Sex tips – there’s always room for improvement

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Some men think theyve got it all figured out in the bedroom, but theres always room for improvement. The following sex tips can help men make things better in the sack and in their relationships.


<ul><li><p> </p><p>Sex Tips Theres Always Room for Improvement </p><p>A good sex like is important for penis health, and some men like to think </p><p>they have the best sex ever all the time. This probably isnt the case, particularly not if a man thinks he has some secret key that unlocks any partners door to infinite pleasure. Few things cant be improved upon, and better sex comes first with the realization that theres always something new to learn. Men looking to improve their romantic lives, and the relationships </p><p>they have with partners, should consider the following sex tips. </p><p>Check the ego. </p><p>First, a man needs to get rid of the idea that he knows it all. This assumption </p><p>can lead him away from actually asking partners what they want, how they </p><p>feel, etc. Its not a sign of insecurity or ignorance to ask what a partner wants, feels, likes and loathes. Such communication can only make a man a </p><p>better lover and will likely improve the sexual experience for both partners </p><p>involved. </p><p>Another component of the ego check involves a man not pressuring himself </p><p>to last forever, to bring about a female partners orgasm in a short period of time or to think that he should absolutely be able to make her climax </p><p>vaginally. These things dont always happen (actually, they usually dont), and its not a strike against a mans sexual worth. </p><p>Get into foreplay. </p><p>Do this for a couple of reasons. First, and most obviously, a female partner </p><p>may take longer to get aroused and to approach climax than a man. Foreplay </p><p>is clearly beneficial in the sense of balancing things out a bit better between </p><p>partners. </p><p>But foreplay can be great for men, too. This gives them a chance to explore </p><p>their partners with more than just their penises. And, while foreplay may </p><p>involve some vaginal contact, it can also include contact with the rest of the </p><p>womans body, particularly areas she tells a man she wants engaged with. </p></li><li><p> </p><p>Finally, a man can discover ways he likes being touched that dont necessarily involve his favorite organ during a foreplay session. Common </p><p>erogenous zones include the earlobes and nipples. Foreplay can make the </p><p>whole encounter, and the sex that follows in particular, more enjoyable. </p><p>Strengthen the sex muscles. </p><p>There are many muscles involved in sex. A man can strengthen his glutes, </p><p>abdominals, quads, thighs and arms to assist in thrusting and stamina. </p><p>Kegels are also great for erectile strength and control they work the muscles that help maintain erections. </p><p>Strengthen the heart. </p><p>Cardiovascular exercise is also important to sexual health, not only for </p><p>increasing stamina but for promoting healthy circulation to the penis. </p><p>Erections happen when blood engorges the penis and, without good blood </p><p>flow, erections can grow weak or even cease altogether. </p><p>Quit comparing. </p><p>Many men watch porn, which is fine, but it can lead to the unfortunate </p><p>tendency of comparing both their own bodies and those of their partners to </p><p>unrealistic and unnatural images they see in their favorite videos or photos. </p><p>And its not only things like penis and vagina appearance, penis length and cup size that a man might compare; he may expect tons of semen from </p><p>himself and a constant stream of squirting from his partner. Men should </p><p>learn instead to enjoy their own and their partners bodies exactly how they are, in all their uniqueness and naturalness, as well as the individualized </p><p>ways in which each body responds to sexual stimulation. Get rid of cookie </p><p>cutter ideas about what bodies do and how they should look. </p><p>Take good care of your penis. </p><p>In addition to proper hygiene (an obvious must), men should consider </p><p>supplementing their penis care regimens with a penis health crme (health </p><p>professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Ingredients like alpha lipoic </p><p>acid and acetyl L-carnitine support cell and nerve health, assisting in the </p></li><li><p> </p><p>maintenance of sensitivity levels. Vitamin A is also an important ingredient </p><p>to look out for, as it helps protect against infection and keeps odors at bay. </p></li></ul>