Shocking Truth About Car Accidents

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  • 8/7/2019 Shocking Truth About Car Accidents




    Car Accident?

    Here is Your Shocking Report from an Auto Accident Industry

    Insider That Blows the Whistle on the Latest Insurance

    Company Tactics to Derail Your Auto Accident Case and

    Prevent You From Receiving the Medical Care You Need

    Please be warned that this is a hard hitting, no punches pulled report. The information isdefinitely controversial. It may even upset you, but it is an absolutely true behind the sceneslook at auto accident cases.

    What You Will Learn by Reading This Report:

    You will learn what to do right nowto protect your rights as an auto accident victim You will learn about a conspiracy by the insurance industry designed to bilk you out of

    fair settlements You will learn why your current doctor and/or lawyer may be ruining your case You will learn the truth about whiplash injuries and how damaging they can be You will learn about a professional who has developed a strategy to take on the big

    insurance companies and secure your rightful treatment and compensation Much more

    Call (714) 938-0575 for Your Free Auto Accident Severity Evaluation

  • 8/7/2019 Shocking Truth About Car Accidents


    Call (714) 938-0575 for Your Free Auto Accident Severity Evaluation

    Before You Do Anything Else, Make Sure to Read this Entire ReportTWICE!

    Dear Friend,

    Read this report immediately because what happens in the 72 hours after your accident are crucial and can be thedifference between a smooth and easy settlement versus a drawn out nightmare lasting months to years.

    Listen to this, its important

    What you dont know you dont know will cause you grief. Read that again.

    Your problem is that you dont even know the right questions to ask following an accident. And guess what, neitherdoes your doctor or lawyer.

    I realize, you might have been in an accident 5 or 10 years ago and it went just fine. You went to your medicaldoctor or chiropractor, got treated and then your lawyer negotiated a settlement. The settlement covered all yourcar repair bills, medical expenses, attorney fees and you pocketed a fair amount for pain and suffering. Simple.The trouble is

    Things have changed.

    See, in the last few years the auto insurance companies have slowly and methodically perfected a system by whichthey can reduce claims. They have conspired to limit how much they will pay out on settlements and also howmuch they will pay your doctoreven if it is your own insurance policy!

    What I am going to reveal will seem utterly fantastic. I mean, its right out of a John Grisham novel.but what Iam going to tell you is ALL TRUE. The length these companies have gone to, to derail your case and alienate youfrom your doctor is amazing. It is nothing short of criminal

    But first, tell me this: what were the first three things thatpopped into your mind after your accident?

    If youre like most accident victims you thought;

    1. How am I going to fix my car?2. How am I going to get to work without a car?3. Do I have to call an attorney? And whom do I call?

    Notice that your own physical welfare did not enter into this thought process. Unless you are carted away in anambulance with blood stained clothing, your health is usually the last thing on your mind. Instead, you worry aboutall the financial things.

    That could be a very BIG mistake.

    Of course you should be concerned about repairing your car. And certainly if you work for a living you need to

    arrange for transportation to get there and back. And in many cases you should have an attorney represent you.

    All of these things will be arranged in due course, but when it comes to your health, you only have 72 hours tomake a very important decision. Understand this, the conspiracy against you, which I will explain in detail later,begins the moment your vehicle is struck. The clock is ticking. And after 72 hours if you have not taken a specificaction

    your case is seriously jeopardized.

    With that said, heres part of the conspiracy against you

  • 8/7/2019 Shocking Truth About Car Accidents


    Call (714) 938-0575 for Your Free Auto Accident Severity Evaluation

    The person in charge of your case at the other partys insurance company, the claims adjuster or examiner, isinstructed to discount any claims that do not seek medical treatment within the first 72 hours following theaccident.

    But heres the dealnot just any medical treatment will do. The claims adjuster looks for very specific types oftreatment and it must be identified with the proper language.

    Which brings m e to the second part of the conspiracy

    They have created an entirely new language. If your doctor or lawyer do not know this language and do notincorporate it into their practices, your case is sunk. It doesnt matter if your physician, chiropractor or attorneyhave years of experience in auto accident cases.

