ShiningClan’s Territory

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= StarClan Territory. ShiningClan’s Territory. The Map and Descriptions. River. Sundrops : Gathering Spot. Lake. Starpath. Forest. Cliff. Water-fall. Startree. Marsh. Clearing: Training, Hunting, and Herbs. Clearing: Camp. The Star Tree. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ShiningClans TerritoryThe Map and Descriptions

= StarClan Territory


LakeClearing: Camp



CliffWater-fallClearing: Training, Hunting, and HerbsSundrops:Gathering SpotRiver

StarpathThe Star TreeThe place where the medicine cat meets every half-moon with ShimmerClan, DappleClan, and SunnyClans medicine cats. The cat curls up in a hollow in front of the tree, under the silver leaves, and the moon shines through the leaves onto the cat, which meets StarClan in its dreams. Leaders also get their nine lives here. The leaves are called Star-leaves and are the only cure to greencough, since no catmint grows there.

The CampShiningClans camp is a small clearing with some trees. All cats sleep and gather there for Clan meetings. It is their home. There is a small hollow tree in the camp which makes up the elders den. The bigger hollow tree is the nursery, which is covered with brambles. The warriors den is a strong bush that shelters the many cats. The apprentices den is a hollow log. The leaders den is a tree bent over a rock. The rock is used to address the Clan in meetings. He shelters in a cave under the rock.

The ForestThis is where herbs are gathered, prey is hunted, and apprentices are assessed. Border patrols are also necessary because of the three other Clans: ShimmerClan, DappleClan, and SunnyClan. The forest is shared among the four Clans.

The LakeSome of the Clans come through the territory to meet at the lake when their water supplies are down. It is the center of all the Clans. The river only flows through ShiningClan and ShimmerClans territories.

The CliffsThe cliffs can be reached by any Clan by the Starpath. Once crossed, the cliffs lead to the Star Tree. There, all of the medicine cats meet StarClan. Also, the waterfall is on the cliff, which medicine cats look out for on their way.