Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009

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  • 8/14/2019 Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009



    STRATEGY FORYOUTHWORKCompiled and written by Lisa Mauro-Bracken

  • 8/14/2019 Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009


  • 8/14/2019 Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009



    Foreword 4

    Introduction 5

    Context 5An Intercultural Strategy or Youth Work 6

    Consultation Process 6

    Focus Groups with Young People 7

    Focus Groups with Parents rom ME

    and Irish Communities 7

    Youth Workers and Representatives o

    Organisations o ME groups 7

    Key Messages and Priorities 8

    Eperiences of Youth Work 9

    Eperience of Racism 11Participants Perceptions in the Irish Community 13

    Barriers to Accessing Youth Work Opportunities 14

    Challenges in the Deelopment of Inclusie Programmes 17

    Supports and Resources for Youth Organisations 20

    Supports that can be gien to Minority Groups 23

    Eamples of Good Practice 25

    Kerry Diocesan Youth Service 25

    Blanchardstown Youth Service 26

    YMCA, Dublin 27

    Peer Mentoring Activities 27Suggested Actions 29

    Research into Practices and Needs 29

    Policies to Support Intercultural Practice 29

    Funding and Resources 30

    Interagency Partnerships 30

    Training and Support or Youth Workers 31

    Recruitment o Outreach and Youth Workers

    rom ME Background 31

    Targeted Outreach and Inormation Programmes 32

    Pilot Projects and Initiatives 33Monitoring and Evaluation 33

    Conclusion 34

  • 8/14/2019 Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009


  • 8/14/2019 Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009




    The National Youth Council o

    Ireland (NYCI) with the support o

    the Department o Education andScience (DES) and the National

    Action Plan Against Racism

    (NPAR)1, produced a Report

    and Recommendations or an

    Intercultural Strategy or Youth

    Work. As part o this process, NYCI

    completed a consultation process

    to establish views on improving

    access to youth work opportunities

    or young people rom Traveller andminority ethnic communities.

    Youth work has particular

    characteristics, which make it

    suitable or working with young

    people rom Minority Ethnic (ME)

    groups. These include diverse,

    learner-centred programmes, its

    ocus on voluntary participation and

    fexible, adaptable methodologies.There is evidence o a commitment

    to, and interest in, intercultural

    youth work among both youth

    workers and young people in

    the ongoing activities o many

    youth organisations. However,

    there remains a need or greater

    strategic direction, support and

    coordination in this area to ensure

    that a commitment to inclusive,intercultural practice becomes a

    sustainable eature o youth work in


    This report summarises inormation

    gathered as part o the ocus group

    consultations held with young

    people, their parents, youth workers

    and representatives o minority

    ethnic communities includingyouth workers rom minority ethnic

    backgrounds. It highlights the range

    and depth o comments made

    during the consultation phase o

    the development o an Intercultural

    Strategy or Youth Work.


    In the relatively recent past, Irelandhas changed rom being a state

    with strong traditions o emigration

    to one experiencing substantial

    and diverse inward migration.

    It is estimated that since 2002,

    immigration has contributed to the

    overall population increase with

    the astest growing immigration

    fow coming rom EU New Member

    States ollowed by Aricans andAsians.

    10%ofIrelandspopulationare oreign nationals or

    approximately 420,000 people.

    Thispopulationconsistsof migrant workers and their

    amilies, asylum seekers,

    reugees, Roma and oreign

    students rom 165 nationalities.2

    Thisisinadditiontotheexisting cultural and ethnic diversity

    that had already existed in

    Ireland including 22,435


    Developmentofapproachesforthe integration o diverse

    cultures and ethnic groups is

    essential as they are at

    increased risk o poverty,exclusion and discrimination.

    1 NPAR has since reached 2 Central Statistics Oce,the end o its projected Census 2006 Principalproject timeline and has Demographic Results,been discontinued. July 2007.

