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Setting the Standard April 2012 www.metalcolour.com / [email protected]

Setting the Standard

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Setting the Standard. Once upon a time. ... in Sweden. ... in Denmark. 1973 Raaco installed a colour coating line Metalcolour A/S is founded in Nykøbing Falster Finnish Group Rautaruukki OY purchases Metalcolour A/S 1996Metalcolour A/S is put out for sale - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Setting the Standard

Setting the Standard

Setting the Standard

April 2012www.metalcolour.com / [email protected] comprehensive presentation of Metalcolour.Metalcolour is a quality and service orientated company who likes to be in the front of the developement and be market leaders.We have almost 40 years of experience in pre-painting and laminating steel sheets.1

Once upon a time...... in SwedenKockums Jernverk AB Domnarvets JernverkFirst lamination with fire-classified filmSheet-to-sheet lamination line in RonnebySSAB Swedish Steel is formedDobel Lamin AB is formedCoil-to-coil laminating line in RonnebyDobel Lamin is dissolved, becomes a part of SSAB Tunnplt ABSSAB Laminated Steel AB is formed... in Denmark1973Raaco installed a colour coating lineMetalcolour A/S is founded in Nykbing FalsterFinnish Group Rautaruukki OY purchases Metalcolour A/S1996Metalcolour A/S is put out for saleMetalcolour A/S is once again in Danish hands of AT Holding2009 Metalcolour Group is formed

Lets take it from the beginning. in SwedenDomnarvets Jernverk in Borlnge purchases a sheet steel paint-clad production in Kallinge/Ronneby, Kockums Jernverk AB.During the same period a project is started between Domnarvets Jernverk, a shipyard and a film-producer to laminate PVC-film on steel. In 1974 the first lamination with fire-classified film for the marine sector is done in the conveyor paint line in Borlnge.But laminating in the big painting line in Borlnge turned out to be both complicated and not cost efficient at all. Then, in 1975, Domnarvet Jernverk invests in a sheet-to-sheet lamination line in Ronneby.1978SSAB Swedish Steel is formed by three Swedish steel mills; Domnarvets Jernverk, Norrbottens Jrnverk och Oxelsunds Jrnverk.Dobel Lamin AB is formed, only handling laminated steel, and becomes an independent subsidiary.SSAB Swedish Steel invests in a coil-to-coil laminating line in Ronneby.Dobel Lamin is dissolved. Production becomes a unit part of SSAB Tunnplt AB.SSAB Laminated Steel AB is formed a subsidiary completely owned by SSAB Tunnplt AB.

... in DenmarkIn the early 70s, the owner of Raaco (a Danish storage system producer) came home from an exhibition in Chicago and informed that he had bought a colour coating line.1973In 1973, the coating line was installed and the production started. It was primarily meant for pre-painting steel for their own production, but it was soon evident that they could not fill its capacity.Metalcolour A/S is founded.Somewhere here, around the late 70s and early 80s, Metalcolour did subcontract work for SSAB. They also started with some lamination.Finnish Group Rautaruukki OY purchases Metalcolour A/S because Rautaruukki wanted to penetrate the European market since Finland was not a member of the EU. 1995 Finland did become members of the EU and Rautaruukki did not have the same use for Metalcolour any longer.1996So, in 1996 Metalcolour A/S was put out for sale.1997Metalcolour A/S is once again in Danish hands when AT Holding achieves a shareholding majority.2

Key figures

Metalcolour A/S Max capacityCoating and Lamination 16,000 T/year 3 Mm2/yearCut-to-length 10,000 T/yearSlitting 3 Mm2/yearEmployees appr 30 persons

This is the key figures for max capacity for Metalcolour A/S in Denmark.3

Key figuresMetalcolour Sverige AB Max capacityLamination 13,000 T/year 2.5 Mm2/yearCut-to-Length 20,000 T/yearEmployees appr 30 persons

This is the key figures for max capacity for Metalcolour Sverige AB in Sweden.4Organisation

Logistics MCSEJohan RichardssonProduction MCSEStefan GadmanAdmin. MCSEMarkus NordkvistAdmin. MCDKNinna AalborgProduction MCDKOle SternalJohnny RasmussenLogistics MCDKVilly BendorffPlant Manager MCDKVilly BendorffGroup LogisticsJohan RichardssonGroup CEOMD MCDK & MCSEIngemar ForsbergGroup QAMaria RosenquistGroup Product & MarketingMirtha OrtegaGroup Admin. & ITMarkus NordkvistGroup SalesJan WolterJolanta PajorPer NordPeter ModlibaProcess / R&DJan Wolter5

