Self and Peer Editing Persuasive Research Essay. Self Editing  What questions do you have about your essay? What do you know you need to work on the

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Self and Peer Editing

Self and Peer EditingPersuasive Research EssaySelf EditingWhat questions do you have about your essay? What do you know you need to work on the most? Name three things you would like your partner to check for you.1. IntroductionA. Does the introduction begin with an effective attention getter? What makes the attention getter effective? Place a box around it. B. Is the thesis general or three part? Underline it.C. What is the subject of the essay?D. What is the writers opinion on this subject?E. How many sentences is the introduction? (Should be at least five!)2. Body ParagraphsA. Underline the topic sentence of the body paragraph. B. What transitions word/phrase does the author use? Copy it here. C. Place brackets around the authors evidence from their research. D. Does the author use parenthetical citations for his/her research? Copy them here.E. How many sentences is the paragraph? (Should be at least five!)3. Con ParagraphA. Does the author have a paragraph that acknowledges their opposition?B. Does this paragraph relate to the authors thesis? How so? C. Does the author effectively prove the oppositions point wrong? How so? D. What does the author need to fix/revise in his/her con paragraph?4. Quotations/ParaphrasingA. Does the author have at least four quotations throughout his/her paper? Highlight them.B. Do the quotations flow with the authors writing? How/why? C. Does the authors evidence (paraphrased research and quotations) relate to his/her thesis? How?D. Does any of the authors evidence seem off topic? How/why?

5. ConclusionA. Does the author refer back to his/her thesis in the conclusion? Underline it?B. Is the thesis stated in different words?C. Does the author refer back to his/her hook? Place a box around it.D. Does the author end with a call to action or other effective finishing thought? Highlight it.

6. CitationsA. Circle any and all parenthetical citations.B. Does the author have four different citations?C. Does the author have a works cited page? Does it look like the example? D. What needs to be changed/added in order for the author to earn full credit on his/her citations/works cited grade?Did you answer your authors questions in the editing process?If not, answer them now!