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  • Science Museum Library and Archives

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    Papers from J. H. Steward Ltd, Opticians and Scientific

    Instrument Makers,

    Strand, London

  • STEWD The material in the J H Steward Collection was acquired by the Science Museum in two parts. This fact is reflected in the lists - Sections 1-9 were transferred to the Library from the Musel.1m in 1985. Sections 10-12 were purchased by the Museum in 1986. [4 boxes] Contents 1. Ms Material in possession of J.H. Steward Ltd. relating to various scientific instruments 1893-1939 1. The Dredge Omnitelemeter 2. W. Hall's Nautical Slide Rule 3. E. H. V. Chapman's Signalling Lamp 4. Clinometer and Road Tracer 5. Molesworth's Bomb Sight 6. Deeley's Oil Testing Machine 7. Miscellaneous Items 8. Notebooks Kept by J. H. Steward Ltd. 2. Catalogues and Trade Literature published by J. H. Steward Ltd. 3. Instructions and descriptions of instruments for use in catalogues produced by J.B. Steward. [Typescript] 4. Correspondence between solicitors, surveyors and J.H. Steward Ltd. over sale of 406 Strand, London 1937 5. Printed material on customs duty payable on items exported to Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand 6. Catalogues, Instructions and Trade Literature produced by other Scientific Instrument Companies 7. Offprints from periodicals relating to scientific instruments 8. Patents 9. Drawings and Photographs

  • 1. MS Material in possession of J.H. Steward relating to various Scientific Instruments, Slide Rules etc.

    1/1 The Dredge Omnitelemeter 1. 2 letters from J.H. Blakerley, 39 Victoria Street, Albany Buildings,Westminster about Omnitelemeter. Dated 1893 April 10 and June 5 2. Diagram of error in Omnitelemeter used with a staff at close range, 1p 3. Table for use with Omnitelemeter, 1p [ms]

    1/2 W. Hall's Nautical Slide Rule 1. Description of Hall's Nautical Slide Rule [ms] 4p 2. Instructions for the Engravers of the slide rule scale [ms] 4p 3. 3 letters from Rev. W. Hall about the slide rule with examples of use of the instrument 1900-1901 4. Extracts of 4 letters from Naval Officers giving their experience of using the slide rule and from one letter of Lord Kelvin's giving his opinion of the rule 5. 1 letter from Alfred Harper, manufacturer, about the scales on the slide rule 6. Description and General Uses of Hall's Nautical Slide Rule [typescript] 28p 7. Drawing of Hall's Nautical Slide Rule, 1p

    1/3 Chapman's Signalling Lamp with Incandescent Bulb and Parabolic Reflector 1. 9 letters from E. H. V. Chapman, Royston Lodge, Richmond, Surrey to J. H. Steward 1912 about signalling lamp [ms] 2. Instructions for Electric Signalling Lamp [typescript] 2p [31st Lancers pattern] [typescript] 2p 3. Copy of report on the Electric Signalling Lamp [31st lancers pattern] [typescript] 2p 4. Description of the Signalling Lamp by Steward's [ms] 2p

  • 5. Template showing the curve of the parabolic reflector 6. 3 drawings of the lamp made by Aldis.

    1/4 Clinometer and Road Tracer 1. 2 Letters from H. Hopkins, Cape Colony, S.A. to J.H. Steward re market for Road Tracers in South Africa 2. 1 letter and leaflet from H. Morin, Paris, on Niveau Boyelle-Morin, A Collimateur Dioptrique. 3. [Leaflet] Walker's Road Tracer 1903 [2p] 4. [Leaflet] Bellamy's patent combined Clinometer and Road Tracer, 1p and letter from W. F. Stanley & Co Ltd 1909 5. [leaflet] Le niveau a pendule de M. Hayer 6. 2 letters from T. Cooke & Sons Ltd to J. H. Steward 1909 with diagram

    1/5 Molesworth Bomb Sight 1. Tables for use with Molesworth Bomb Sight [ms] 1p 2. [Duplicate illustration blocks for Molesworth Bomb Sight Booklet]

    1/6 Deeley's Oil Machine 1. Indenture. March 1921 between Richard M. Deeley of Kew, Surrey and Messrs J. H. Steward granting license to Steward to manufacture Deeley's Oil Testing Machine [typescript] 4p 2. [Letter from] 43 The Grove, Isleworth, Middlesex R. M. Deeley [to] J. H. Steward enclosing drawing of wheel to steady the testing machine 1932 Dec 2

    1/7 Miscellaneous Items including 1. [Tradecard] J.H. Steward Optician to British and Foreign Governments 2. Col. McLeod' s Slide Rule [for artillery fire] 2 sketch drawings and description of scales 1 mock up of rule in paper

  • 3. Ball and socket Level and scale. Comments on the use of the instrument and errors discovered [ms] 5p and 6p unattributed 4. Instrument Test Sheets. [for] Bronze Pocket Aneroid Barometers Sept. 1939. [giving instrument readings against Actual Standard] 5. The Calculations of Astronomical Telescopic Objectives Translated from the German of Dr. H. Harling by R. Osburn [ms] 11p 6. Description of U.S. de Lavaud's Altiplanigraph [ms] 11p 7. Notes on Range Finder Type F. 1916 and comments on the instrument. G. F. H. Smith of Natural History Museum