Vision the companySetting the StandardMetalcolour shall be the customers natural choice of supplier of colour coated and laminated metal

Setting the Standard Our vision is to be world leading in our branch and the customers natural choice of supplier of both pre-painted and laminated steel. To be Setting the Standard. To achieve this we aim to strengthen our position as world leaders in our core markets, such as marine interior and fire-safety doors. We also aim to expand in new selected niche markets. Some examples would be interior for public environments, ceilings and visible air control systems, but also outdoor applications such as garage doors.6

Vision the productsSeason the DesignThe widest range of film-laminated sheet steel on the marketProduces pre-painted steel in very flexible waySmall quantities or largeJust pick your favourite colour to Season the Design

Season the Design Metalcolour has the widest range of film-laminated sheet steel on the market and we will continue to develop to keep that position. Metalcolour has the most flexible production of pre-painted steel on the market and we will continue to develop to keep that service. It deosnt matter if you need small quantities or large, we are able to meet your demands. All you have to do is pick your favourite colour and Season your Design.7

ValuesCustomer focusQualityFlexibilityEfficiencyRespect for each other

Values Customer focus At Metalcolour you will get all help possible when using our material in your project and process. We will make sure you get the product best suited for you. And should there be any questions, requests or problems, we will do everything we can to find both answers and solutions. Quality A wise man once said: Quality is when the customer returns, not the product. For Metalcolour, quality is of highest importance. We constantly strive towards developing our quality to be able to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. In the last years there has been a tremendous change of attitude to quality on the market and the demands for high quality has increased at an enormous rate. Fortunately, for Metalcolour, we have always had a solid quality-consciousness in our work and will continue to do so. So this is a challange we are happy to take on. Flexibility We are a relatively small organisation working closely together. Our colour-coating line and our lamination lines are small and flexible and everything we produce is directly on order from our customers. This means that not only can you order quantities down to 10 sqm, but we also offer short delivery times with the possibility for changes on your behalf on short notice. This is our most important service. From experience we know that flexibility, together with the high quality of our products, is why most customers chose to work with us. Efficiency Speed. It does not only reflect our production, but with a small and flexible organisation as ours, the communication both internal and external is fast and direct. This means that any matter of yours will be handeled by the correct person as soon as we receive it. Respect Respect each other. Respect between co-workers. Respect for our products. Respect for our customers. Without respect within the company, between all emplyees, we could have no development and no quality in our work. Without respect for the products, we could have no development and no quality in our products. Without respect for our customers, we could have no development and no work at all. Respect is crucial to even have a future. 8

QualityISO 9001

We are of course ISO 9001 certified in both countries.9

EnvironmentISO 14001

And ISO 14001 certified in Sweden.The operation in Denmark follows environmental laws in Denmark.10

ProductsMetalcolour LaminatedMetalcolour Paint

We have two main products:Metalcolour Laminated and Metalcolour Paint11

Metalcolour LaminatedDobel Fire classifiedDobel F105Original150 m + PEMarine interiorFlexible 0TWood, textile, plain coloured

We start with MC Laminated.Laminated products are an excellent choice for any surfaces. It is durable, scratch resistant and endless in designs. And, you dont have to paint or coat your products after assembeling. We do it all for you.We have both fire-classified products and other products.The fire-classified laminated products is Dobel, our most well-known product. Dobel F105 is our largest and most frequently used product. It is the original product we started with in the 70s and it is still going strong. 150 m thick and always comes with protective film on Espcially developed for the use of marine interior environments where fire safety is crucial, but is suitable for any interior application. It is extremely flexible. Bending, punching, perforation, deep-drawing and any type of moulding. Just do not weld in it... F105 has our largest range of colours and designs. You can get anything in wood, textile and plain colours.12

Metalcolour LaminatedDobel Fire classifiedDobel F105Dobel PadenaF105 same properties150 m + PE0TDeep embossingWarm colours

Dobel Padena is one of our newer products. It is a part of the F105 family, which gives it the same flexible properties. The differens with this one is the deep embossing. It gives it a softer feel... ... whilst the colours are warm and vibrant. We have six different colours in our standard range.13

