Sharilyn Miller - Brea Bead is a jewelry artist, ... Overlay paste will be used as an ... eye catching bead crochet, but don’t let that scare

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  • Worm Bead Bracelet $95Sunday, March 17 (10a-5p)

    Squiggly worm beads made from twisted fine-gauge wire make this jangley charm bracelet unique! No clasp is needed,

    either; the design is for a roll-on, roll-off style bracelet thats comfortable to wear. This full-day class is suitable for students

    of all skill levels. Materials list.

    Altered Penny Charm Bracelet

    Saturday, February 16 (10a-5p)

    by Sharilyn Miller

    Worm Bead Bracelet Sunday, March 17 (10a-5p)by Sharilyn Miller

    Altered Penny Charm Bracelet $95Saturday, February 16 (10a-5p)Make a charming bracelet by altering pennies or copper disksand incorporating them into your design. Use texturing hammers,punches, stamps, dimpling pliers, and other texturing tools plusyour favorite beads, pearls, charms, and found objects. Foreigncoins may be substituted for pennies. This fun workshop is suitable for all skill levels. Materials list.

    Sharilyn is a jewelry artist, writer and teacher who loves sharing her passion for jewelry makingwith others. She gives grateful acknowledgement to artist Lynne Merchant for teaching her the basics of making creative jewelry with wire.

    Prior to learning how to make wire jewelry, Sharilyn had explored many other mixed-media art forms, including collage, painting and other surface-design techniques on fabric, handmadebooks, fiber arts, and beading. But once shelearned how to manipulate wire into fabulous jewelry pieces, she was transformed forever!Sharilyn has also written and published 11 books.

    Previous to her career in art, she was a news-paper reporter as well as a magazine editor. In2002 Sharilyn began teaching art workshopspart-time and then in 2006 began teaching and writing full-time.

    Sharilyn teaches locally and internationally andlives in Idyllwild, California.

    Sharilyn Miller [sha r i lynm i l l e r .com]

    Remember Rings $95Saturday, March 9 (10a-5p)

    Remember-Rings is all about rings and only rings. While learning the conventions and techniques of wire wrap art you will learn how to make the most sought after ring in

    wire wrap art, the Conventional Form Ring. Get into mandrel-mania forming and shaping bead rings around a fixed ring

    mandrel. And then there is the surprise ring, well, you will besurprised when you make this beautiful casual ring.

    This class is for anyone with basic tool handling skills and the desire to learn an old art form with some new twists. Wire wrapping experience is required. Materials list.

    Chain Making 101 & Beyond

    Sunday, February 24 (10a-5p)

    by Ron Hill

    Remember Rings Saturday, March 9 (10a-5p)by Ron Hill

    Chain Making 101 & Beyond $95Sunday, February 24 (10a-5p)Discover the exciting world of handmade wire wrap chain making,one link at a time! This is not chainmaille, but rather a single wirelocking link art form. This full-day class is accompanied with a 30-page comprehensive booklet full of chain designs, styles and techniques. You will learn how to make bracelets, anklets,necklaces, chokers, earrings, crystal danglers, as well as theHilloma Links-Wrap for pendants, crystals, coins and more.Basic wire skills is recommended. Materials list.

    Rons interest in fossils and stones unknowinglyled him to a second career. His neighbor, LeeWenrick, taught him some basic wire wrappingtechniques in 1997. This knowledge became adoorway that eventually led him into this beautiful,intriguing art form, into his future as an artist, inventor, and designer for wire wrap jewelry.

    Rons first invention in the art form was theHilloma Crown, his signature wrap style. Thisstyle is unique to his jewelry creations and is used variously to enhance special pieces. About his art, Ron says, I have a sense that when allhas vanished into antiquity, the stones in my col-lection will somehow survive and reemerge in thefuture, maybe in someone elses private collection.And so it is with this art form and the pieces I create; wire wrap creations will last for genera-tions to come.

    Ron lives the retired lifestyle in Hemet, California,with his best friend and wife of 30 years. Ronteaches locally and encourages his students to release the artist within, and pursue their dreamsand aspirations in this most rewarding art form.

    Ron Hill [w i rewrap 101 .com]

  • Our foundation series is designed to offer a sound understanding of a series of stitches. Stitches will change each session to help support more advanced projects offered. Our goal for this program is to assist you in understanding the very foundation of beading. And, from there anything is possible!

