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    September 28, 2012 Texas Premier Outdoor Newspaper Volume 9, Issue 3

    Calling crowsThe challenge of crow hunting.

    Page 4

    Schooling, not yet running

    By John KeithLone Star outdoor newS

    Recent weeks have seen cool fronts spread across the state, and according to area anglers, the redfi sh have responded beautifully.We have been having really

    good reds, just excellent trips, said Matagorda fi shing guide Jimmy Riddle. Weve had school-ing redfi sh, and a lot of them, for

    the last six or seven days.Riddle has keyed in on shallow

    water, 2 feet or less, over oyster shell beds for most of his trips. From scented plastics to top-waters, Riddle said each day has the reds displaying a different preference.Its just going to get better and

    better every day; its that time of year, he said. Theyre running 24 to 28 inches, and a few over-sized in with the mix.

    Farther down the coast, South Padre Island fi shing guide Emilio Villarreal is fi nally seeing the redfi sh action starting to pick up, after a lackluster summer.The redfi sh were slow in the

    summertime, and its picked up quite a bit, he said. With the last two fronts, it has certainly helped the fi shing, though it hasnt got down under 80.A lot of bait has been pushed

    THEYRE HERE: Pearland angler Patrick Kirst shows off one of the 20 redfi sh he and John Hrbacek, of Katy, caught near Galveston. Photo by John Hrbacek. See REDFISH, Page 15

    South Zone opens with spotty action

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    Teal hunters report loads of birds.Page 6

    Early success HUNTING

    Know the rules for limits with multiple anglers.

    Page 9

    How many can we catch?

    TPWD program could be expanded.Page 4

    Private land for public hunting

    Reds, whiting among catch.Page 8

    Consistent bag at jetties


    Redfi sh reports positive along entire coast

    By Conor HarrisonLone Star outdoor newS

    Although a historic drought ham-pered mule deer antlers in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas last season, the deer, like the rain, have bounced back this year.Hunters should expect a solid

    hunting season, although deer num-bers in some areas have taken a hit due to last years drought.The deer are looking good this

    year, said Hunter Ross, owner of Desert Safaris. We have had good rain from April through the past few weeks. The rains came before the bucks shed their antlers and there

    BETTER THAN LAST YEAR: Mule deer bucks should be in better shape this season after

    a rough 2011 that saw many die due to drought. On properties that are well-man-

    aged, some bigger bucks can be expected. Photo by Dr. Louis Harveson.

    See MULE DEER, Page 16

    By Conor HarrisonLone Star outdoor newS

    Dove hunting for the South Zone opener on Sept. 21 was spotty, with some hunters shoot-ing quick limits, while others

    were searching for birds that never showed up.New Braunfels hunter Frank

    Onion headed south to Dilley for the opening afternoon and reported a solid shoot.I was hunting with Dilley

    Feed and Grain Wildlife Supply Outfi tters, and the fi rst afternoon we hunted close to town and had a good fl ight of whitewings over a maize fi eld, Onion said. Most of our party limited out without a problem. On Saturday morning,

    we hunted southwest of town over a cut cornfi eld and we had a good shoot of mourning dove. Many of them were very young birds that offered easy shooting.

    See SOUTH ZONE, Page 18

    SOMEONE SHOOT: Three friends enjoy the shade of a mesquite tree and the camaraderie of an afternoon of dove hunting in Atascosa County during the opening weekend of the South Zone dove season. Reports were mostly positive on hunter success. Photo by David J. Sams, LSON.

    Mule deer rebounding after poor 2011 season

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    By John KeithLone Star outdoor newS

    So, youve always wanted to hunt crows?You havent? According to these

    hunters, youre missing out.You can shoot 100 crows for

    less work than six ducks, said Dallas crow hunter Matt Hunt. Ive slowly tapered off waterfowl and gotten more and more into

    crow hunting.Hunt, a member of the group

    Texas Crow Patrol, is well aware of the negative connotation crows and crow hunters hold, but said the criticisms are unfounded.