    If they have not bothered to uncover this ground-breaking informationand trust me few have, then they willcontinue to do business as usual. And this same old, same old mentality hurts you, the auto accident victim.

    How do you think youll feel when at the end of your auto accident case, your attorney says to you, sorry, Iknow you were injured, but the insurance companies arent offering much these days and your case is not worthgoing to court over. And just think of how youll feel when you receive a mere pittance as compensation and stillhave to worry about future medical bills because youre still in pain.

    All because your doctor and your attorney do not know the secret language.

    Ill tell you how youll feelyoull be angry. And you should be.

    But therein lies the next part of the conspiracy against you

    Turning you against your own doctor and/or law yer.

    They are working behind the scenes to make it appear as if your doctor or lawyer havent a clue. And also that youreally arent hurt that bad and really shouldnt have gotten so much treatment, and your doctor really did chargean awfully lot and you really dont deserve that much as a settlement

    With theyre sneaky manipulation of the facts, you will eventually see your doctor and lawyer as greedy adversaries

    and you will align with the insurance company and settle for less than you shouldmuch, much less.

    The sad truth is, if your doctor and lawyer dont know w hat I knowabout the conspiracy against you, they areclueless.

    Im not saying that to be arrogant, alarmist or antagonistic. Im merely stating a fact.

    I too used to be ignorant of what was going on.

    Heres a brief story

    I entered practice in 1986 at the ripe old age of 24. I graduated young because I was ambitious enough to cramthe equivalency of 8 years of education into 6 calendar years. I was super motivated to enter practice because of

    my experience at the hands of my first chiropractor when I was a teenager. I suffered a couple of severe neckinjuries racing motocross and could not be helped with traditional medical care. My first chiropractor was able tounlock my neck and relieve my painful spasms in a handful of visits when others had failed after months ofmedication and rest.

    Upon graduation, I entered practice with my mentor and was thrown headlong into a very busy office. My mentorand I would often see 80 patients in a given day! And most of those cases were trauma cases. Auto accidents,work injuries, slip and fall, sports injuries, etc. By the time I was only 25, my mentor entrusted his million-dollarpractice to me to manage.

  • 8/7/2019 Shocking Truth About Car Accidents


    Call (714) 938-0575 for Your Free Auto Accident Severity Evaluation

    Seeing these cases made me understand early on that I needed specialized training. So within a few months ofgraduating, I enrolled in a Post Doctorate Orthopedics program. For the next 2 1/2 years I gave up my free time atnight and on the weekends to study orthopedics. The training in this specialized field was priceless. It enabled meto identify and understand injuries and conditions far beyond the scope of regular chiropractors. Soon I wasreceiving referrals from other chiropractors, lawyers and insurance companies to give second opinions on theirdifficult cases.

    During my post-doctorate studies, I met a very famous doctor specializing in whiplash injuries. His book wasground breaking and I soon began taking all the courses he offered on whiplash trauma and crash reconstruction.

    In fact Ive completed his training program many times over and am an Advanced Graduate in Whiplash and BrainTraumatology from his institute.

    For many years I enjoyed the fruits of a very successful specialty practice treating auto accident victims. Mypatients enjoyed the best possible care and received very high settlements because of my documentation andreport writing. Again, Im not bragging, Im just restating what many attorneys told me over the years.

    A funny thing happened though

    Over the past few years I began to notice certain insurance companies were becoming very difficult to deal with.These few companies made up a large percentage of the cases I treated. What I noticed was that they began toclaim the accidents were all minor and didnt require much, if any, treatment. Honestly, I had cases where thecar was totaled and they claimed it was a minor injury!

    I also began to notice that settlement offers were low. Painfully low. Disgustingly low. Offensively low.

    They began to offer checks of $500 to settle cases worth $10,000!

    Have you been offered $500, maybe even as little as $250 for your case?

    Do you now what that means?

    It means they think youre lying.

    They think youre a fraud a cheat a chiseler. I dont know about you, but where I come from, those are fightin


    At first I shrugged these instances off as flukes. Eventually however, the majority of cases began to look like this.If this continued, my patients would no longer be able to receive treatment for their auto accident injuries becausethere would be no guarantee the insurance company would pay for them. Pain and suffering? Forget it. Theybegan to make the settlements not even large enough to cover the medical bills let alone pain and suffering.

