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Shrink-Kon - TNB. · PDF fileShrink-Kon® Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve GENERAL 1. Always comply with the following installa-tion procedure. Failure to do so can result in fire,

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Text of Shrink-Kon - TNB. · PDF fileShrink-Kon® Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve GENERAL 1....

Shrink-KonSplice Insulators and Insulating Covers


H-Tap Insulating Covers (Hard Covers)Dimensions (in.)

Cat. No. A (Lgth) B (Thick) C (Width)

HTC2S 2" 118" 1716"HTC2 312" 118" 1716"HTC40 414" 1916" 2"HTC40L2 534" 1916" 2"HTC500 6" 134" 234"HTC1000 7" 238" 378"HTC1000L 10" 238" 378"

Interlocking insulating covers for H type compression taps. For use in splice boxes,indoors, or in tray indoors.Place the H-Tap in the cover. Snap the cover closed. Contact your Regional Sales Office for flame-retardant version.

Technical DataHTC2 and HTC2S use insulation wrap instead of end cushions for inner seal.Connector Cat. Nos. 54755 through 54790 and 63148 through 63180 require hydraulic crimping tools. Refer to instruction sheets.Outer Hard Shell Covers High Impact Black Thermoplastic (Noryl) Flammability Class, U.L. 94V-1Inner seal Black neoprene sponge soft closed cell, oxygen index 28% U.L. 94HBFTemperature Rating 90 C MaximumVoltage Rating 600 Volts Note: insulation covers are not reusable.

For H-Tap ApplicationsCover AL/CU CU H-TapCat. No. H-Tap No.

HTC2 63105

HTC2S CHT814-10

63110 CHT214-9

HTC4063118 CHT250214-863125 CHT2514-763140 CHT2502-6

HTC50063148 CHT50010-5/CHT50040-463160 CHT75010-3/CHT750350-2

HTC1000L 63170

HTC1000 63180/63169 CH750350-1F

For C-Tap ApplicationsCover C-Tap ColourCat. No. No. Code

54720 Brown54725 Green

HTC40 54730 Pink54755 Blue54760 Brown

54735 Black

HTC40L254740 Orange54745 Purple54750 Yellow

54765 Pink54770 Black

HTC500 54775 Yellow54780 White54785

HTC1000 54790

B+_ 1/8

A+_ 1/8A 18

B 18


Shrink-Kon Splice Insulators and Insulating Covers




(C) height, typical both halves

Easily and quickly insulates H type compressiontaps. Eliminates taping. Provided with threepositive locking latches and overlapping fringefor maximum cable insulation.

H-Tap Insulating Covers (Soft Cover)Wire Range Installs H Tap

Cat. No. Min. Max. Cat. No.

HT20C 6 2/0 63110 & 63125HT40C 6 4/0 63140 & 63148HT600C 2 500 MCM 63160 & 63169HT1000C 1/0 750 MCM 63180HT1000C-L 1/0 1000 MCM 63170

Technical DataMaterial: Flame retardant, high impact polypropylene.Colour: BlackVoltage Rating 600VTemperature: 90C

Wire Range Use to Insulate A B C A BCat. No. Max. Min. T&B Taps in. in. in. Dim. Dim.

HT20C2/0 6 63110/63115 412" 114" 118"


HT40C4/0 6 63140 53964" 11332" 1316"


HT600C 500 MCM 2 63160 63169 61316" 218" 12964"

HT1000C1000 MCM 250 MCM 63180 [184.15mm] 2.330

to 500 MCM to 1/0 AWG 7.250 +.060

HT1000C-L1000 MCM 50 MCM 63170 [263.40mm] 2.330

to 500 MCM to 250 MCM 10.374 +.060

Shrink-KonHeat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve


Wall Thickness W = 0.8 (2mm)

TBCRLS Series - Cable Repair SleeveA Superior wraparound insulation product that easily installs in repair and spliceapplications providing excellent insulation and protection for cable jackets. Shut down of system not required for repair. High shrink ratio covers even irregular shapes. Better split resistance that competitive products. Simple RAIL-LESS installation with clamshell design. Thermoplastic Adhesive Liner provides complete environmental protection

and insulation. Meets ICEA and NEMA insulation thickness specifications. Continuous operating temperature: -55C to 110C. Shrink temperature: 120C.

Expanded RecoveredInternal Internal Internal Internal 600/1000V

Width DIA DIA DIA DIA Single conductorCat. No. in./cm (min) mm (min) in. (max) mm (max) in. size

TBCRLS1-36 36 (90) 30 1.2 6 0.24 #8-3/0TBCRLS2-36 36 (90) 46 1.8 14 0.60 2/0-400TBCRLS3-36 36 (90) 68 2.7 24 0.95 400-1000TBCRLS4-36 36 (90) 91 3.6 33 1.30 1000-2000TBCRLS5-36 36 (90) 126 4.95 47 1.65 Multi-conductorTBCRLS6-36 36 (90) 171 6.75 67 2.50 Multi-conductor

NOTE: Non-standard sizes (6, 8, 12 and 24) are available subject to factory quotation.Contact your regional sales office. Select a dimension, which will shrink snugly over thecomponent to be covered. Allow for a minimum of 3 (76mm) length overlap beyond eachend of the area to be covered.Standards: Meets insulation thickness specifications of ICEA and NEMA.Color: Black.

