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  • Constantin Brancusi 1876-1957

  • ,,The world can be saved through art.

  • Born at the 19 february 1876 in Hobita village, Gorj, in a peasant familly. He studies the Art School at in Craiova and then the National Art School from Bucharest.

  • In 1904, he was at Paris, as student of Antoine Mercier. He worked in A. Rodin' studio. In 1907 he became faimous with

    his original sculptures.

  • In anul 1913, his sculptures was exhibited at Paris, Bucuresti, Londra, Mnchen, New York,

    Chicago si Boston and they become faimous: Miss Pogany, The Kiss, Master Bird, The Prier, Child

    Head, Asleeped Muza, Printesa X, Poarta Sarutului, Masa Tacerii, Coloana fara sfrsit etc.). A avut trei

    expozitii personale la New York.

  • La muse endormie, 1910

  • ,,Endless


  • ,,The Kiss

  • ,,Visdom of the Earth, 1907

  • ,,Miss Pogany 1913

  • ,,Torso of Young Man

  • ,,Bird in Space

  • The Kiss Gate

  • ,,Endless Column

  • ,,The Table of Silence

  • ,,The Prayer

  • ,,Sleeping Child

  • A Muse

  • Fish

  • Head,1919

  • Maiastra

  • Orgoliu, 1905-1906

  • ,,Portret of Nancy Cunard

  • Blond Negress

  • The Cock Maiastra

  • The Newborn,

  • Young Bird

  • Atelier from Paris

  • Thank you!

    By Ionesco, Romania

    Music by Vangelis