    1/8 Notebooks Kept by J. H. Steward & Co. 1. List of Patents and subject list of works on scientific instruments [ms nd.] 2. Reference Book for Optical and Meteorological Formulae/John J. Steward 1887 [ms with insert] 3. Notes on the Dichroscope [ms - 16p from notebook - only part surviving] 4. [Notes on] the Telescope [ms - 35p nd.] 5, [Two notebooks recording the) Rainfall, at 406 The Strand, W. C., in 1897-1902 and 1903-1918, [Loose sheets recording] Rainfall at 406 Strand, 1919 to 1921 and 1925 to 1927. 6. [Product Notebook - giving calculations, formulae and general points to be observed in the manufacture of lenses and scientific instruments / J. H. Steward. nd. ms 171p 60p used]

    2. Catalogues published by Jill. Steward Ltd., London

    2/1 The Deeley Friction Machine (patent) for easily and accurately ascertaining the Oiliness or Efficiency and Lubricating value of Oils 16p illus [2 copies]

    2/2 The Steward Hypsometric Aneroid and Swing Thermometer 8p ill

    2/3 The Monoset Portable Altazimuth (Patent) 8p illus

    2/4 The "Ferguson" Solar Chronometer and Astronomical Compass 16p ill [plus two charts for use with the chronometer] [2 copies]

  • 2/5 The Steward Pocket Surveying Telemeter 24p illus

    2/6 Supplementary Optical Aids to Shooting 12p illus

    2/7 The H. S. Range-Finder 16p illus

    2/8 The Dredge-Steward Omni-Telemeter 12p illus [3 copies]

    2/9 The Figure Target, How to see it 15p

    2/10 Hall's Nautical Slide Rules [4p] illus

    2/11 The Hymans Pocket Range-Finder and Surveying Telemeter. As

    approved & supplied to H. M. War Office. 6p illus

    2/12 The. Use of the Aneroid Barometer for Military Surveying 11p illus

    2/13 The "Medhurst" Field Telephone & Telegraph Instrument 2p

    2/14 The "Molesworth" Bomb Sight. 16p illus [3 copies]

    3. [Instructions and descriptions of Instruments for use in catalogues produced by Steward's] [Typescript].

    3/1 Le-Telemetre Militaire [description and instruction] 2p typescript

    3/2 Mirror Clinometer [instructions] 1p. Typescript

    3/3 Instructions [for ascertaining the dew point using wet and dry bulb thermometers] 1p typescript

    3/4 To adjust the Box Sextant [instructions] 2p. typescript

    3/5 The Pedograph [hand written notes with diagram] 2p.

    3/6 The Pedograph [hand written draft for typed notes] 2p.

    3/7 The Ferguson Pedograph [Instructions] 3p. typescript with handwritten alterations

    3/8 The Ferguson Pedograph [Instructions) 5p. typescript [2 copies]

    3/9 Directions for range finding scale [1p ms incomplete]

    3/10 The Barry Machine Gun Plotter [Instructions] 2p. typescript

    3/11 The Clino Dial, Methods of Use 3p. typescript

  • 3/12 Edwardes' Pocket Plotter for Field Artillery [ms and typed versions]

    2p each.

    3/13 The Rayner Refractometer [Description & Instructions] 4p. Typescript

    3/14 The Oke-Steward Plotter [Instructions] 2p. Typescript [2 copies]

    3/15 The Oke-Steward Plotter [Instructions] 5p.

    3/16 The Barker Crystallographic Protractor [Description] 2p. Typescript

    3/17 The Williams Auto-computing scale [List of uses] Handwritten draft for catalogue. 2p.

    3/18 Drawing [the Williams Auto-computing Scale?] 1p

    3/19 The Camera Lucida [Description and instructions] 2p. typescript

    3/20 Instructions for Equatorial. 2p. typescript

    3/21 Edwardes' Pocket Plotter & Ranger: Description and Directions [Handwritten draft] 4p.

    3/22 Edwardes Pocket Plotter and Ranger: Description and Directions 2p. Typescript with handwritten alterations [2 copies]

    3/23 The Auto Simplex Tree and Height Measurer: Directions 2p. Typescript [2 copies one with handwritten alterations]

    3/24 The Prismatic Altazimuth [Description and Directions] 1p. Typescript. 1 Original and 1 Copy

    3/25 The Labbez Telemeter: Directions for use 1p. Typescript.

    3/26 The Steward Hypsometric Aneroid: Metric Scales. 2p. Typescript

    3/27 Horizontal Sun-dial [Directions] 2p. typescript

    3/28 The Westphal Balance [Description & Directions] 1p. Typescript, Illus. [2 copies]

    3/29 The Westphal Balance [Description & Directions] 10p. Handwritten, Illus.

    3/30 The Jolly Balance: Instructions for use. 2p typescript

  • 3/31 The Walker Balance: Instructions for use. Handwritten draft.

    3/32 The Walker Balance [Instructions for use] 1p typescript Illus

    3/33 The Barker Crystallographic Protractor [Description] 2p. Typescript