Secrets to earning more online

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Secrets to earning more online. Jon Matthews. Content. Introduction The Secret! Engagement Fundraising Monitoring Getting started Examples. Learning from Obama. 5 million friends on 15 social networking sites 3 million on Facebook 13 million email list 3 million online donors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Secrets to earning more onlineJon Matthews

  • ContentIntroductionThe Secret!EngagementFundraisingMonitoringGetting startedExamples

  • Learning from Obama5 million friends on 15 social networking sites 3 million on Facebook13 million email list3 million online donors8.5 million monthly visits to website2000 official videos on YouTube3 million signed up for text messages

  • Why it workedClear objectives raise funds, engage community to fundraise and voteStimulate action and make things happen low barriersEngage at all level posting comments, blogging, recruiting others, drive up commitment by offering more value

  • Identify super users (give them the tools)Be where people are- drive them to your siteBe relevant listen to what people sayOn and OfflineBe found Measure everythingThe right team

  • Secrets to earning more onlinePassionPersistencePartnership

  • PassionBeing passionate about causeMatching the donors needEncouraging people to be passionate about the organisation

  • PersistenceBuilding up relationshipsTakes time to nurture

  • PartnershipWithin the organisationBetween social mediaOn and Offline content

  • YOUR WEBSITEFacebookTwitterYouTubeEmailAdvocatesNew networksFriendsFUNDRAISE HEREForumsBlogs

  • EngagementHow do you engage people?Give information / NewsProvide support or a serviceCommunicate with peopleReceive donationsMake people feel good

  • Where to start?One rule: Follow the donor, be where the donors are Howard Lake

    Look whose talking about you alreadyGoogle Alerts Google Blog Search.Social Mention and Addict o matic

  • FacebookPhotosMaximise Like buttonPromote it, encourage supporters to like siteBuild relationships firstRespond to people

  • YouTubeConsent of people involvedKeep it short 1-2 minutesViral needs to be stand aloneWhat difference will you make context to video

  • TwitterBe personalUse it to link to stories and informationInteract with followersBreast Cancer Care

  • EmailLong lastingAsk recipient to take 1 action, update people on progressTailor content to audienceMake them personalRemove emails that bounce (mail Chimp)Say thank you

  • Building relationshipsWho is on your site?Service usersSupportersPeople seeking informationTrusteesProfessionalsMake content appropriate Donor vs Service userSite /Media personalityFacebook / Micro sites / Twitter

  • All about choiceDifferent people use internet in different WaysEmailTwitterFacebookWhich to use; all?User choice

  • Provide InformationThe Internet is a thoughtful persons media Andrew Cates (CEO) Village SOSPeople will research the charity before givingCan give more depth and understanding to issues; back up images with facts, storiesTransparency of income and expenditure

  • Use of intelligenceUse what you know about your visitorLanding pageMeet users expectations Why are they visitingDoes content match reason for visitingPage log inMatch content to user

  • Relationships matterEngage mentally and emotionally All about community (Beatbullying)BuildMaintainNurtureBuilding relationshipsTakes time (Beatbullying)On and Off line (Childs I Foundation)

  • Get people talkingSpark debateCreate peer supportUser generated contentGive good quality information 80:20Like it; The purchaser is the best promoter

  • Fund raisingBuild Relationships First!

  • Fund raisingSmall proportion of sectors income; but growing fastVery economicalDrive traffic to siteSocial mediaEmailInformation

  • Once on siteGuide them through siteDont let them get distractedSingle cause sites -MicrositesHigher not lower value asks

    Appeals work bestBuild up interestFriends asking friends

  • Monitoring / reviewGoogle Analytics Facebook insights ( Forums what are people talking about

  • ToolsMail Chimp Email toolTweetdeck manages social media

  • Tips on getting startedSee what others are doingFollow people on Twitter / FacebookWhat do they do that you like / dislike

    Dont try and be everywhereIdentify the existing skill levelTime commitment from staff / Trustees Find free resources to help

  • DesignSubtly matters You / IPhotos make eye contactUse of siteConsistencyFast loading3 clicks to information

  • ControlBe prepared to give up some controlCharities can afford not to be online Volunteers give talks to public..Escalation policy if this go wrongGet conversations off lineEnsure members know correct storyAnonymous complaints; what are their motivesLittle evidence

  • LinksFairSayWitness.orgRaisingITSounddeliverySue FidlerHoward Lake

  • ContactJon Matthews


    About meToiletsFire DrillBreaksFinish time380% more online supporters than McCain

    Number of donations 6 million of 6.5 million donations online in donations under $100

    $500 million raised online of $639 total

    Key messages on video Yes We Can music video viewed 14 million times

    905% more video views than McCain

    3 text messages on election day for supportersDrive up commitment more opportunities, host events, create groups, making person feel more valuable Identify touch points what are people already talking about shows empathy

    Added social interaction, added value to participants200,000 offline events organised

    Bought Adwords 1/3 dont distinguish organic vs paid ads

    Learn from measuring title of email / subject box 15-30% open rateCustom content, Test , Campaign saw increase conversion rate through campaign as result

    Not an add on must be integrated; use experts (Used Co founder of Facebook Chris HughesStill relevant?Model to fundraise online

    Use social media to drive people to your site

    Pick up key people to become advocates who fundraise, talk about you, promote and publicise you

    Use their networks to spread the word

    Why do people use your website at present?

    How did you decide upon the content

    The key to online fundraising is engagement; making sure your site has something to make people come back , feel part of the organisationTo help understand the present interest online about your organisations there are several tool you can useIn planning what social media you are going to use think about the donors

    Internet gives people choice sign up / cancel, block

    Where they are

    Provide information in layers to give greater understanding of issuesWhat information goes on your site

    Far more effective than single phot

    Amount are bigger

    SOS 300 averageWhen arrive on site

    See the information that they expect to see donor how to give

    Getting startedSounddeliveryOne of the key mistakes people make is not spending time in the planning stageSpend some time doing research even a few hours can make a difference

    There are so may SM networks you can be everywhere, pick 1 or 2 Although resources are free there is a staffing commitment

    Identify the existing staff commitment Breast Cancer Care

    Free resources and organisations (at end)Think about your website design, it is important that people who come to your site can use it effectively.

    Your website is the main place for fundraising

    SM to engage and drive people to your siteAbout Me

    Information from PPP