Short Stories Writing 1 and 2 2012

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a collection aof short stories from a class

Text of Short Stories Writing 1 and 2 2012

  • BY WRITING 1 and 2 June 2012

  • By : Christian Vaca

    James Hargrove is an 18 year old Canadian boy

    who is sent to a reformatory because of his

    behavior. His stepmother had this idea after she

    knew that James is unsociable and fought with

    his stepfather.

    He has to stay one year in the Cedar Grove Reformatory. One

    special thing about him is that he has a lot of guts, so hes

    fearless and no one tells him how to dress or act.

  • When he started the term at the Cedar Grove Reformatory, he started off on the wrong foot

    because he made a lot of enemies. James didnt care about it because he knows a lot about

    fighting, so everyone who wanted beat him down would lose. But as the time goes by, he becomes

    more and more sociable and respected by doing favors in exchange of money.

    Then he makes a friend, Neville Williams, a 19 year old American

    boy. Hes clever but also violent and a calculator; hes paranoid so

    he doesnt trust in anybody, he just pretends to be.

    After gaining respect from everyone, Neville tries to convince James

    to take over the reformatory. He agrees, but Neville with his

    backstabbing personality manages to set traps to James and to get

    him expelled without knowing

    Neville was behind all of this

    because he wanted to do

    everything for its own good. He

    set up a fight between James and

    Dale, the toughest and dumbest boy in the reformatory; then

    Neville said a lot of lies to everyone about James. But one day,

    Neville went to the Principals house and messed up

    everything, and left some belongings of James to get him indicted. After getting James expelled,

    he started to make plans to mess up the reformatory.

    James lost his reputation and tries to get it back. After

    working hard cleaning his name proving everything

    that happened to him at the reformatory was a lie, he

  • returned to the reformatory to see if everythings ok. When he arrives to Cedar Grove

    Reformatory he sees that all hell has broken loose and tries to overthrow Nevilles government.

    When James arrived at the principals office, he found the principal gagged and tied up. But after

    James could do anything, Neville faces him and says:

    Im going to rule this reformatory and no one is going to stop me, not even you, scumbag.

    After saying that, James replies,

    Im not going to be beaten up by a queer like you, I should never trust you. Now taste my fist!

    Then they started to fight violently, the fight

    might be able to become equal. James fights

    clean but Neville does everything to win, so he

    fights dirty. James has no choice and started to

    fight like him.

    After a heavy fight, James all wounded up, called

    the police. Tied up Neville and untied the principal.

    The principal said, Thank you James, Neville won

    my trust but only wanted to rule my reformatory.

    After saving me and my school you can come back

    to the campus anytime. I give you back your room.

    Thanks! See? I didnt do anything that endanger

    this school, I knew Neville was a scumbag and I

    didnt do anything about it, James replied. Dont worry kid, we are going to rebuild the

    reformatory, Gary didnt left much of it.

    Everything came back as it used to be, no worries, no problems, no nothing. James never thought

    of having troubles of that magnitude in a reformatory. At the end James changed his personality

    and became more social and peaceful.


    By Kelly Barrionuevo

    Alice was 16 years old girl, she is not very tall like her brother

    Tommy. She has brown straight hair and beautiful big bright


    When she was younger she did not like go out with others

    kids she adored painting and she spent the most part of her time playing her piano. But she grew

    up and begin to go to school was like another normal person from her age.

    Her mom Aida was kind and lovely person, all the time she

    was doing something in the house cooking, cleaning and

    washing, she works half

    time in a book store too.

    Her dad was an ambitious

    man who never stopped

    to work every day he

    wanted their children

    have a good education.

    Alice sometimes needs to talk with somebody but nobody listens to her she only has one friend.

    One day he entered to Alices room

    Hey dad. How are you? It is almost 12 at night. Haveyou been working all day? She said to her


    -Sweetie, Yes I have. But you know I want you and your brother have everything I have never

    had. He Answered .

    I know that but for me it is too much you work all day and you always came home late

    Her father thought about the words of his daughter and finally he said

    It is hard. You have to understand darling but you know that I have a free day so we can do

    something as a family

    Thats awesome! She smiled at the same time she was speaking.

    Ok I have to go to sleep I am very tired and you must sleep too

  • Well dad, sweet dreams.

    The next day she went to school with her brother by

    car. Her brother was driving the car when another car

    collided with them.

    Immediately someone called an ambulance and they

    took them to a near hospital.

    Their parents come to the hospital really worried

    and they began to ask all nurses how their kids are

    but nobody answered them. That was the worst

    thing they have never lived.

    Suddenly a doctor came into the room and said Are

    you the family or Garrido brothers? the family from

    brothers Garrido?

    Aida and her husband answered instantly. Yes


    Ok I am going to tell you about your children he stopped for one moment and then with a

    different voice started again. Your daughter is out of danger she only hit her arms and her head

    but he continued your son did not wear the seat belt, so he hit his head hard we do not know

    what could happen next we have to do an MRI and then I could give you the diagnosis

    When they listened that they were very sad because they remembered when they had their first

    son it was the happiest day for them. They also realize that they did not pay attention to their

    children that they need to spend with them and they need to talk too.

    The time pass and Tommy is ok like his sister but

    they still remember that day when everything

    change. They had to see their mistakes and think in

    how short is life to everyone and if we do not show

    how much we love someone one it will be late to

    do it.


    Once upon a time there was a man called Carlos. He was rich. He had a beautiful big house

    with a pool and three cars, a Ford, a Ferrari and a Camaro. He always went Out with his

    friends to drink every night and he couldnt control it, but he was a great actor and he

    loved to do it. One night he decided to drink with his friends in his house. He drank a lot of

    Pilsener with his friend. When he was drunk he called more friends to drink with him. He

    drank whole night. The next day when he woke up he felt like a dead dog and smelled like

    one too. He saw that he had been robbed. Every expensive things like his 3D tv, washing

    machine, bed, furniture, and things like that was gone. He was astonished and called one

    of his friends Diego to ask him what happened last night.

    Carlos said Hey Diego.

    Whats up? Carlos said Diego.

    Do you remember What happened yesterday? asked Carlos.

    Sorry I cant remember anything. Why? What happened Yesterday?.

    I was stolen I dont have anything in my house. Its empty and I dont have any money.

    He said with tears in his eyes.

    are you kidding? Diego asked.

    no, way! That is true. He exclaimed.

    oh my god. Sorry man I cant Help you because I dont remember anything either.

    Ok Diego see you.

    Carlos didnt have anything. His house was empty, so he didnt know what to do. He was

    desperate calling all his friends to remember what happened yesterday. He wanted to recuperate

    all his stolen things because his parents are coming in two weeks, but none of his friends

  • remembered that day. And one of his best friends called Carlos to know if he have already

    recovered his things because his friend was worried too.

    Johnny was Carlos best friend, So Johnny had an idea. He told Carlos that Johnny had had a friend

    that could help him. And Carlos was happy because he knew that his friend will help him, and

    Carlos explained to him that in two weeks his parents are coming and he needs all his stolen

    things. And Johnny said Dont worry my friend is master of the night club and he has a lot of

    money. And I can talk with him to see if he could borrow some Money to help you , but you must

    work for him in the night club.

    After that the Johnnys friend lent some money to Carlos and Carlos could buy al his things and

    now hes working in a night club and he is happy because he is earning a lot of money. He is

    working about three months and he has already paid all his debts.

    After that Carlos decided never to drink Again and decided to work with his friend and

    also hes recovering all the stolen things

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