Technical DataProperty Test Method Typical Performances

PHYSICALTensile Strength ASTM D638 2700 psi (19 MPa)Ultimate Elongation ASTM D638 600%Heat Shock (4hrs at 225C) ASTM D2671 No Cracking or flowingAir Oven Aging (7 days at 150C) ASTM D2671

Tensile Strength ASTM D638 2100 psi (14.5 MPa)Elongation ASTM D638 540%

Specific Gravity ASTM D792 0.94Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D2240 50 D

ELECTRICALDielectric Strength ASTM D2671 700 V/Mil (28 kV/mm)Volume Resistivity ASTM D257 1.9x1018 ohm-cmDielectric Constant (1KHZ) ASTM D150 4.05

CHEMICALFluid Resistance MIL-DTL-23053/15 Good to excellentHydraulic Fluid (MIL H5606C) MIL-DTL-23053/15

Tensile Strength ASTM D638, ISO 37 2500 psi (17MPa)Elongation ASTM D638, ISO 37 600%

Lubricating Oil (MIL L7808G) MIL-DTL-23053/15Tensile Strength ASTM D638, ISO 37 2400 psi (16MPa)Elongation ASTM D638, ISO 37 600%

Diesel Fuel MIL-DTL-23053/15Tensile Strength ASTM D638, ISO 37 2100 psi (14.5MPa)Elongation ASTM D638, ISO 37 600%

Corrosivity ASTM D2671 Non-corrosiveWater Absorption ASTM D570


1. Select the proper size CRLS sleeve con-sidering the diameter and necessarylength of coverage. Allow a minimum of 3length overlap on each end of the area tobe covered.

2. Remove the plastic release liner andpaper mask from the inside of the sleeveexposing the translucent adhesive andadhesive flap. Use caution, so as to onlyremove the liner and not the excess flap ofadhesive. This flap is approximately 2 inwidth, located at the end near the butylhold down strip (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

3. Wrap the CRLS sleeve loosely around thecable, forming a tube, so that the adhesiveis on the inside. Tuck the end of the sleevein behind the excess flap of adhesive sothat the adhesive forms the tube aroundthe cable (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

4. Remove the paper protection covering thebutyl hold down strip (see Figure 3). Pressthe butyl hold down strip onto the sleeve inthe desired location and using the palm ofyour hand or a rubber roller, apply firmpressure to hold in place (see Figure 4).

Figure 3

Figure 4

5. Using a broad colorless or yellow flame(DO NOT USE A CONCENTRATED BLUEFLAME), begin heating below the areamarked HEAT HERE FIRST which runsalong the length of the sleeve (see Figure5). Heat the indicated area with a brushingmotion until a slight wrinkle occurs. Oncethe sleeve begins to recover, move theflame over the flap, along the entire lengthof the sleeve. Do this in the same manneras described earlier being careful not toapply too much heat between the factoryweld and the area above the butyl strip.

Figure 5

6. Continue shrinking the sleeve from thecenter towards one end, applying heatalong the flap area and in a circular motionaround the sleeve (see Figure 6). Whileshrinking, check the flap to ensure goodcontact. If the flap joint is not flush orbegins to curl during the shrinking process,re-apply pressure to the flap joint. Whenthe sleeve has adequately recovered,sealant will flow from the end and sealcircumferentially.

Figure 6

7. Repeat the same procedure, shrinkingfrom the center towards the other end untilthe sleeve has completely recovered.

8. Finally, apply the same additional heatover the flap closure area marked HEATHERE FIRST using end-to-end strokesand if required, possibly a small amount ofpressure to ensure a proper weld (seeFigure 7.)

Figure 7

9. Installation is now complete.


Shrink-Kon Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve

GENERAL1. Always comply with the following installa-

tion procedure. Failure to do so can resultin fire, explosion, and serious or fatal injury.

2. Consult the product data sheet for theappropriate wraparound sleeve type, sizeand recommended length for the specificapplication.

OPERATION OF TORCH1. Always us a clean burning Propane or

MAPP torch. Canusas CTCH or equivalentis recommended.

2. Always provide good ventilation for con-fined workspaces.

3. Consult your company hot work safety proce-dures before using an open flame.

4. Always use the outside 3 to 4 inch tip ofthe flame for contact with the heat shrinkproduct.

5. Always keep the flame moving with a smoothbrushing motion around the circumferenceand along the length of the sleeve.

6. Always start shrinking at the middle of thesleeve and work towards each end.

7. If the sleeve is not uniformly recovered, asevidenced by non-uniform wall thickness ordimpling, reheating the area will ensure fullrecovery.

8. Do not handle the sleeving after recovery,until sufficiently cooled.

TBCRLS Series - Installation Instructions

Shrink-KonSplice Insulators and Insulating Covers


CompressionAdhesive Two-Way CompressionInsulator Compression Lug Connector H Tap C Tap Cable JointCat. Nos. Cat. Nos. Cat. Nos. Cat. Nos. Cat. Nos. Cat. Nos.

60096 60113 60130 60150 54132 54145 54160 54207 54906 54860 60500 54806 63105 54710 5461060097 60114 60132 60151 54134 54108 54162 54208 54942 54862 60501 54807 54715 5461560099 60116 60134 60230 54105 54147 54163 54255 54947 54864 60507 54806 54720 5462060101 60117 60135 60236 54135 54148 54111 54209 54909 54866 60512 54504 54725 54625

AC 5 x 360102 60118 60136 60238 54136 54150 54165 5421