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Self and Peer Assessment Tool Blackboard. Lesley Drumm. Overview. Why peer assess? Using the Self and Peer Assessment Tool in Blackboard Problems and issues. Why use peer assessment?. Marking of cv and covering letters A new approach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Peer Assessment Tool Blackboard</p> <p>Self and Peer Assessment ToolBlackboardLesley DrummOverviewWhy peer assess?Using the Self and Peer Assessment Tool in BlackboardProblems and issuesWhy use peer assessment?Marking of cv and covering lettersA new approachPeer marking to get students to look at other students cvs from an employers perspective to put themselves in the shoes of an employer</p> <p>Setting the system upSee attached notesdemoIssues setting up the systemComplicated interface:Peer Assessment upload (where the questions and answers go)Control Panel, Course Tools, Self and Peer Assessment (to check who has uploaded/evaluated) Drop down icon which only appears on rolloverGrade centre (where peer grades are sent so students can access feedback via My Grades)</p> <p>Issues using the system2 students said they couldnt upload to peer assessment (maybe they left it too late) ???System allocates people to people not work to workBIG PROBLEM if a student doesnt submitSolution copy student work from BB and allocate to students for evaluation via email (time consuming)</p> <p>GradingStudents in general graded too high even though criteria were givenI graded based upon their evaluations rather than submitted work set up another column in grade centre</p> <p>Student FeedbackComments that:They liked seeing other students workSome students didnt anonymise their work this caused issues with some markersThey learned something about their own work from marking others</p> <p>Student were ok with the fact that their work was marked by others but their grade was for their evaluations.</p> <p>ConclusionThe idea worked well but the tool could have been better had it assigned work to people rather than people to people.</p> <p>BibliographyChin, D. (2005). Peer assessment in the algorithms course. In: ITiCSE 05 Proceedings of the 10th annual SIGCSE conference on Innovation and technology in computer science education. [Online]. 2005, pp. 69 73. Available from:;coll=DL&amp;dl=ACM&amp;CFID=299566787&amp;CFTOKEN=88857688. [Accessed: 21 March 2013].Hamer, J., Ma, K.T.K. &amp; Kwong, H.H.F. (2005). A method of automatic grade calibration in peer assessment. In: Proceeding ACE 05 Proceedings of the 7th Australasian conference on Computing education - Volume 42. [Online]. 2005, pp. 6772. Available from:;coll=DL&amp;dl=ACM&amp;CFID=299566787&amp;CFTOKEN=88857688. [Accessed: 21 March 2013].Hamer, J., Pruchase, H., Denny, P. &amp; Luxton-Reilly, A. (2009). Quality of peer assessment in CS1. In: ICER 09 Proceedings of the fifth international workshop on Computing education research workshop. [Online]. 2009, pp. 2736. Available from:;coll=DL&amp;dl=ACM&amp;CFID=299566787&amp;CFTOKEN=88857688. [Accessed: 21 March 2013].</p>


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