    My reason for doing it is you can shoot a lot more than you can with game birds because you dont have the bag limits. You can call them pretty much anywhere any-time, and you rarely get skunked on a crow hunt, he said. What got me started on it was that I wanted to go hunting every day, and your options are kind of lim-ited besides crow, pigeon or var-mint.When Hunt first started, he was

    happy to bring down four or five birds an outing. But experience has brought higher expectations.Now if I dont shoot 30 or 40

    Im disappointed, he said. Thats the draw for me high volume shooting.Dallas resident Bob Irving, also a

    member of Texas Crow Patrol, said skill is definitely involved to be successful on a crow hunt.They have good eyes, and

    theyre very smart, Irving said. I believe you have to have head-to-toe camo, and you have to be patient, but some people dont have the patience for it.Hunters can use crow decoys,

    but only a few are needed, accord-ing to Irving.I cant say Im a big proponent

    of a lot of decoys, he said. The main thing is to hide well enough they cant see you, but be able to still swing your shotgun, too.Irving uses an electronic FoxPro

    predator call, which has a crow fighting soundcard that draws in the birds. And once the crows stop responding to a particular stand,

    Private lands for public hunting

    By John KeithLone Star outdoor newS

    Look in any taxidermy shop, hunt-ing lodge, or trophy room and chances are youll see as many different shades of antler color as you do rack size. But the reason behind the color vari-

    ations is not easy to pinpoint, accord-ing to Lin Poor, certified wildlife biolo-gist for Texas Wildlife Management.Working all over the state, Id defi-

    nitely say vegetation has something to do with it, Poor said. Obviously, as bucks start coming out of velvet and

    start rubbing on certain species, they will start darkening somewhat.According to Poor, a plant with thin

    bark that comes off easily is more likely to stain an antler, compared with a plant with thicker bark that doesnt lose its bark as readily.Mesquite does not have a thick

    bark, but has a hard back and is pretty vascular, he said. That has to rank up there with a plant that could stain a deer antler pretty easily as compared to a harder wood.

    Crazy for crowsHunters tout ample opportunity, high numbers

    By Conor HarrisonLone Star outdoor newS

    Although Texas may not have the amount of public land as other states, there is an option for hunters looking for a good hunt on private property once thought to be off-limits.

    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments lease of private lands for public deer hunts enables hunters to apply and be drawn for hunts on well-managed properties.We have approximately 200 permits for

    deer, said Linda Campbell, program direc-tor. The main advantage is if a landowner

    knows they have excess animals and dont want to deal with a lease, we take care of everything.We choose the hunters, provide the

    rules, advertise for them and send them to the landowners door for the hunt.TPWD leases the land through Fund 9,

    the fund derived from revenue from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.LSON learned through a Freedom of

    Information Act request that TPWD only spent $80,900 to secure 199 hunts on 10

    TPWD spending small amount of total budget on program

    See PRIVATE, Page 19

    See CROWS, Page 19

    The color of a rackWhat affects the darkness of deer antlers?

    See COLOR, Page 23

    For the brave BBQ Crow RecipeIngredients:10 crow breastsBBQ sauce2 onionsTabasco sauce

    Preparation:Place crow meat in a deep

    pan. Pour as much BBQ and Tabasco sauce as desired over the crow meat. Let marinate for at least two hours. Slice onions into thin slices and push out the centers to make rings. Place onions in skillet and place crow breasts over onions. The two flavors will combine while cooking. Put skillet on stove and cook until onions are brown and meat is tender. Serve crow over the onions.

    ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: With crows considered a nuisance by most farmers and ranchers, finding areas to hunt is generally unproblematic. Photo by J.J. Kent.

    WHAT TO RUB: Biologists point to the different species of plants a buck chooses to rub as having a big influence on antler color. Photos by David J Sams, LSON.

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