SEO: Helping People Find Your Work

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These slides are for a workshop on SEO


  • SEO: Helping People Find Your Work Steve Buttry Bennington Banner March 21, 2013
  • Read more about it (#twutorial) @stevebuttry
  • Keys to SEO Relevance Keywords in headline Keywords in story (best in lead) Understand how people are searching Relevant links
  • Relevance rulesKeep SEO in mind as you write, but Relevance matters; popular but irrelevant keywords can hurt you Quality matters Social matters, too, and people share good reads Relevance matters in links
  • Keywords in headline What words would you use to search for this post? Use those words in headline If possible, start headline w/ key phrase Check Google Trends Use full names (VIDEO) in headline
  • Keywords in headline Use location names:(Vermont, not state No puns (unless you can do it with keywords) Headline needs to be enticing w/ keywords Google stops reading after 65 characters
  • Keywords in lead Most important: good lead Sharing drives traffic, too, so dont write for search engine Edit for search engine; would search terms help or hurt original lead? If keywords dont work in lead, be sure head is strong & use them high
  • Fill in metadata Blurb field in NGPS Fill in keyword-rich SEO descriptions, cutlines, etc. for photos, videos Alternate text for images
  • Links help people find you Relevant outbound links boost Googlejuice Pingbacks bring you inbound links & boost Googlejuice Add links as you do research Use relevant anchor text (not click here)
  • Dont forget internal links Link to earlier stories on your site Go back and link earlier stories to updates Internal links drive more views directly Internal links help SEO
  • Links provide: Attribution Context Authority Credibility Consider whether context implies endorsement of linked views/content
  • Reach a wider audience Effective use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, etc.) Relevant comments (w/ links) on related blogs Emails/tweets/#hashtags call to attention of influencers
  • Write 2 headlines Write a headline for a story youre working on Find an ineffective headline on your site & strengthen its SEO
  • Read more about it (#twutorial) @stevebuttry