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Theses are the slides from the scrum Workshop at Accenture's PMO in Amsterdam, January the 5th 2011.

Text of Scrum@accenture


Introduction to Project Management with Scrum1Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

1Who am I?Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

PMO Scrum Coach @ coPROcess S.A.www.coprocess.lu


2About this WorkshopScrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS


Rules:No Mobile Phone2 Feet Rule: your feel bored, it doesnt meet your expectations, ... Feel free to leave.Emerging questions: Questions arise when they are.Interaction is the most important.Parking lot: some questions become they answer during the presentation and some are out of the scope. These are pushed in a Parking lot and I will give you the best answer I can at the end of the presentation.3ObjectiveIntroduce you to Scrum

Explain the basic principles

Introducing Scrum Training possibilities

Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS4

4The Process !!!Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS55Inspect & Adapt3 questions:

Who am I?Whats my job?What aims today?Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS6


Introduction to ScrumScrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS77

8Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

Why Scrum ?8Were losing the relay raceThe relay race approach to product developmentmay conflict with the goals of maximum speed and flexibility. Instead a holistic or rugby approachwhere a team tries to go the distance as a unit, passing the ball back and forthmay better serve todays competitive requirements.Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka, The New New Product Development Game,Harvard Business Review, January 1986

9Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

9OriginsScrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS10

10The Manifesto for Agile Software DevelopmentScrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS


2001Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developingsoftware by doing it and helping others do it.Through this work we have come to value:Individuals and interactionsover processes and toolsWorking softwareover comprehensive documentationCustomer collaborationover contract negotiationResponding to changeover following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items onthe right, we value the items on the left more.11Introduction by Ken SchwaberScrum is not a methodology. Scrum does not provide the answers to how to build quality software faster.

Scrum is a framework within which the game of product development is played.

Your team plays and how good or not-good it is becomes highly visible.

Your team gets to continuously improves itself.Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS


1213Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

How?13Scrum is an innovative approach to complete your workScrum is a flexible framework for complex projects.

Originally Scrum has been formalized for software development. But it also works well for complex and innovative projects.

The Scrum framework is deceptively simple.

14Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

Its an empirical ProcessIterative & Incremental3 LegsTransparencyInspectionAdaptationScrum is hard, but it sure is a whole lot better than what we were doing before!

14The TheoryScrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS15

15Scrum FrameworkThe Product Owner sets a List of Features called Product Backlog

During the Sprint Planning, the Team pulls a piece of the top of that list: the Sprint Backlog; and decide how to implement it.

The Team has a time-box to reach this goal: the Sprint16Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

16Scrum FrameworkEach day, the Team measures its progress during a 15 meeting: the Daily Scrum

During the whole project, the ScrumMaster ensures that the Team is still focused on its objective.

At the end of the Sprint, the work has to be potentialy shipable. This work is considered as done.17Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

17Scrum FrameworkThe Sprint ends with the Sprint Review and the Retrospective.

When the next Sprint starts, the Team selects a new piece of the Product Backlog and restarts the process.

The process is done when all Features are implemented, or the budget is consummed, or when the time is over.18Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

18ObjectiveMaximize Value19Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

19Scrum Roles

20Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

20Pigs & Chicken21Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

Chicken are involved.Pigs are committed.21 The Scrum Team22Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS


Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

The Team23Self-Managed-Team vs. Traditional Organisation24

Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCSSelfManagingTeamsTraditional Organizationcustomer-drivenmanagement drivenmulti-skilled workforceworkforce of isolated specialistsfew job descriptionsMany Job DescriptionsInformation widely sharedInformation limitedFew levels of managementMany levels of ManagementWhole-business focusFunction/department focusShared goalsSegregated goalsSeemingly chaoticSeemingly organizedPurpose achievement emphasisProblem-solving emphasisHigh worker commitmentHigh Management commitmentContinuous improvementsIncremental improvementsSelf-controlledManagement-controlledValues/principles basedPolicy/procedure basedSource: "Leading self-directed work teams" by Kimball Fisher

24 ScrumMasterEnsures






Work with

25Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

Ensures that the team follows the values, principles and practices of Scrum.Helps the team and organization in the adoption of Scrum.Coaches and supports the team to improve productivity and quality.Protects the Team.Removes impediments.Responsible for the proper functioning of the project.There is only one ScrumMaster per team.The ScrumMaster is working with the team (ideally in the same room).

25 Product OwnerResponsible





Work with26Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

Its the only responsible for Product Backlogs management.Ensures the teams created value: accepts or rejects the items according to the "Definition of Done."Maintains the Product Backlog and ensures that is visible from all.There is only one Product Owner per teamThe Product Owner works with the team (ideally in the same room).


Cycle of Ceremonies27Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

27Ceremonies are time-boxed.Sprint PlanningSprint ReviewRetrospectiveSprint PlanningSPRINTDaily Meetings28Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

28 Sprint Planning Meeting

29Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

2930Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

The Pull Principle

30 Sprint Planning MeetingModerator: Product Owner

Participators: Team (active), ScrumMaster (passive)

Duration: 8 Hours for a 4 week Sprint

2 Parts:Sprint Planning 1: the WHAT?Sprint Planning 2: the HOW?

Product Owner:Provides the customer s/ users prioritized product backlogPresents the Release Plan.Explain theVision

Team:Estimates the Product Backlog in terms of feasibility (functional estimation)

Slice the Product Backlog to Sprint Backlogs with Product Owner

Slice Sprint Backlog in Tasks

Team and Product Owner:

Define the Sprint objective

Establish Definition of Done for the Sprint.

31Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS


32Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

32SprintModerator: Team

Participators : Team, ScrumMaster, Product Owner

Duration: 2-4 Weeks

Development of the applications from the Sprint Backlog in which the team is involved.

Maintenance of the Level of Done:DevelopementUnit testAcceptanceIntegrations testSystem testsPerformance

Co-management of impediments with the ScrumMaster.

Co-maintenance of the Sprint Backlog with Product Owner.

33Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS


Daily Scrum

34Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS34 Daily ScrumModerator: Team

Participators : Team (active), ScrumMaster (passive), Product Owner (passive)

Duration: 15 min

It is the Inspect-and-Adapt fromTeam: Synchronization and Commitment.

The 3 Questions:What did you do yesterday?Which impediments?What do you plan for today?

35Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS

Daily Scrum is ideally a stand-up meeting in front of the Scrum board.35Sprint Review

36Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS36Sprint ReviewModerator: Product Owner

Participators: Team (active), ScrumMaster (passive), Management (active), Customer (active), Users (active)

Duration: 4 Hours for a 4 week Sprint.It is the Inspect-und-Adapt from Customer, Users and Management.

The team presents the results of the Sprint.

Users/Customer/ Management express their comments and find a compromise with the team.

The Product Owner accepts or rejects Sprint Backlog Items according to Definition of Done.

The Product Owner has the last word here.

37Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS



38Scrum@ Accenture Technology Solutions | PCS38RetrospectiveModerator: ScrumMaster

Participators: Team (active), ScrumMaster (active), Product Owner (active als Scrum Tea