    Tubular Right Angle fs Wed, March 20 (6-9p)

    by Tracie OwensFlat Herringbone fs Wed, February 27 (6-9p)by Tracie Owens

    Even Count Peyote fs

    Wed, February 13 (6-9p)

    by Tracie Owens

    Flat Right Angle fs Wed, February 20 (6-9p)by Tracie Owens

    In Stitches by Michelle Loon

    Sat, February 23 (12-5p) $65Stitch together an enchanting hollow pendant that is

    bursting at the seams! Techniques covered include making a custom drying form with silicon molding

    compound, texturing and draping clay, snake rolling,and dry construction. Basic wire stitching will be

    covered in class. Pre-requisite: Intro to ACS orcomparable. Materials list.

    Sun, Feb 17 (12-5p) OR Sat, Mar 23 (12-5p)$95 (includes all materials)Create custom fine silver jewelry from moldable clay! Learn about this innovative material while creating two pendants. Youll learn everything from tools and techniques as well as firing, finishing, polishingand metal patination. All skill levels welcome. All materials included.Intro to Art Clay Silver

    by Michelle Loon/Candace Steppes

    Write Onby Michelle Loon

    Sat, March 2 (12-5p) $70Use metal clay to get your write on, making an ink

    pen holder. Bronze clay will be used to decorate a copper and brass pen case cartridge. For an additional mixed metal effect, copper or silver

    can also be incorporated. Pre-requisite: Intro to ACS or comparable. Materials list.

    Wed, February 27 (6-9p) $45Take your favorite designs and patterns and create useful templates. Not all designs transfer well so wellcover design pros and cons. Use a clever stencilingtechnique to now transfer your image into a unique and impressive metal clay piece. This is a perfect class to advance your beginning metal clay skills or even for skilled metal clayers. Pre-requisite: Intro to ACS or comparable. Materials list.

    Shadow Painting by Candace Steppes

    Filigree Frames by Michelle Loon

    Sun, March 17 (12-4p) $55Construct lightweight silver filigree earrings starting

    with textured frames. Embellish them with twisted sterling silver wire. Overlay paste will be used as an alternative to soldering with this torch fired project.

    Pre-requisite: Intro to ACS or comparable. Materials list.

    Sat, March 9 (10a-5p) $75This spinner type ring is akin to a worry ring or fidgetring. Capture delicate strands of bronze clay around a robust channeled ring band. Learn how to properlysize your elements to accommodate the differentshrinkage rates in the clays and how to effectively fire them together. Pre-requisite: Intro to ACS or comparable and ring band construction experience. Materials list.

    Golden Strandsby Candace Steppes

    Thu, March 28 (6-9p) $45Spinning geometric shapes dance in unison showingfacets of itself, while playing a game of peek-a-boo.This design may be simple to the eye but requires a bit of precision while building some of its mechanical parts. Techniques include texturing, appliqueing, tubeextruding, dry construction, and assembly. Earringconstruction demonstrated in class. Pre-requisite:Intro to ACS or comparable. Materials list.Sp

    inning Earrings by Candace Steppes

    Color Theory $25Learn the mysteries of color and its use in design. This introductory classwill leave you with basic knowledge of color and its terms while creatingexciting color combos you never thought possible. Go beyond primary,

    secondary, and tertiary colors, and get a handle on contrasting, monochromatic, and color values. A must for beaders that are stuck in

    color limbo. Bring some beads youve been itching to use and Kat can helpyou find a good color combination for you. All skill levels welcome.

    Secret Saturday Sampler $65 (includes all materials)We all love a little mystery, especially when it rarely disappoints. The hint is that this particular project has something to do with

    bead weaving. Just bring yourself, and perhaps your reading glasses, because everything else is included. Basic bead weaving experience

    is required. Includes all materials.

    Color Theory Sunday, February 10 (10a-


    by Kat Clark

    Secret Saturday SamplerSaturday, March 23 (12-5p)by Secret Instructor

  • Wedding Bouquet by Nancy Sebestyen

    Mon, February 4 (6-9p) ORMon, March 4 (10a-1p) weekday

    $35This maze like patterned bracelet is reminiscent of a fine piece of lace work. It is dainty and light and perfect for an elegant gown or a sassy sundress.

    Color possibilities are endless using rich pearls or brilliant crystals. All skill levels welcome.

    Materials list.

    Sat, February 2 (10a-5p) $65This piece combines bead artistry with an exceptionalpiece of dichroic glass or, if you choose, one of yourfavorite gemstone. This class will teach how to capturethe cabochon with beadwork using neither glue nor a leather backing. It will also cover the beaded ruffle and band. Peyote stich experience is required.Materials list.Ruffles Ring

    by Sheilah Cleary

    Crowned Jewel by Wendy Remmers

    Sat, February 23 (12-5p) $55This Romanesque inspired piece features facetted jewels studded completely around the band