Shooting events fun for a Las Vegas family holiday - Las Vegas Family Holidays

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  • Shooting events fun for a Las Vegas family holiday - LasVegas Family Holidays

    Las Vegas families on holiday shoot what? Do they shoot pool? Do they shoot craps? No, they shoottrap! The Clark County Shooting Park provides families with the opportunity to safely practice withfirearms and even participate in competition events.

    Photo by Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images

    More than 45 percent of Clark County households own firearms, and gun shows are held throughoutthe County several times per year. With increasing urbanization, there was a demand for a desirablelocation where advocates of firearms and hunting can safely improve their skills.

    The park, located in North Las Vegas, was conceived in the early 1980s. Local, state and nationalgovernment agencies collaborated with local citizens and communities to plan the public shootingfacility. The park continues to develop services for the public and law enforcement agencies. Currentpark features include Archery, Shotgun, Rifle-Pistol, and Educational Centers. Each center provideseducation services and accommodates both night and day activities. Shops are also available forpatrons to buy or rent equipment and supplies needed for practice on the ranges.

    The park also offers programs, packages and events. Junior and women programs welcome novicesto alleviate fears toward firearms. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is available to provide trainingfor hunters. Clay Bird target shooting packages offer reasonable prices. Events for competition arepopular and develop camaraderie. The park has hosted several events since 2010: VIP Ladies Shoot,Turkey Shoot, and Cupid Shoot.

    On March 24-27, the park will offer an Introduction to the Trap and Skeet Clinic where anyone ofany age can learn trap and skeet shooting for free. The March Mania Shootout event, March 25-27,will test participants' skills in Archery, Shotgun and Rifle-Pistol. Fees range from $7 to $10.

  • Finally, Las Vegas families have the opportunity within their own community to enjoy a holidaywhere they can do more than just shoot the breeze.