  • 8/14/2019 Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009




    In response to recommendations in

    The National Action Plan against

    Racism, 2005 - 2008 (NPAR)3 and

    the National Youth Work Development

    Plan,4 NYCI and DES undertook

    to develop an intercultural strategy

    or the youth sector. This report and

    recommendations responds to the

    need to promote interculturalism

    and combat racism in the youthwork sector. It aims to ensure that

    development opportunities in the

    youth sector promote equality and

    are accessible, culturally sensitive

    and appropriate in meeting the

    needs o young people rom diverse

    and dierent cultures. This Report

    and Recommendations will take on

    board the whole system approach

    advocated in the NPAR includingmainstreaming, targeted strategies

    accommodation o cultural diversity.

    An Intercultural Strategy will enable

    the youth work sector to work more

    eectively to:

    Ensurethatyoungpeople,volunteers and youth workers

    rom minority ethniccommunities and diverse

    cultures can be assured o

    opportunities to engage in

    youth work and have equality

    outcomes rom youth work and

    youth service provision.

    Befullyinclusiveofandresponsive to the rich cultural

    diversity that exists amongst

    young people in Ireland todayand to ensure that such

    diversity is valued, celebrated

    and positively reinorced or the

    benet o all young people and

    or society as a whole.

    Contributetothedevelopmento a shared ability and a sense

    o responsibility to protect allyoung people and to ensure,

    or each other, the right to

    be dierent and to live ree rom

    racism and unair discrimination.

    Shareexistingnationalandinternational good practice, or

    example in relation to youth

    work with young

    Travellers,reugees etc.


    Between April and June 2007 a

    wide-ranging consultation process

    was completed to support the

    development o an Intercultural

    Strategy. A steering group with

    representation rom the youth work

    sector, government and nongovernment organisations advised

    on key aspects o the consultative

    process to ensure a strategy

    and implementation plan were


    The consultation process included:

    Apubliccallforsubmissions Aseriesofdiscussionsand

    workshops with stakeholders

    rom statutory bodies and


    AninvitationtoNYCImemberorganisations as well as other

    relevant groups to make

    submissions and contribute to

    the development o the strategy

    Focusgroupconsultationstoensure young people and youthworkers inormed the

    development o the strategy

    As mentioned above, this

    report highlights the comments

    made during the ocus group

    consultations. The aim o the

    consultations was to determine how

    access to youth work by memberso new and established minority

    ethnic communities could be


    A total o 95 participants attended

    the ocus group events. The aim o

    the ocus group sessions were to:

    Provideanopportunityto engage in interculturaldialogue, exchange ideas and

    raise awareness.

    Allowparticipantstoshare experiences o needs, barriers

    to participation, and suggest

    adaptations necessary to ully

    accommodate young people

    rom diverse cultures and

    minority ethnic backgrounds in

    youth work. Contributetotheintercultural

    practice and social inclusion

    work being undertaken in the

    various locations.

    The groups were organised in the

    ollowing locations:

    Blanchardstown,Dublin15 Dundalk,Co.Louth Tralee,Co.Kerry CanalCommunitiesArea,

    Dublin 8



  • 8/14/2019 Shaping Interculturalism Report 2009






    A total o 29 young people attended

    these sessions. The sessions were

    targeted at those engaged in youth

    activities who were interested in

    more inclusive youth development

    opportunities. In addition, young

    people rom diverse and/or minority

    ethnic backgrounds were invited

    to attend. They may or may not

    have been engaged in youthactivity but they wanted to discuss

    their experiences o inclusion

    and exclusion and their desire to

    be involved. This included young

    people living in direct provision




    Fiteen parents attended sessions

    which were targeted at those

    who wish to promote a greater

    inclusion o young people rom

    diverse cultures in development

    opportunities. Many o the parents

    met or the rst time to discuss

    issues around inclusion/intercultural

    youth work and the opportunitiesor young people to participate in