Metalcolour LaminatedDobel Fire classifiedDobel F105Dobel PadenaDobel AuluxF105 same properties150 m + PE0TWood with soft metallic effect more natural and luxoriousThree different designs

Dobel Aulux is another of our newest products. It is also a part of the F105 family and, hence, have the same flexible properties. Aulux is a wood design with a metallic effect. This gives it a deeper more natural feel and a luxoriuos shine. The light wood designs have silver metallic effect and the dark designs have a golden effect. So far we have only three different designs in our standard range, but there are of course possiblities to apply this to any wood design. Though the min qty will be different...14

Metalcolour LaminatedDobel Fire classifiedDobel F105Dobel PadenaDobel AuluxDobel Ocean SkyF105 same properties100 m + PE0TPerfect alternative material for ceiling panelsScratch resistantColour stableGloss stableLess waste profitable

Dobel Ocean Sky is our newest products. It is a product especially developed for use in ceiling panels. It is a part of the F105 family, which gives it the same flexible properties. The difference with this one is the thickness. It is only 100m thick. Regular ceiling panels often have colour, gloss and sensetivity problems. With Dobel Ocean Sky you get the solution to all of them.15

Metalcolour LaminatedDobel Fire classifiedDobel F105Dobel PadenaDobel AuluxDobel Ocean SkyDobel 2005Halogen free PET120 mFlexible 0TMost designs as F105

Dobel 2005 is a product developed as a result of the PVC vs environment-discussion a few years back. Of course we wanted to offer an alternative product. Dobel 2005 is a halogen free product. It is a PET foil. This means it will not emit any hydrochloric or chloric acids or dioxines. Though this is never really a problem with our PVC foils, they measures a concentration level in gas analysis far under the permitted limits. It is slightly thinner than our Dobel F105 products, 120 m. Since it is a PET foil, it is not as flexible as PVC, but still indeed very flexible. When bending you can bend it 0T as long as you are considering temperature and bending speed. In our standard range we have seven different designs. Though in the very near future we will be able to offer a halogen free alternative to most Dobel F105 designs.16

Metalcolour LaminatedService and Quality Guarantee

for you as a Metalcolour Dobel products customerOur promiseQuick helpDelivery on timeHigh-quality productsClose tolerances

Our promiseYour success is our driving force. Thats why you, as a Metalcolour Dobel productscustomer, are entitled to the best service and guarantees the market can offer.1. Quick helpYou will receive answers to your inquiries and claims within two working days.When required, a service technician will be on site to support you within one week.2. Delivery on timeYour materials will be delivered ex works according to the order confirmation.Should we cause a delay of more than a week, you will receive a 5% rebate on the delayed goods.The normal delivery time for standard products is two to three weeks, ex works.3. High-quality productsWe always use hot-dipped, high-quality galvanised steel. All materials are delivered with an anti-corrosionbackside coating. Printed foils are fitted with a protective wear layer. All products are deliveredwith a glue-free protective film and are fire-classified according to the latest IMO-SOLAS regulations.4. Close tolerancesThe minimum order volume for sheet metal and coils are 10 m2 and 250 m2, respectively.The ordered quantity is always delivered, and our excess tolerances are the smallest on the market.The gloss tolerance for film -laminated steel with a thickness of 0.500.80 mm is 7, measuredvertically using a 75 angle gloss-meter. The colour difference on plain colour films is dE 10.For detailed information about our tolerances, please visit www.metalcolour.com17

Metalcolour Laminated

Other ProductsFoodsafeHygienicThinner, rigid foil100-150 m + PE1TFire proofWhite shades

We have yet some other laminated products that is not fire-classified.Lets start with Foodsafe. As can be understood by the name, this is a foil suitable where hygiene is of importance. Mostly used in cold rooms. This is a thinner more rigid foil. It is not as flexible as the other foils, but it is also cheeper. One reason for both the decreased flexibility and the lower price, is the lack of plastiziser. Thickness 100-150 m, protective film optional Bending 1T The lack of plastiziser also makes it considerably less flamable and is tested as fire safe. It has passed all the same tests as our Dobel products but it is just not classified. This foil comes in different shades of white. Together with the lack of plastiziser, the lack of colour pigments is what makes this product food safe.18

Metalcolour Laminated

Other ProductsFoodsafeIndoorThicker foil150-300 m + PEDeeper embossingFlexible0TPlain colouredLeather imitation

