday, Oct. 15 th (A Day) Monday, Oct. 20 th (B Day)

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Science ClassWednesday, Oct. 15th (A Day)Monday, Oct. 20th (B Day)

Warm UpList all the forms of energy you used this morning before you arrived at schoolBe ready to share with the class

Warm UpElectrical Energy (alarm clock, TV, lights, microwave)Sound Energy (hairdryer)Chemical Energy (eating )Mechanical Energy (making my bed)Kinetic Energy (brushing my teeth)

Test Back .Track Now!You will get Part 1 of your test back nowTrack this on your tracking sheetObjective: 6.P.2.2 States of Matter 6.P.2.3 Properties of MatterWe will go over this together in class

Interactive notebookFind the next blank page in your notebookWe are continuing Energy 6.P.3: Learning Set 1.1Add this to your table of contents

PBIS TEXTBOOKWe will read page EN 19 togetherLook at the pictures on page EN 19 What different types of energy do you see

VolunteersWind energyElectricity

Mechanical Energy (moving parts)

Write in your notebook:Observations: Any information collected with the senses. SightSmellTasteTouchHearing

Write in your notebook:Inference: Conclusions or deductions based on your observations. Inference: An Educated guess.

When we make many observations over time, we can then make inferences

Now its your turnLets make some observations.I see a dirt roadI see a puddleI see green tress

We inference can we make?This road could be in the countryIt appears it just rainedI think it is summer because all the trees are green

More Inference Practice:My Observations:I hear people screamingI smell popcorn and cotton candyHamburgers cost $5.00 eachI see a lot of people in line

Inference = ?Now, turn and talk with your partner1 minute


Turn in your textbook to page EN 20Read this entire page silently5 minutes

Whats happening?On my desk, I have a cup of iceSince we started class, the ice has started to melt

Whats happening?Why did this happen? The room is warmer than the ice, so the energy moved from the warmer room to the colder ice Can we see the energy begin transferred?NOWhat is the indicator that shows us energy is being transferred? Ice cubes are melting into liquid waterLets think about thisHow do we know energy is being transferred since we cannot see it? We will record some vocabulary words now that help to explain this!

Write in your notebook:Indicate: to show

Write in your notebook:Indicators: The things we can see, hear, touch, smell or taste that can tell us about something.

Write in your notebook:Infer: to interpret (figure out) from observations

Radiometer Observations HandoutLets look at each column and understand what the columns represent:Conditions (these are given to you)Observations(what do you see happening)Causes (why did this happen)

Radiometer Observations HandoutConditionsA dark classroomOutside in the shade

Outside in the sunWhat is a radiometer?Draw this picture now!Pay close attention to the color of the flags inside the radiometer

Radiometer Observations HandoutYou will now see 3 different demonstrationsWe will have to walk outside to complete 2 of the observationsYou will need to take your notebook and this handout with youDoes anyone have any questions?Radiometer Observations HandoutObservationsSitting on the cart, the flags did not moveSitting in the shade, the flags spun slowly

Outside in the sun, the flags spun very fastHow does it do that?Read page EN 24Complete the Causes column

What caused the flags to start spinning?Think about the colors of the flagsBlack absorbs energyWhite reflect energyThis causes the air inside the radiometer to heat up differently. This causes the air inside to start moving.This moving air causes the flags to spin!

Radiometer Observations HandoutCausesThere was no radiant energy in our classroomThere was only indirect radiant energy the shadeThere was direct radiant energy on the radiometerRadiometer Observations QuestionsCopy each question and answer silently in your notebook:What happened to the flags outside in the sun? They started to spin very fastWhat might the movement of the flags be an indicator of? Radiant energy

Radiometer Observations QuestionsWhat can we infer from our observation? The radiometer transfers radiant energy into kinetic energy which makes the flags inside spin

Glue this into your notebook now

Brain pop Energy VideoYou will listen to the video 2 timesYou will list 5 facts that you hear in your notebook

Study jams

Discovery Ed video A Look at Energy

Draw this table in your notebook:Things that use Electrical energy in the homeThings that use Chemical energy in the homeComplete the table now (6 minutes)All of these devices transform 1 type of energy into another form of energy. Things that use Electrical energy in the homeThings that use Chemical energy in the homeLets Analyze the DataTurn to page EN 23 Answer only Question 1 at the bottom of the pageYou and your table partner may work togetherEVERYONE MUST WRITE THE QUESTION AND ANSWER IN YOUR NOTEBOOK3 minutes

Video about radiometer