    Something was afoot and I needed to find out what.

    Immersing myself in legal and medical journals, seminars and discussions with leading experts I came upon ashocking discovery...

    I attended a conference with some of the biggest names in auto accident research, treatment and law. One of the

    presentations was by a former insurance company employee at one of the nations largest insurance companies.He explained, but only vaguely how the insurance companies were systematically trying to reduce claims. Wellthats nothing new. These companies dont have huger skyscrapers with their names on them by paying out claims.They get them by collecting your premiums and finding ways not to pay your claims.

    Incidentally, the reason why this person did not make more specific information available was that he had hisPorsche blown up as it sat in his driveway! I told you this would shock you, but trust me, its true, every last word.

    Then I met two different lawyers who corroborated the reformed insurance employees story. Only they gave moredetails. One actually wrote a book about this new scam.

  • 8/7/2019 Shocking Truth About Car Accidents


    Call (714) 938-0575 for Your Free Auto Accident Severity Evaluation

    Now mind you, I have been in this business since 1986. I didnt just fall of a turnip truck. My peers and othersnoted me as an expert in auto accident cases. The information I learned terrified me. You know what else?

    It pissed me off!!!

    Sorry about the salty language. Please forgive me. But what these insurance companies have done should becriminal. And its sole intent is to keep you from receiving proper medical care for your injuries and minimize anypayments for pain and suffering. They are trying to bankrupt the patients, doctors and lawyers so that they do nothave to pay out auto accident claims any longer.

    Its a conspiracy by any definition of the word.

    The problem is they are so big and powerful, they have so much money, you and I cant fight them

    Or can you?

    Look, Ive spent over two decades now studying the scientific basis of neck injuries from auto accidents. I havedevoted my lifes work to this field. I have perfected my craft and made changes when I learned new things to carefor my patients. My office was one of the first in Orange County to use computerized diagnostic testing to locatehidden injuries from whiplash. All so that my patients would recover more quickly, have less long-term impairmentand be compensated fairly for their injuries.

    Over the years Ive learned that

    Neck injuries can occur at extremely low speedsas low as 2.5 mph1 Collision speeds of 6 mph can cause more damaging g-force to the occupants neck than in a 17 mph

    collision Accident speeds of over 20 mph can result in no visible signs of vehicle damage, but can cause severe neck

    injuries2 47% of side impact collisions cause brain injuries Upwards of 40% of all auto accidents result in permanent pain and stiffness3

    Ive also learned that many of these studies were hidden from the public by the insurance companies. Worse, theypaid for their own studies to show whiplash didnt exist. The McConnell study is an infamous one they often cite. It

    was rigged to get certain results refuting whiplash. Despite the seats being reinforced with extra steel, the patientsbeing told when they were going to get hit and allowing the test subject to use a mouth guard to lock his jawclosed, the subject still suffered neck pain! Of course they minimized it and said that it was merely transient pain.

    So when I learned what the insurance companies were trying to do to you and me, I looked for ways to uncovertheir tactics and devise a plan to defeat them.

    You CAN fight these giants and win

    But you need to know how. What you need is an expert who knows how the game is played. Someone who knowsexactly how the insurance companies are trying to cheat you. Someone who can handle your medical problems andmake recommendations for your legal issues as well. Someone who will make sure you are treated fairly.

    All modesty aside, I am that person. Heres why:

    I have seen the computer program they are using to subvert your claim. I know how it works and the procedures the insurance adjusters go through I know whats important to document and whats not I know the language they speak and how to use it to your advantage I know what the proper format is for all medical notes and reports that results in fair claims settlements I know the precise treatment needed for the best recovery possible with minimal long-term pain and

    suffering I have an incredible team in place that can handle any of your medical or legal needs. These are elite hand

    selected professionals who know what I now.

  • 8/7/2019 Shocking Truth About Car Accidents


    Call (714) 938-0575 for Your Free Auto Accident Severity Evaluation

    But before we go any further, I w ant you to know this

    My ent ire reputation rests on...