Seven Tips for Bow Hunting for Survival

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I know, were living in the period of automatons and remote web, we have a space project and ICBMs, we arrived on Mars, we have


<ul><li><p>8/27/2015</p><p>Seven tips for bow hunting for survival</p><p>Seven tips for bow hunting forsurvival</p></li><li><p> Patriot Direct Dedicated to upgrowing</p><p>Seven tips for bow hunting for survival</p><p>I know, were living in the period of automatons and remote web,we have a space project and ICBMs, we arrived on Mars, wehave cross breed autos and the majority of us dont leave homewithout no less than 3 diverse electronic gadgets. Alright then,what is this fellow jabbering about? Bow hunting? Robin Hood, isthat you?</p><p>But hold your horses and listen here folks: bow hunting is an art formof the highest sort! Also, and most importantly, in a survivalsituation, knowing how to hunt using what nature providesabundantly may save your life one day. Its a matter of when, not if,so be prepared!</p><p>Now, here comes the disclaimer: I dont advocate the returning to abetter age, when we used to hunt wabbit Pocahontas-style. I justwant to point out a few important things every prepper should beaware of before discarding the idea of using a bow, thats all!</p></li><li><p> Patriot Direct Dedicated to upgrowing</p><p>The obvious advantages of bows and arrows are quite a few and, in awilderness survival scenario, nothing beats a bow and arrow setup.</p><p>Why Use a Bow?</p><p>Why are bows and arrows awesome? Stick with me and check thisout:</p><p> You can make an improvised bow/arrow anytime. You dontneed that fancy Sporting Goods $300 Hunger Games kit. All youneed is hardwood, like maples, ash, yew, pines, or aspen.</p><p> Arrows can be produced using cattail (for instance) or whittledfrom different sorts of woods. Cedar wood is the best boltmaterial as indicated by numerous individuals, since it doesnttwist so effortlessly.</p><p> The arrowheads can be chipped from stones (flint would be thebest) or you can harden the tip of the arrow itself by burning itto a point in the fire. The bow string can be made from theinner bark of various plants</p><p>Read more at</p></li><li><p> Patriot Direct Dedicated to upgrowing</p><p>dedicated to upgrowing, patriot direct, survival life, survival guide, surviving heat,surviving desert, finding water, tips and tops, disaster scenarios, extrem e heat, naturaldisasters, planning, greek government, greek crisis, economic collapse, societal collapse,home steading, urban gardening, gardening, slef-sufficiency, prepping, urban survival,food production, general prep., 4th of july, freedom, 2nd amendament, civil right, civilrights, security, raised beds, riased beds garden, self-sufficiency, plants, survival skills,vermiculture, worm composting, composting, diy, recycling, repurposing, sanitation &amp;hygiene, toilet &amp; waste disposal, survival hacks, water filter, tarp shelter, off the grid,survival projects, homestead, diy toilet, dehydrator, preparedness, food preparedness,polinators, blog review, grey water, reusing water, water, water consumption control,water drainage and recycling, booby traps, home defense, cartridge trap, survival gear,defense, diy seasonings, homemade seasonings, homemade paprika, straw baleconstruction, straw bale shelter, crisis shelter, home, shelter, raw materials, megadrought,mega drought, survival rifle, survival guns, survival guides, best survival skills,</p></li></ul>