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Secure Bicycle Parking Resources Bicycle · Discover the Benefits of Secure Bicycle Parking: Good for Employee Health and Morale ... Bike parking graphics courtesy of David Baker

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  • Bicycle

    A Resource for Green Businesses in San Francisco

    Discover the Benefits of Secure Bicycle Parking:

    Good for Employee Health and Morale Lowers Parking Costs Substantially

    Reduces Your Companys Impact on the Environment


    What is secure bicycle parking?

    Our building wants to install bike parking. Where do we begin?

    Bike parking graphics courtesy of David Baker + Partners, ArchitectsPhotographs by Adam Aufdencamp, Pamela Palma, and the SF Bicycle Coalition

    Designated indoor bike room with locking system

    Bike cage in a garage

    Garage racks directly adjacent to an attendant booth

    Bicycle lockers

    Designated bike space inside an office

    See the San Francisco Bicycle Coalitions online resource list:

    Secure Bicycle Parking Resources

    Locate the bike parking in a well-lit, well-traveled area.

    Follow guidelines for installing bike racks properly!

    Inform employees and tenants of this important amenity.

    Advertise bike parking with prominent signage.

    Emergency Ride Home provides a free or low cost ride home in case of emergency for employees who bike, walk, or take transit to work.

    How to make secure bicycle parking work:

    Make sure that racks are not installed too close to each other

    Bike Parking and the Emergency Ride Home program:

    The program eases the worry of being stranded at the office, so employees can leave their cars at home!

    To find out more about Emergency Ride Home:

    Compliment your secure bike parking with the Citys Emergency Ride Home program.

    Increase the benefits you offer employees by enrolling in the citys Emergency Ride Home program, a free or low cost service for cycling employees who need to get somewhere quick!

  • Charles Schwab

    Charles Schwab provides bike parking to create commute options, promote employee well-being and fitness, and help reduce congestion.

    David Baker + Partners, Architects

    For David Baker + Partners, Architects, provid-ing secure bicycle parking is not just an environ-mentally sound decision, its also fiscally smart.

    When asked about his decision to install bike parking, Baker notes, We can provide secure bike parking for free instead of forcing employees to pay the $200-plus per month that it costs to park a car in a garage. Thats a smart bottom-line decision for both the business and our employees.

    Adobe Systems, Inc.

    San Francisco Health Plan

    San Francisco Health Plan sees providing secure bicycle parking as a way of promoting healthy, energizing commute options.

    When San Francisco Health Plan discovered that bikes were prohibited inside their new building, CEO Jean Fraser told the building manager that the lack of bike access would be the deal breaker. Fraser worked with the building manager to have a bike cage installed in an unused sec-tion of the buildings garage.

    Every time I use the bike room in my building, its filled to about 80% capacity. Its even more crowded when the weather is good. - Jorge Diaz, Senior Systems Analyst

    10-12 bikes fit into the garages secure bike cage, accomodating the 14% of San Francisco Health Plans workforce who bike. San Francisco Health Plan is looking into expanding the capacity of the cage as more people choose to pedal to work.

    The fact that Adobe provides secure places to park my bike makes it easier to choose the bicycle as my commute option. - Yuko Chapman, Localization Quality Engineer

    The office provides three different types of bike parking. An innovative system of pulleys and hooks called bike hoists allow employees to lift bikes overhead. Other employees keep bikes in their cubicles. Outdoor racks provide a place for visitors to park for shorter periods of time.

    Secure bicycle parking also serves the bottom line




    Providing secure bicycle parking for over ten years

    At their office at 101 Montgomery Street, Schwab installed the secure bike room pic-tured here. Employees can sign up for the service online, then use a simple key card sys-tem to access the room.

    Schwab provides over 140 bike parking spac-es at their offices citywide.



    Bicycle parking is part of Adobes Alternative Commute Program

    THE TECHNOLOGY:The garage in Adobes SOMA building has 2 bike cages. Each cage holds 23 bikes, for a total of 46 spaces. The cages use a simple key card system to admit both employees and visitors.

    Employees at Adobe can also choose to store their bicycles in their cubicles.

    SF Health Plan prioritized bike parking in their lease negotiations



    Along with shower facilities and shuttles to transit stations, secure bike parking is part of Adobes Alternative Commute program.

    Strategies and SuccessesMaking employee health and sustainable transportation a priority with secure bike parking