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<ul><li><p>SEN Information Report CATS College Canterbury 1 Kinds of Special Educational Needs that are provided for at CATS College Canterbury </p><p>The Additional Learning Support Dept provides support for students across the 4 areas of need as laid out in the SEN Code of Practice 2014 : </p><p> Communication and interaction </p><p> Cognition and learning </p><p> Social, emotional and mental health difficulties </p><p> Sensory and/or physical needs </p><p> SPECIALIST PROVISION </p><p>2 Information about the schools Policies for identification and assessment of pupils with SEN </p><p>Students are identified as having SEN, and their needs assessed, through : </p><p> information passed on from previous schools, Ed Psyc reports, information from agents and parents </p><p> undertaking a LADS PLUS screening test on arrival tailored for international students, baseline testing and progress data; </p><p> Additional specialist testing once potential issues are identified </p><p> feedback from teaching staff and observations; </p><p> referrals from parents and agents/Guardians </p><p> student self referrals. </p><p> The ALS Register which includes the Educational Health Care Plan. </p><p>3c The schools approach to teaching pupils with SEN </p><p>Provision for SEN students includes : </p><p> quality first teaching, with appropriate differentiation in place; </p><p> extra adult support in classrooms where appropriate; </p><p> all class sizes are usually far smaller than in maintained or overseas schools which supports any students in the group with SEN allowing for enhanced individual contact. </p><p> Special groups such as English for Business, English for Psychology, English for Humanities etc which support students with particular subject difficulties </p><p> personalised provision through time limited programmes; </p><p> personalised provision through adapted resources and </p></li><li><p>interventions. </p><p> One to one provision where needed to provide support </p><p> Additional lessons to support classroom learning </p><p> Regular targeted intervention with Curriculum Directors, Senior Tutors and Senior staff to identify and pick up students with particular issues who are performing below ability levels or not succeeding in assessments </p><p>3a Evaluating the effectiveness of the provision made for pupils with SEN </p><p>Impact tracking is completed at least half termly and adaptations to provision and personal support given as needed in light of these findings. </p><p>Progress and evaluation is reported to the Governor with responsibility for SEN. Regular reports on student progress and SEN is made to the Governing Body bi monthly and results of students with additional learning difficulties are monitored every half term </p><p>3b Arrangements for assessing &amp; reviewing pupils progress towards outcomes, including opportunities available to work with parents &amp; pupils as part of this assessment and review </p><p>These arrangements include : </p><p> data tracking for pupil progress </p><p> support plan and ALS reviews with the SENCO; </p><p> observations and follow up </p><p> Email contact with parents and agents as needed, parent meetings offered overseas in a wide range of countries each year as well as the UK. CATS staff are available over the year with 18 overseas offices to support parents and students as well as direct email contact with college staff. </p><p>3d How adaptations are made to the curriculum and the learning environment of pupils with SEN </p><p>The curriculum /learning environment may be adapted by : </p><p> groupings that target specific levels of progress; </p><p> differentiated resources and teaching styles; </p><p> appropriate choices of texts and topics to suit the learner; </p><p> access arrangements for tests and or examinations; </p><p> additional adult support. </p><p>3g Support that is available for improving the social emotional and mental health of pupils with special educational needs, </p><p>Pupils are well supported by : </p><p> An anti-bullying policy that is supported by a specialist trained member of staff </p><p> A social emotional and mental health support team that provides one to one counselling, group sessions </p></li><li><p>as needed, ongoing personal support. </p><p> House Parents undergo training on mental health issues to support students and identify issues for fast follow up by Welfare team </p><p> Targeted support for individual students. </p><p> A Chill and Prayer Room is available for quiet reflection. </p><p> Additional Saturday morning sessions on EAL and special additional provision of EAL lessons at half terms. </p><p> Independent Listeners have their photo and contact number in all Houses. </p><p> Support from local agencies including CHAPS and mental health teams </p><p> Buddying systems and peer mentoring </p><p> Access to a range of leadership and other programmes to maximise opportunities to contribute. </p><p> School Council </p><p> Student Voice and Tell Us buttons </p><p> Training and INSET for all teaching staff to inform them about the ALS process and effective support strategies. </p><p>4 In relation to Mainstream Schools and maintained nursery schools, the Name and contact details of SEN Co-ordinator </p><p>Name and contact details of SEN Governor </p><p>The College SENCO is Mrs Patricia Chapman who can be contacted directly or via our single email portal </p><p>School Telephone Number +44 1227 866540 </p><p>Our Governor for SEN and Equalities Act is Mr Craig Wilson. Telephone Number +44 7860 407641 </p><p>5 Information about the expertise and training of staff in relation to children and young people with SEN, including how specialist expertise will be secured. </p><p>Audit of staff expertise in SEN undertaken regularly </p><p> BA (Hons) Canterbury Christ Church University, Child and Youth Studies (Ed). </p><p> Accredited member of the Society of Education Consultants. </p><p> Member of the Dyslexia Guild. Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing. Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment </p><p>and Access Arrangements. British Psychological Society Qualification in Test </p><p>Use- RQTU 299857. Specialist Assessor </p><p></p></li><li><p>6 Information about how equipment and facilities to support children and young people with special educational needs will be secured. </p><p> Support Services </p><p> Charities </p><p> Volunteers </p><p> On line </p><p>7 The arrangements for consulting parents of children with special educational needs about, and involving such parents in, the education of their child. </p><p> Telephone, Text </p><p> Email On Line </p><p> Parent meetings offered overseas and in UK </p><p> Access to counsellor and welfare officer at CATS </p><p> Translation support offered in up to 26 different languages </p><p> Policy summaries available on line in all major languages as well as English </p><p>8 The arrangements for consulting young people with special educational needs about and involving them in, their education. </p><p> Student Voice </p><p> School Council </p><p> Annual Reviews </p><p> Personal Interviews </p><p> Half termly education plans and ALS support plans </p><p>9 Any arrangements made by the governing body or the proprietor relating to the treatment of complaints from parents of pupils with special educational needs concerning the provision made at the school. </p><p>A complaints procedure is available on our website and we encourage a full range of comments and responses with our Tell Us policy. </p><p>10 How the governing body involves other bodies, including health and social services bodies, local authority support services and voluntary organisations, in meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs and in supporting the families of such pupils. </p><p> Welfare reports made bi-monthly to Governors reporting on provision and issues. </p><p> Termly Safeguarding Report presented to Governors. </p><p> Governors meet with Safeguarding Lead in College and review provision regularly. </p><p> Academic progress of students with SEN included in bi-monthly Academic Report to Governors. </p><p> Governors review contacts with other bodies in meetings with Head of Boarding and Welfare. </p></li><li><p>11 The contact details of support services for the parents of pupils with special educational needs, including those for arrangements made in accordance with section 32. </p><p>These are all available from the Head of Boarding and Welfare who provides key support and information as needed along with the SENCO. Translation services provided by agents acting for parents or by the college directly </p><p>12 The schools arrangements for supporting pupils with special educational needs in a transfer between phases of education or in preparation for adulthood and independent living. </p><p> Transfer </p><p> Transition Arrangements made directly with other schools </p><p> Summer School provided in July and August to support transfer process before full programmes begin in September. </p><p>13 Information on where the local authoritys local offer is published. </p><p>Elaine Cartwright - East Kent SEN Manager Kent County Council Brook House Reeves Way John Wilson Business Park Whitstable Kent CT5 3SS Telephone 01227 284405 </p></li></ul>