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  • SHERPA The Studio, 43 Glendevon Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5UQ

    T: 0845 452 4096 E: [email protected]

  • statistics and trends that speak for themselvesWe dont pretend the elephant isnt there. We dont bury our heads in the sand. We take it full on. Its perilous not to. Just look at these statistics.

    It is estimated that age discrimination costs the economybetween 19 and 31 billion a year in lost output. Source: CIPD, 2007

    Disability increases with age: 10% of adults aged 16-24 aredisabled, while one third of people between the age of 50 and retirement age are disabled.

    6% of the UK population is estimated to be gay, lesbian orbi sexual.

    Recent staff opinion surveys and independent research indicatethat LGB staff are more likely to experience harassment atwork than heterosexual colleagues.

    According to a report for the journal Equal OpportunitiesReview, during 2006 4million was awarded in employmenttribunal payouts in respect of claims brought in under equalitieslegislation covering, disability, ethnicity, gender, faith and beliefand sexual orientation.

    By 2011 only 18% of the UK workforce will be white, male, not disabled, under 35 and heterosexual. To attract the best you can simply not afford to leave barriers in place.

    seeing the elephant: rigorous impact assessmentAmericans have an expression, See the elephant. It means to see life or gain experience and, as the oldadage goes, variety is the spice of life. For us, thisvariety is human diversity.

    This diversity, or difference, can be difficult to understand, scary even. But itneednt be. Well help you see the elephant. And our belief is that if youembrace it, your organisations performance will improve.

    In fact, this is our speciality area. And first and foremost were pragmatists. Wecan help you assess what impact your policies and procedures have on yourpeople and your services and therefore ultimately on your bottom line. Ours is apractical approach to minimise risk, promote equality and deliver a realdifference.

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  • help at hand

    Your customers and staff dont come in just onesize. So, it makes sense that one size doesnt fit allin the way things are done. But how do we get itright for everyone?

    Most of our clients tell us that they are not equipped to effectively assess theimpact of their policies and procedures. They get bogged down in paperworkand panic they might have missed something. At the Board, people tell us theyare not that sure what they are looking for when it comes to promoting equality.

    Thats why we have developed a knowledge based impact assessment tool forworkforce and service policies.

    We combine this with a pragmatic approach, helping to develop change agentswithin your organisation who will be equipped to assess the impact of policiesrelevant to their area in the future. Giving you the confidence, that put intopractice, your policies are really helping your people achieve their potential and your organisation improve performance.

    the need to assess

    An inclusive, knowledgeable workforce is thefoundation for getting your services right, first time.

    The need to assess the impact of policies and procedures is a key requirementof the various public duties covering disability, gender and race. It requiresthose who provide public services to undertake a review of all existing policiesin order to identify any adverse impact on equality and, at the same time,ensure that promotion of equality is built into new policy developments.

    Looking beyond legislative compliance, we know that effective equality impactassessment is the foundation for inclusive and effective workforce policies thatcreate the climate where staff can realise their potential and ensure servicesare the best for customers.

    Increasingly, Public Sector bodies are also recognising the need to build keyindicators into their procurement processes to ensure that their suppliers arealso promoting equality.

    So whatever your sector theres an advantage to be gained if youre able todemonstrate that youve considered equality in your decision making and takensteps to ensure your actions dont have negative consequences on your people,your customers or your bottom line.

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  • If a full impact assessment is necessary and you need to go on the second leg of the journey, we can help you with that too.

    Were experienced in equality scheme development, employee engagement and public involvement and can manage the whole process for you or providesupport to your internal team on discrete projects. Our extensive networksmean that if you just need a little direction we can provide you with access to relevant research and expertise as required.

    But maybe were jumping the gun? Perhaps you just dont know where tostart? Dont worry. This stage is a bit like looking at a map before setting out.We can help here too. We can undertake an audit of your policies providing you with a risk table. This highlights which policies and procedures in yourorganisation present the biggest risk in terms of legislative compliance andimpact on your bottom line. This might include lost customers, impact onproductivity or recruitment and retention issues.

    The diagram on the next page maps out the 10eyeTM toolkit that will help yousuccessfully complete the journey towards inclusion.

    the sherpa 10eyeTM toolkit that delivers the differenceThe 10eyeTM toolkit considers the impact on individuals bylooking at issues such as human rights, housing, poverty,social status, transport, education and the dimensions ofage, disability, ethnicity, faith, gender and sexualorientation.

    It is designed in a modular way to respond appropriately to the different stagesof your journey towards inclusion.

    If youre on the first leg of your journey we work with a core team of your staffto give your policies and procedures an MOT with a difference.

    The results of this are:

    A completed Basic Impact Assessment ready forpublication.

    Knowledgeable impact assessors within your team whowill be able to transfer their skills when working onfuture policies with other colleagues.

    10eyeTM also informs your training needs. It highlights

    where you have strengths and weaknesses. This enablesyou to avoid falling into the sheep dip trap of diversitytraining as it ensures investment in training anddevelopment targets the areas that need it most.

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  • LEG 1

    INVENTORY(establish a knowledgebaseline)

    INVESTIGATION (assess gaps)

    INSPIRATION (grasp the issues)

    IDENTIFICATION (locate the risks)

    ILLUMINATION (clarify opportunities)

    Basic Impact Assessment


    (develop action

    plans) Fu

    ll Im





    IMPROVEMENT(demonstratedistance travelled)



    (effect necessary


    INVITATION(engage peoplein the process)






    h m








    LEG 2


    work out your ITINERARY

    Readiness for assessment journey the 10eyeTM


    Possible joining stages

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  • in summarySo, whether you need a policy health check, need toreview existing policies or are at the start of somethingnew, we can deliver the expertise and evidence toensure you make a difference now and in the future.

    contact usFor further details or to arrange

    a no-obligation introductory meeting please contact Lynn Anderson on

    T: 0845 452 4096 E: [email protected]

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