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Seventh Annual Panther Prowl 5k

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Seventh Annual Panther Prowl 5k. “ Lovell* Palooza ” . “Are You Smarter Than The Chancellor?”. Chancellor’s Design Challenge. Hope House Work Day. Inaugural Run, Inauguration & Chancellor’s Free T hrow C hallenge. How we promoted events. [email protected] & feature spot Used social media - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Seventh Annual Panther Prowl 5k


Seventh Annual Panther Prowl 5k


Are You Smarter Than The Chancellor?

Chancellors Design Challenge

Hope House Work Day

Inaugural Run, Inauguration & Chancellors Free Throw Challenge

How we promoted [email protected] & feature spotUsed social media Created hashtag #uwmchancellor Promoted events on facebookCreated foursquare tips about InaugurationCross-promoted YouTube videosEmailed UWM social media communityUsed storify to capture tweets

8Photos with Pounce PromotionEncouraged to upload photo to facebook

9Facebook Social Media Outcomes Handed out business cards during Lovell*Palooza

Facebook Social Media Outcomes 35,961 Lovell*Palooza photo views on first day

79,135 views in a week

Facebook Social Media Outcomes

Facebook Social Media Outcomes

Facebook Social Media Outcomes Reached 52,228 people

379,454 impressions

141 video plays in facebook

Facebook Social Media Outcomes Monitored #uwmchancellor hashtagTracked URL with (hootsuite)859 clicks on 6 Inauguration URLs16% of followersUsed storify to save tweets5,380 views on storify stories

Twitter Social Media Outcomes

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