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A 40 page informational guide to help you prepare for your senior portraits with Julie Scheuler Photography!

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  • Hello!First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on being a senior! That is SO exciting!

    This is YOUR year!You will make so many memories this year, and I am so excited that you are considering Julie Scheuler Photography to help you make some of those memories last a lifetime.

    Senior portraits are such a HUGE part of your senior year and I want to make this experience amazing for you! I pride myself on taking a few senioexperience amazing for you! I pride myself on taking a few seniors each month so that I can really focus on YOU! By doing this I can pour my heart into your experience and

    make sure its the best out there!

    You may not realize it yet, but think about it....when is the next time you will have the opportunity for something like this? Believe it or not, it will most likely be your

    wedding day. Please dont wait until then to have amazing portraits taken to document your life.

    This is your time to celebrate your youth, your fThis is your time to celebrate your youth, your free spirit, and love of life! I cant wait to photograph it for you.



    editorfrom the

  • luxeexperience

    As your photographer, I aim to give you an exclusive, luxury portrait experience that youll never forget. Ill spend quality time getting to know you before your session so that we can build your dream session together.

  • timelinejulie scheuler photography

    1-2 months beforeBook Your Session

    In order to book, $100 of your session fee is due.

    This locks in your date. The rest of the payment will

    be paid the day of your session. Upon booking,

    you will pick a session date and secure it. I will

    send a confirmation email, the salon and studio

    addaddress, date and time of your makeup, hair, and

    session time.

    Planning MeetingWelcome Kit

    OnceOnce your session is booked, we will set up your

    Planning Meeting! This is usually held at your own

    home. Well talk about what to wear, locations,

    props, your ideas, and basically everything to help

    me with your session. Ill leave you with a welcome

    kit to help you prepare!

    2-4 weeks before

    Yay! Its finally here!The deluxe session usually begins 5 hours before the sun

    sets, starting with hair and makeup. You will choose a

    naturalnatural or glam look, whatever reflects your personality

    best. After getting CAMERA READY, you will begin your

    portrait session. I strive to make sure your comfortable in

    front of the lens and will go over in detail natural posing

    techniques. We will photograph in awesome locations

    with different lighting and posing.

    Day of SessionPremiere Ordering SessionAsAs soon as your images are edited youll come in for your

    premiere ordering session! All decision makers need to

    attend as this is when you will decide what images will go

    into your album or your favorite one to fill that 30x40 canvas.

    Wall collections will be customized right there and changes

    can be made if needed. Your minimum order requirement

    must be met at this time and half of your payment needs to

    bebe made at the time of your ordering session. The other half

    is due when you pick up your products.

    2-3 weeks after session

    Product Pick UpImmediately after your premiere ordering session I will

    process your payment and your order will be on its way!

    I will inspect it upon arrival to make sure everything is

    perfect, package it up in my signature boxes and you will

    receive an email that it is ready to be picked up!

    2-4 weeks after ordering

  • chooseyoursession

  • completely customize your session 3 hours on location + in studio unlimited outfits hair + airbrush makeup included bring your mom or sibling for images together if youd like! $700 minimum purchase required

    $350the deluxe

    2 hours on location unlimited outfits hair + airbrush makeup included $500 minimum purchase required

    $250the traditional

    1 hour 3 outfits 1 location no minimum purchase

    $100the basic

  • reasons to go pro10 Makeup Hair &

  • 1| Airbrush makeup is the lightest & smoothest foundation in the makeup industry. Its so thin that it looks completely natural without having a waxy build up like regular makeup can. You want to make sure your face isnt packed with regular foundation and take away from your natural beauty.

    2| This flawless makeup gives you a matte poreless finish so you never look shiny.

    3| There is a HUGE difference in every day makeup and camera ready makeup. The products we use are specifically made for the camera.

    4| Education is key! Using a professional who has been taught by industry experts in camera ready makeup will ensure that the right products are used for your skin.

    5| The last thing you need to worry about is your makeup wearing off during your senior portraits! Airbrush makeup will last until you wash your face.

    6| Because of its flawfless finish, it is the only techniche used with high definition cameras. Airbrush makeup provides a camera-ready texture.

    7|Airbrush makeup is the best and most natural way to cover scars, blemishes, redness, rosacea, acne, and uneven texture.

    8|Rachel can use WATERPROOF makeup so that your face will be flawfless frombeginning to end. Sweat, humidity, water, and heat will have nothing on your super fab face!

    9| Take the stress out of getting ready and let a professionally trained makeup artist do what she does best.

    10|Airbrush makeup is what the bridal, model, and senior industry use. Youdeserve the very best for your face when it comes to your senior portraits. Dont settle for anything less!

  • bef ore&after

    A quick look before & after of the transformation!

  • Let theplanning begin!

  • fashionguide

  • Girl fashionMake a statement!

  • What is your favorite color? If youre not sure, ask your mom or friends which one they like best on you. What color brings out your eyes or looks best with your skin tone? Do you have a favorite pattern like stripes, polka dots, florals, or tribal prints? Mix and match your favorite pieces to crcreate an outfit to show off your unique personality!


    bright & BOLD

    What does street style mean you may ask? Time to forget about seasons and wear your favorite outerwear. Throw on a leather jacket to go with your favorite mini skirt and booties. Add a denim jacket over a long dress or pull on those favorite rain or cowboy boots! Grab your sunglasses and favorite hat and your sunglasses and favorite hat and youre all set with the perfect street style look!


    What are you most comfortable in? This means something different for everyone, show your fun style by choosing a cute & stylish everyday look. This may be jeans and an adorable top, a floral romper, jean shorts and a flowy shirt or favorite t-shirt with the perfect message. Maybe you love the cute grunge look. Options you love the cute grunge look. Options are endless and Im excited to see what

    you come up with!!

    everyday chic

    Choose a favorite prom dress, a sequin jacket with jeans, play dsequin jacket with jeans, play dress up in a tutu skirt, or wear an elegant

    dress. Add some heels & pearls for an Audrey Hepburn look or some bling and feel like youre walking right out

    of the pages of Vogue!

    Think maxi, midi, or swing dresses. Think about kimonos, off the shoulder, cut out shoulder, or strapless tops. Or go for a

    maxi skirt, tank top, and adorable wide-brim hat or floral crown. Well add some gorgeous backlighting and youll

    love this carefree and fun look!

    modern boho

  • accessorizestocking cap



    dash of bling

    oral crowns

    ball cap


    oppy hat



    cowboy boots











  • nec






  • guy fashionwhat is your style?

  • your storyTell us who you are? Bring along

    your uniform, ball, fishing pole, sports equipment, guitar, skateboard, golf clubs, etc. to tell your story. Choose an outfit to best represent who you are and what youre into most.

    dress upAAre you ready to be photographed like your on the cover of GQ magazine? This may be suspenders and a bowtie, chinos and a button up for a relaxed look, a suit with tie (or no tie) or with just a vest. There are so many options and I cant wait to see what you come up with! A cute cardigan and and t-shirt with jeans may be your kind of dressy and thats great too!

    Dont worry about the season we are in and throw on your favorite jacket whether it be leathewhether it be leather, denim, a bomber jacket, military coat, or just a cute hoodie! Bring along your favorite ball cap or stocking hat for a few images and dont forget your cool shades to take your images to the next level!


    Showing variety and your different pepersonal styles are so important when

    taking senior portraits! I love to see guys run with this category! Trendy to you may be a bright and fun print, summer linen button up, a polo, or a plaid shirt left open to show your favorite t-shirt. It could