Indoor Indoor is a thicker foil 150-300 m and comes with protective film with deeper embossing. It is just as flexible as the regular PVC foils. Bending 0T We have mostly plain colours but also a very luxorious leather imitation.19

Metalcolour Laminated

Other ProductsFoodsafeIndoorOutdoorUV-protected>200 m + PEFlexible0TPlain coloured, wood

Outdoor Outdoor is a UV-protected film and is therefore suitable for any outdoor application, e.g. garage doors and post boxes. >200 m thick and normally comes with protective film on. It is very flexible, bending 0T. And our standard range contains mostly plain colours and a wood alternative. Though, through our suppliers, the range of wooden outdoor foils is more or less endless.20

Metalcolour Paint

Polyester lacqueredFire classifiedCeilings, wall panels and enclosures in the marine sectorOther applicationsWhite goods, brown goods, light fixtures, curtain poles, garage doors, shutters, cladding, etc.20-25 mAny colour matt, glossy, textured

Our second big product group is Metalcolour Paint pre-painted steel sheet.Pre-painted products fill more or less the same purpose as laminated products. No painting or coating needed after assembeling your products. It has a harder and more durable surface than laminated, but it is also less scratch resistant.Polyester lacquered sheet steel is available as both fire classified and not. Polyester with fire classification certificate is normally used for ceilings and enclosures in the marine sector as an alternative to laminated. Otherwise polyester can be used anywhere, white goods, light fixtures etc. It is ~20-25 m thick You can get any colour you want; matt, glossy or with a textured finish. All we need is a RAL and NCS code. All production is customer based.21

Metalcolour Paint

Polyester lacqueredPolyurethane lacquered20-25 mBuilding elements, garage, rain ware, roofing, doors, shutters, white goods, cladding for radiators etc.Any colour by matching

Polyurethane lacquered It is ~20-25 m thick It is widely used, for ex white goods, light fixtures, curtain poles etc etc. It is also available in any colour desirable.22

Metalcolour Paint

Polyester lacqueredPolurethane lacqueredPlastisol lacquered100-200 mSmooth or embossedRoofing, building elements, etc.Any colour by matching

Plastisol lacquered It is ~100-200 m thick You can get it either smooth or embossed It is mostly used for ex roofing, building elements, etc. You can get any colour you want. All we need is a RAL and NCS code. All production is customer based.23

ServicesCuttingPainted, laminated, un-coatedContract work EmbossingMoulding rollsIncrease strength of steel use 25% less materialGatewaysSlittingPainted, laminated, un-coatedContract work

But coating is not all we do. We also have excellent services of cutting, slitting and embossing.Cutting We have three cutting lines and one shear cutting mashine. We cut laminated, painted and un-coated material. For dimension details and tolerences, see our technical info broschure. We are also happy to take on contract work on material from our customers.

Slitting As for cutting, we slit laminated, painted and un-coated material. You will get the details from our technical info broschure. And also here we are happy to take on contract work.

Embossing The material can be run through a moulding line, where moulding is carried out using rollers. Moulding increases the strength of the steel plates, which can then be manufactured with up to 25% less material consumption and a corresponding decrease in weight. It has many uses and is often seen on entrance gateways.24

StrengthsQualityServiceFlexbilityJust in TimeSmall and large quantitiesCustomer specific productsProduct developement & Innovation

So, what do you get if you chose Metalcolour as supplier? The highest quality on the market. The best service on the market. The most flexible supplier on the market. Your products just in time with no need for having a large stock. Any qty, 10 sqm or 10000 sqm. A product designed for you in any dimension, tiny pieces or large coils. A supplier with a nose for what is coming next, either trends or needs.25

Use of productsMetalcolour Laminated Marine interior use


Use of productsMetalcolour Laminated Other interior use


Use of productsMetalcolour Paint Marine interior use


Use of productsMetalcolour Paint Other interior use


Use of productsMetalcolour Paint Other exterior use


Metalcolour on exhibitionSMM 2012, September 4-7 in Hamburg, Germany

Next exhibition:SMM is the international platform and the leading forum for the shipbuilding and maritime equipment industries. This is where the world's leading companies meet, present their innovations and forward looking technologies and set the course for future success of the industry.4-7 September 2012Stand: B5:40131Setting the Standard

April 2012www.metalcolour.com / [email protected] you!Questions?32